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Coping During the Pandemic

Hi Everyone! Michelle here, again!

Some of my painted rocks!

I hope everyone is hanging on during these strange and wild times! I have been trying to take it easy in between classes this past term, and have been enjoying staying up late to play Minecraft or binge shows (I’ve watched Batwoman, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Catfish, and yes, the meme-worthy Tiger King). I believe that we all should be kind to ourselves and don’t feel pressured to be productive during this pandemic. I bet many of you have seen the “inspirational” meme going around saying that if you don’t come out of the pandemic with a new skill then you lacked motivation. The world is actually going through a collective trauma, and it’s okay if you don’t write that novel you always wanted to. However, I also believe that creative pursuits are good for the soul! So, I have been working on little projects here and there, while trying to not do them because I feel like I should, but because I enjoy doing them.  

Cinnamon rolls

One project I have enjoyed doing is painting rocks. Last year, I found some really pretty decorated rocks at Vancouver Lake Park. Written on the back of the rock was a Facebook group called Vancouver Rocks. I looked it up and discovered that there is a whole community of people in our city that paint rocks and hide them for other people to enjoy. I wanted to take part and hide some of my own, but with school and two part-time jobs, it was hard to find the time. With the stay-at-home order in place, I have spent a few days absorbed in painting. I bought several containers of river rocks from the craft store and I have already used up a lot of them. I really enjoy trying to look at the shape of a rock and figure out a creative way to use the shape to create a specific design or character. Some of my favorites were transforming a squarish rock into the Shocked Pikachu meme, a perfectly circular rock into Kirby, and a rectangular-ish rock into BMO from Adventure Time. I plan to make some more rocks and seal them all at once. When things calm down, I plan to hide some, but I will probably end up keeping a few myself! 🙂 

I have also done a lot of cooking and baking with my partner. We have been trying to stay at home as much as possible so we’ve had to make most of our meals instead of buying them. It has been pretty fun though, and it is nice to have a fresh meal everyday! A few nights ago I made bean and cheese enchiladas for dinner, which is a long process. I hadn’t made them in a while, so it was nice to have them again! I have also made some cinnamon rolls. We didn’t have yeast so I tried a yeast-free recipe. The first batch did not turn out well, so I found another recipe and tried again! The second batch came out much better and it was a nice treat to have.

All in all, while this past term didn’t go how I had planned, I am making the best of it. It has gone simultaneously really fast and really slow. Stay safe everyone! 🙂

My life during the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a bittersweet thing in our home and lives. I can honestly say that the worst thing is that people have been very ill, and in worse cases have lost their life. This saddens me very much, so many families not able to be with their loved ones during their last moments. My heart goes out to anyone that has lost a family member due to this.

Thankfully, god has spared me and my family thus far. In my home, it has given us a reason to be closer to one another. We needed this time together more than anything. I’ve been cooking lots of different foods with my husband and teaching my daughter how to cook which has been really fun. Furthermore, homeschooling my 9-year-old. Now in my mind I pictured it being “smooth sailing”, her wanting to listen to me and wanting to ask me all kinds of questions and me having the answers to them all. Well, that perfect thought of mine was exactly that; a thought! Ha-ha. My child is just like me, very strong-willed and has a need to have the last word!

“Just Mercy” starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan!

Let me tell you, it has not been easy. Me and my husband are currently not working at the moment due to the pandemic so therefore he is able to takeover when he sees that there is some tension in the air. I love that he is home to help me out with the kids. We haven’t been going many places over these last few weeks, really just staying in the house as much as possible. I recently watched a new movie called “Just Mercy” with Jamie Foxx and one of my favorite actors Michael B. Jordan. Now that was a really good movie. We’ve watched some family movies as well with the kids, “Onward” is a good one! There’s plenty I could name but that’s just a couple. I’ve done some planting and also some home improvement things in my home. I definitely have been limiting my time away from the home. I stocked up on groceries and snacks for the kiddos at Costco so they are living the life, happy as ever to not have any school but at the same time getting on my nerves whenever they can. Ha-Ha.

Overall, I’ve learned the importance of patience, kindness, and that life is just entirely too short to be sad or upset for too long. Every moment is precious and we all should just appreciate the time that we have on this earth with each other. If I could change anything, I would change the lives that have been lost, but I wouldn’t take back any amount of time that I’ve had to be with my family.

Posted by Ambassador Chy

Self Care for Working Mom’s

Self-Care-MovementAre you a working mom in school? Or maybe you’re just a mom with young kids and trying to maintain your classes, homework and home life. Either way, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I know this because that is the story of my life. Pat yourself on the back moms because it’s not easy as we make it look. Sometimes life can get crazy and you have homework close to being due and need to study. Kids need your attention, laundry, cooking dinner, you name it we’ve got it covered! Multitasking at its finest. But it’s all WORTH it and it’s all doable with a lil bit of self care.

I’m going to give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time here at Clark College and anywhere further in your academic future. Just with a little bit less stress and worries! I strongly believe that with whatever you are doing in your busy life that self care is as equally important. self care 2

1. Stop putting off self-care. Making a date with yourself “self-care Sundays” are a REAL thing and we need them. STICK WITH IT! go soak in a hot tub at a spa! or try flotation therapy.

2. Get your nails done, go and see that new movie that’s been out for a while now and you have been dying to see but have felt entirely too busy to go and see. You deserve it, so do it.

3. What kind of books do you enjoy? There is a very comfortable outside lounging area in the Fort Vancouver Regional Library that you should check out. Beautiful views of Mt.Hood and the Columbia River surround you while comfortably enjoying your book in peace and quiet.

4. Baking and cooking is a relaxing hobby of mine and if you enjoy it then check out Pinterest for a fun new recipe that you have never done before. There are all sorts of fun projects and foods that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

5. If you are into writing then grab a journal, find a new coffee shop that you’ve never been to, and spend some time sipping a latte and jotting down some of your thoughts. Or maybe even create a bucket list. Bucket lists are a great way to encourage yourself to complete fun activities. No matter how big or small.

One day when your kids are all grown and gone they will reflect on the strength that you showed and the life that you made for yourself. Even though sometimes it may be hard, remain calm and keep on taking those strides to become a better version of you. In the meantime, please do not forget to take care of YOU!

Self-care- It produces positive feelings, which improves confidence and self-esteem.

Chy Official

Posted by Ambassador                          Chy



Involvement Fairs at Clark

There are lots of ways to get involved on campus, one of the biggest ways is to join a club! A great way to explore all your options is by attending the Involvement Fair every quarter. Clubs come together once a quarter to host tables and explain a little bit about themselves. There are also tables for other programs and services at Clark, all while students can enjoy free pizza and snacks. The entire event is hosted by our ASCC, the Associated Students of Clark College. fair 2

This quarter, the theme was Winter Wonderland, clubs and programs were asked to theme their tables and they could even make a small snowman for decoration. The club I’m in, the Japanese Club, has a tradition of teaching students how to make origami penguins at the Involvement Fairs. More than fitting for the theme of the event. After we teach students how to fold the origami penguins, we like to post them on a board we create to show them off. This is just one of the few activities that a club can do. Almost every club has some sort of activity, you just have to ask.fair

Looking at other clubs, you can always keep an eye out for our Phi Theta Kappa branch, not only the decorations are amazing but they’ve even brought cupcakes before. The Queer Student Association Club has also put out some spectacular decorations in previous Involvement Fairs, adding to the list of fun clubs to check out. There’s a club for everyone and you’re more than likely to run into the one that you like while attending an Involvement Fair. The Involvement Fairs tend to take place in Gaiser 150, also known as the Student Center, so make sure to pop by next time. Even if it’s only 5 minutes or so, you can get lots of snacks and opportunities to connect with other students. 



Posted by Ambassador Evie



Jobs on Campus!

Hello Everyone!

As being part of the penguin nation, it is important to get involved at the college. It is proven that the more you are involved the more successful you are academically. So why not get involved, get good grades but also get paid while doing it!

There are several student jobs that are offered at Clark. Currently for spring 2020 ASCC student government are looking for a marketing event director. There is also jobs available to work as a lab assistant in any of the computer labs available on Campus. Another job on campus is tutoring. If you are a Straight A student in English, Math, a foreign language or science, working as a tutor in the tutoring center helps to apply teaching skills and help students in their academic goals! student employment

In my personal experience as a student worker, working at the college has encouraged me to stay more involved in events, develop and improve leadership skills and of course make tons of connections and friends! One of the best advantages of being a student worker is that the amazing supervisors work around your school and personal schedule. Usually you are committed to 10 hours a week but you can work up to 17 hours a week if you want to! student employment 2

If you want to know about the current jobs Clark has to offer to students you can visit the student employment board in Gaiser Hall (between the welcome center and the food court) or also go to the Career Services office located Penguin Union Building, Room 002 (360) 992-2902.  They are open Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m and Fridays 8:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m.



Posted by Ambassador                        Niza


Family Movie Night

Sam 1On Wednesday, January 29th, I attended Family Movie Night that was hosted by APB. Family movie night is a family/student activity located in Gaiser Hall 150 (Student Center). The event started from 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm and they displayed two movies. The first movie was Arctic Dogs (PG) and was shown at 4 pm. This movie was more kid friendly and therefore family oriented. The second movie was Knives Out (PG 13), and was shown right after Artic Dogs at 6 pm. This movie catered towards the older population such as students at Clark.

sam3The event had free pizza and drinks for everyone. The food was first come first serve, so the earlier you came, the higher chance you had of getting the food. Don’t worry, if you missed the first time around of getting food and drinks, there is also a second chance to grab! This event serve the food twice, once at 4pm for the first movie and then again right before the second movie.

This event is open to all students, family and friends. Closed-captioning and a sign language interpreter were present. Family movie night provided additional activity for students to spend time with their friends and family on campus. There were a lot of students and family participating in this event. Some people came early and some came in during the show. You can come and leave whenever you want. The hall was big and can fit a lot of people. If you think you will have difficulty seeing the movie, we had three different screens in the student center portray the movie so everyone in the audience could see. Overall, I had a great experience at the event and will definitely come to the next one!



Posted by Ambassador                        Sam


Free Resources at Clark!

As a Clark student, are you aware of all FREE resources that are available on campus?  If not, the following information might be helpful to you!

  • Student Life: This is a common place that students can access lots of resources while they are attending at Clark College.

    Student Life

    Student Life Entrance

Welcome Week resources: This is happening during the first week of every quarter at Clark. You will find a lot of free resources such as school supplies that most likely will be on display along the hall way for anyone to pick up. Speaking of school supplies, there are folders, pens, notebooks, binders and many more!! Besides that, they also offer Oatmeal, Hot Choco, Coffee mugs, Noodle cups, etc. Those items will be available to access in the little kitchen inside the Student Life!


The kitchen!

If you ever thought, “Am I even allowed to go inside the center?” YES, YOU ARE! Everyone is welcome to just go inside and use the resources that is available in the kitchen! (A little bit of my own experience: I used to keep my lunch in the little fridge, heat my foods, and get coffee every morning…..) So, feel free to just go inside and use the space!

Computers: If you already know about this, then yes, there are a few computers that are available in the Student Life where you can also use to do your assignment, or even print out your essay.


Computer Access

Board Games: If you are bored and you have some time before your next class starts, you can check-out free board games to play with your peers!

  • Events: Yes, they also host a lot of events too!!

Family Movie Night: Everyone can join and enjoy the movie along with free foods and drinks

Spring Festival: A lot of games, activities, clubs will be available every Spring quarter

Bingo competition: If you have time, feel free to drop in, play the game and win some prizes!!



Posted by Ambassador Anna

Valentine’s Day Drag Show Fundraiser

Hi everyone! Michelle here again, and I wanted to let you know about an event happening on the Clark campus soon. My club, Queer Penguins and Allies (QPA) is going to be hosting a drag show on February 11th in celebration of Valentine’s Day. We will have seven AMAZING drag queens performing in the show. One of the queens, Tina Gee, told me that, “This show is a glamorous display of ‘Courage’! ‘Courage’ to live unapologetically, ‘Courage’ to express yourself in the face of adversity and ‘Courage’ to overcome life’s challenges! Join us and feel free at this over-the-top fabulous Drag Queen Show! It’s going to be a blast and I’m super excited to see her and the rest of the queens perform!

Drag Queen 2

Miss Inanna Pheonix (Hosts show at CC Slaughters)


Drag Queen 1

    Tina Gee (Reigning LaFemme Magnifique International)

The show also will be a fundraiser for QPA, so that we can keep planning great events for the LGBTQ+ community here on campus. There is a suggested donation of $5 at the door, but everyone is welcome even without a donation. We will have 3 door prizes (baskets filled with lots of amazing goodies) as well as free food and drinks provided at the show! Be sure to stop by on Tuesday, February 11th at 6pm, in the Gaiser Student Center!

Additionally, if you would like to help plan future events like this, or are just looking for a fun place to hang out, please feel free to stop by one of our club meetings! We meet every Friday in Hanna Hall 109, from 3pm-5pm. You can also email the club at for more info.



 Posted by Ambassador                    Michelle 

Meet Ambassador Chase!

Hey Everyone!


        Tied for 1st at the Clackamas Open Chess Tournament

My name is Chase Jamieson, and I am a returning Student ambassador for the 2019-20 school year! This is my third year at Clark College. During the third week of this quarter, I switched my major from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science, it was a slightly rash decision but I have not looked back since. There is still a bit I need to catch up on, but its best to switch sooner rather than later.


chase 3

                              Hiking at Mt. St. Helens

At Clark, I like to hang around the same places, you’ll almost always find me somewhere between the Collabatorium talking, the Welcome Center working, and the library still talking while I should be studying. Generally, I remember faces not names and I can be very talkative so please say hi.


I hate being stressed so I indulge myself in several hobbies and spend as much time with friends as I can. On the weekends, I go hiking around the Gorge, St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier. I also try to continue playing Chess. In High school I joined the Chess team and competed for several years, while there are not any Chess teams at Clark, I try to play and visit some of the clubs in the area. I also play many different games such as computer games, card games, and board games. I just love to play games where you can try many different strategies to win. While I love to win, I really just want to have fun competitive games.

chase 2

          My friends and I hanging out and playing games

I am excited for this whole year! I have already met all sorts of new people and will meet many more. If you have any questions, I will do everything I can to help you out. I hope you all have a great year!




Posted by Ambassador Chase


Meet Ambassador Evie

Hi Everyone!


My family takes trips to the beach pretty often, it may look sunny in the photo but I’m absolutely freezing here.

My name is Evie Thompson and I am a new student ambassador. I was born here in Vancouver, Washington and have been attending Clark College for going on 4 years now. I started here at Clark with Running Start when I was 15 and decided that I would keep going. I’m currently going for a direct transfer AA (I’ll have a few extra credits, but that’s ok) and will be heading off to PSU when I graduate.

evie 2

Baby me at my grandparent’s house in Texas, there are about 15 pictures of me with this toy.

One of the things that I’ve discovered while going here is that I really love learning, so much so that I switched up my future minor to be in Linguistics instead of something more scientific. This is because I love learning about how we all communicate together and how different languages and cultures can bring us together. Part of having a linguistics minor, however, is being able to be proficient in a second language, which is why I’m currently in my second year of Japanese.

More about me is that I am the eldest of 3 siblings, meaning that I get to be the one who has to babysit. I have two fat cats that like to steal food right off the table and an energetic dog that thinks headbutting is a way to say hello. I also enjoy baking and eating, so if I like something and can make it, I will make it until I can eat no more (spoken from experience).

evie 3

One part of the troublesome pair, he’ll steal your food and your hair ties with absolutely no remorse.

Despite being born in Washington, I have yet to learn how to like the rain. As much as I love my hometown and home state, the summers here are amazing but the winter here is far too cold for me. Just like the wicked witch of the west, I think I might melt if it rains on me.

I hope this year is one of the best!



Posted by Ambassador Evie



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