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Meet Ambassador Pheara (Sam)


Sam2 (2)

                                                           My family

Hello everyone, my name is Pheara Chhean. I also go by Sam and I am an international student from Cambodia. This is my second year in mechanical engineering at Clark College. I grew up in Cambodia and was raised there for 18 years with Khmer as my first language. I started to learn English when I enrolled to CIA (Cambodia International School) and graduated from there in 2017. I moved to the United States in 2017 for college with plans to get my degree in Business Admiration. After my first year studying business, I found myself interested in math and science related classes. From there, I decided to switch my major to mechanical engineering. Sam (2)

Apart from study and work, I enjoy playing soccer and sleeping. Soccer is my favorite sport and I used to play in tournaments in Cambodia. The thing that I hate the most is cats. Cats are very annoying and for some reason scratching people seem to be a way to communicate with us. Moreover, it likes to invade my personal space as while as breaking things (glass especially). Whenever it sleeps, it always chooses an open area to sleep. For example, my doorway or study table. Every time I tried to move the cat, I would receive a couple scratches in return. I’m a dog a person. I like dogs because they are very friendly and cheerful. I grew up with four dogs and it was such a great moment to have them in my life. Unfortunately, all my dogs have passed away with the most recent last year.

Dog Meme

                                               Dogs are the best!

In addition, I also enjoy coffee and I drink it every morning. One of my favorite places to get coffee is in the bakery area of culinary in Clark. The coffee is really good because it’s not too sweet for me. I usually stay up late every night, so coffee is essential for my daily life. If you have a rough day, one cup of coffee might help you get through the day.



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Meet Ambassador Anna

Hello, my name is Vuochlang Chang (Anna). I come from Cambodia and I am an International Student at Clark College. I am also a returning student ambassador from 2018-2019. This is my second year in Clark College doing AST2 toward Computer Science and I will be graduating this upcoming spring 2020!!

Anna (2)

Visiting Universal Studios in Singapore

A little fun fact about me is that I came to Clark College with the idea of pursuing a Business degree. I know that Business and Computer Science are completely opposite from each other, but I still changed my mind because I don’t see myself with a Business degree in the future at all.

On the other hand, I come from a middle-class family, and I have one younger brother. I considered myself as half Chinese and half Cambodian, because my great-great-grandparents came from China. Before I come to USA, I studied Mandarin for almost 8 years and my family speak Teochew at home, so I know both languages but I can only use Mandarin to respond back to them. Also, since I grew up in Cambodia, I also need to study Khmer throughout their education system too.

During my free times, I like to listen to music, play games and watching Korean or Chinese dramas. You will find me as the most silent person in the crowd. I prefer to be a listener than a speaker, but when I know someone very well, I will speak non-stop. I like to spend most of my times alone but sometimes I also like to go out with friends too. I also like to take lots of photo when I go to visit different places or hanging out with my friends.

Anna 2 (2)

My friends and I!

On the other hand, I went back to Cambodia to visit my family this summer and I also went to Singapore to visit my friend. It was fun!! I was able to spend times with my family and I was able to reunite with my highshool friends and went on the trip with them to Singapore. It was an excited trip because we spent about a week there and went to different places, tried different foods and most importantly, we went to the Universal Studio! If you ask me, what is the most exciting thing to do in Singapore? I would say Universal Studio, because I like those excited rides that they have in there. I also took lots of photo with my friends, some are silly and some are really goods photo! Eventually, I will keep every photo that I took no matter how silly it is, they are so precious to me. PS, I have about 9,000+ in my photo gallery for now.

anna3 (2)

Modeling at an art exhibit

Finally, during my 2 years at Clark College, I have met lot of new people, gained lots of experienced including on campus jobs and volunteer opportunities. I’m excited to finish my path here and continue on my new journey!




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Meet Ambassador Diana!

Hello everyone!

My name is Diana Sanchez Trejo and I am excited to be a part of this year’s Student Ambassador Team!

A little bit about me:


Some of the amazing people I met here at Clark.

I am a current student here at Clark finishing up my Associates in Science degree. Originally, I am from Mexico, born in the state of Hidalgo. But I grew up in a smaller, neighboring town called Epazoyucan. I have a lot of family that still lives there so it’s nice to have a home away from home! I am also the youngest in my family and have two older sisters, one of which was a previous Ambassador (you can find her blog posts if you keep scrolling down)! I also have one six-year old niece who makes me laugh all the time with her knock-knock jokes and awesome interpretative dancing skills! Overall, family means a lot to me and I am beyond lucky and grateful to have them, their support, and words of wisdom.

As previously mentioned, I am in my last year of my degree here at Clark. I am currently taking two classes, Organic Chemistry and Math. These two classes are all I will take for the next two quarters, so wish me luck! Overall, my time here at Clark has been a long road full of many changes and worries, but I honestly wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Here, I’ve met some of my closest friends, mentors, and people who’ve encouraged myself and others to dream big!


My sisters, cousin, and myself (red) in Mexico.

In my time here at Clark, I’ve also worked as a Peer Mentor in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion where my passion for social justice and advocating for others grew. I hope to incorporate some of these lenses in whatever career/job I end up pursuing.


                             My parents!

Apart from school, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, going out to eat, listening to music, and watching new shows. I’ve really been liking music in Spanish these days, but I will listen to anything.

Last random thought: when people ask me what my favorite “something” is, I almost never have an answer. But, no one ever seems to ask me the one question I do know and it’s my favorite number, which is 3 in case you were wondering.




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Meet Ambassador Niza!

Hello everyone!

My Name is Niza Rochelle Matzick and I’m a returning Student Ambassador at Clark College. I’ve been at Clark College for two years and I’m pursuing an Associate’s degree in Science. My goal is to transfer to a four-year university in Washington and get a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science.


                   My family!

I was born and raised in Mazatlán, Mexico. I love being from Mazatlán and still have close relationships with my friends from home. The tropical weather and the beautiful beaches made me feel like I was on vacation every day. Three years ago, I came to Vancouver because my parents decided to move and I love it! The incredible outdoors and welcoming people make me feel like I’m at home.

My family is a big part of my life. I am a middle child and have two sisters, one who is 25 years old and a little sister who is 15 years old. Originally, my dad is from Washington and my mom is from my hometown of Mazatlán. I also have the cutest dog in the world. Her name is Tontis and she is 13 years old. Tontis is a mix between a wiener dog and poodle, which my family and I rescued in Mexico.

Niza 2

            My cute dog (Tontis)

When I’m not at Clark studying or working, I have several hobbies and interests. I love cooking and eating Mexican food, especially: chilaquiles, enchiladas, ceviche and of course authentic Mexican tacos. I also LOVE sushi and Thai food.  During my free time, I enjoy the outdoors including hiking and extreme sports. I’m currently in the Outdoor and Recreation program at Clark College. In spring 2019, the program took Clark students to surf at Pacific City. It was a great experience and at the same time made a lot of new friends and learned how to surf. 

I hope to keep growing as a student and as a person while getting my education here at Clark College. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Clark College community. I love to make new friends, so never be afraid to say hi to me at the info desk or welcome center and share your hobbies and experiences!


Niza Official

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Meet ambassador Chydell “Chy”

ChyHello my name is Chydell Armijo but most people call me “Chy”. I’ve lived in Vancouver, Washington practically my whole life! I lived up north as well in Seattle as well as in Everett, Washington for a short time. Somehow I ended up right back in the city I love! I come from a small and very loving family who has overcome struggles but always stuck together. My parents have been married for 40 years and have lived in the same home since I was a child, so I am very family-oriented. I have one older sister who’s been serving in the Air Force for 20 years. My family is great and we are very close. I also am happily married and have two kiddos ages 9 and 3.

I’ve been at Clark for 9 months now working towards my associates in Supervisory Management. My school story is kind of unique because I actually started my journey in transitional studies which is across the street from Clark College. I have my diploma but it has been awhile and I haven’t been in school in years, so I really needed to brush up on my math skills. What a gift it was to have that place to get me ready to take college courses. I had an AMAZING teacher named Luanne, so if you see her tell her she’s awesome! I now have satisfied my college math courses for my degree. I plan to finish up my associates here at Clark and then transfer on to get my bachelors in Human Resources.

Chy 2

                                  Trip to Seattle!

Apart from being a student here at Clark and a student ambassador, I am also a part time licensed Behavioral Technician. I’ve got my hands full most of the time and I LOVE it. In my life, the sky is the limit so I enjoy taking on new tasks. I’m an Aries so I’ve always got to be doing something.

Chy 3

                                                  My family

Some interesting stuff about me? Hmm. OK well I am a realist so I hope that doesn’t scare you away! I’m actually quite fun, but I do go straight to the facts. I absolutely love fall and winter so you may see me at a store buying a cool new pair of boots for the weather! I enjoy researching all kinds of recipes, crafts, or home improvement ideas on Pinterest. On most occasions, I’m cooking while spending time with my husband and kiddos. We enjoy sipping tea while laying next to our nice wood burning fire. Did I mention I love fall? Well yes, all things fall! Pumpkin spice and everything nice!  I’m a spontaneous, outgoing, curious and friendly person. I love to learn new things about life and people. If you ever want to chat about you college experience or just need advice, I’m always here!



Chy Official

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Meet Ambassador Rossanna!

Hi Everyone, Hola a todos!


Me singing at church.

My name is Rossanna Espinoza and I’m one of the new ambassadors for the 2019-2020 school year. I was born and raised in Honduras, San Pedro Sula. I came to the United States when I was 16 years old with my mom and two siblings. My dad ended up coming two years later. Yeah, I know, it was quite a change! It was pretty challenging the first 2 years, but I’m so happy to be here and have different opportunities to grow and improve my education.


My family!

I’ve been a full time student here at Clark for the past year. Currently, I’m pursuing an AA in Music; still not sure what school I will be transferring too, but I am pursuing my options. One of my biggest motivations is Jesus, he has helped me stay stable and remember why I’m here at Clark College. My goal with this program is to develop my abilities on how to write music; specifically worship songs. I also lead a worship team at my church and am still learning as I go because it is more than just singing. I truly love it. I also praise Jesus and that is just 10 times better.

I love helping people and finding the right resources they need in order for them to be successful in school. I know how it is to be sitting down in a classroom and not understanding what the professor is talking about. Over time, I got better at understanding the information that was taught to me. The reason for this is because my professors helped me so much and supported me during the process. If anyone is looking for a bilingual tutor, I am more than welcome to help! 🙂

Besides God, my family has been such a big support and motivation since I started College. They understand how hard it can be; but they also know that I dedicate a lot of my time to study and get into the right path. My family motivates me to keep going even though it can be hard sometimes. I’m just blessed to have them.


My Missionary trip in Argentina.

Besides music and church, I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. Activities we do together consists of bowling, going to the movies and eating at different restaurants. I also enjoy doing Missionary Trips. This past summed I had the opportunity to do a trip in Argentina. I loved the culture and how welcoming they are. Trust me, they have the best meat and bread. I’m not going to lie, I got a little tired of it after a while because all they eat there is an assortment of meat, bread, and pizza. As well as different kinds of pastries, coffee and tea. Sounds pretty good, but I wouldn’t recommend it as your daily meals.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to stop by, Gaiser Hall at the Information desk or the Welcome Center. We are here to support you!





Rossanna Official Picture

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Meet Ambassador Michelle

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Soto, my pronouns are she/her or they/them, and I am one of the new Student Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 school year.

It’s my second year at Clark, and I am projected to graduate with my AA Transfer Degree in June! I have many interests in the humanities and creative fields and I have struggled to pick what I want to focus my studies on. After realizing that I am passionate about queer and feminist issues, I’m now looking at getting the Women’s Studies Certificate along with my AA.


My puppy (Finn) 

Last school year I was an active member of the Queer Penguins and Allies (QPA) club on campus. We organized a full day of events in June for pride, featuring panels on LGBTQ+ topics, as well as a queer resource fair with tables from local organizations. We ended the night with our Mas-queer-ade Prom, which was my favorite event I’ve attended on campus. I was homeschooled and I never went to a prom, so it was really awesome to get to have that experience and go with my partner! The prom had a DJ, a really great drag performer, lots of food, and my personal favorite: the photo booth. I love taking pictures and having them taken, and I made several trips to the booth to get pics with my friends from QPA and with my partner.

This year I have taken an official leadership position with the club, and I am now the secretary of QPA. This club has helped me see what I am passionate about and I want to have a hand in creating spaces for LGBTQ+ students here at Clark. We at QPA are planning lots of great events for this upcoming school year, so be sure to keep an eye out!


Queer Prom!

Outside of school, I am starting to learn how to be an adult 😉 Ten months ago I moved out of my parents’ house and got an apartment with my partner and my puppy. Living on your own has its pros and cons and it has been interesting to say the least! Adulting aside, I enjoy crafting and making my own costumes, and attend local anime and comic conventions when I can. Conventions are like a vacation for me, and it is nice to get away and be surrounded by other nerdy people! Some of my other hobbies are baking and cooking. I tend to meal prep and make big batches to have for lunches to save time and money, and I have fun making sweets too!


Cosplaying as Mabel from Gravity Falls, wearing a sweater I knit!

I’m looking forward to this school year and I’m very excited to be an Ambassador. I really enjoy helping students because I remember what it was like to be new. I was super confused when I first started, and I wish I had known where to go for help when I wanted to enroll. Once I started to get my bearings, however, I asked an Ambassador for help finding my math class, which really alleviated my anxiety.

College can be challenging to figure out on your own, so feel free to drop by for any questions.  Additionally, I am curious by nature and love finding all of the resources on campus, so I am happy to share the hidden gems I’ve found!


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