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Meet Ambassador Michelle

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Soto, my pronouns are she/her or they/them, and I am one of the new Student Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 school year.

It’s my second year at Clark, and I am projected to graduate with my AA Transfer Degree in June! I have many interests in the humanities and creative fields and I have struggled to pick what I want to focus my studies on. After realizing that I am passionate about queer and feminist issues, I’m now looking at getting the Women’s Studies Certificate along with my AA.


My puppy (Finn)

Last school year I was an active member of the Queer Penguins and Allies (QPA) club on campus. We organized a full day of events in June for pride, featuring panels on LGBTQ+ topics, as well as a queer resource fair with tables from local organizations. We ended the night with our Mas-queer-ade Prom, which was my favorite event I’ve attended on campus. I was homeschooled and I never went to a prom, so it was really awesome to get to have that experience and go with my partner! The prom had a DJ, a really great drag performer, lots of food, and my personal favorite: the photo booth. I love taking pictures and having them taken, and I made several trips to the booth to get pics with my friends from QPA and with my partner.

This year I have taken an official leadership position with the club, and I am now the secretary of QPA. This club has helped me see what I am passionate about and I want to have a hand in creating spaces for LGBTQ+ students here at Clark. We at QPA are planning lots of great events for this upcoming school year, so be sure to keep an eye out!


Queer Prom!

Outside of school, I am starting to learn how to be an adult 😉 Ten months ago I moved out of my parents’ house and got an apartment with my partner and my puppy. Living on your own has its pros and cons and it has been interesting to say the least! Adulting aside, I enjoy crafting and making my own costumes, and attend local anime and comic conventions when I can. Conventions are like a vacation for me, and it is nice to get away and be surrounded by other nerdy people! Some of my other hobbies are baking and cooking. I tend to meal prep and make big batches to have for lunches to save time and money, and I have fun making sweets too!


Cosplaying as Mabel from Gravity Falls, wearing a sweater I knit!

I’m looking forward to this school year and I’m very excited to be an Ambassador. I really enjoy helping students because I remember what it was like to be new. I was super confused when I first started, and I wish I had known where to go for help when I wanted to enroll. Once I started to get my bearings, however, I asked an Ambassador for help finding my math class, which really alleviated my anxiety.

College can be challenging to figure out on your own, so feel free to drop by for any questions.  Additionally, I am curious by nature and love finding all of the resources on campus, so I am happy to share the hidden gems I’ve found!



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The Good, the bad, and the ugly of Entrepreneurship

angela1.jpgThe Entrepreneur Club on Clark’s campus did it again! The Entrepreneur Day event at Clark happened at the end of February and was another fantastic opportunity to network with local entrepreneurs. I was in awe and total agreement as I watched the panels speak about owning businesses, using business lingo, and networking in today’s society. There was a variety of business owners with backgrounds in marketing, retail, finance, tech, and health. I not only enjoyed hearing the good and the bad of owning a business, but also the opportunity to meet current Clark students that own businesses! 52480943_10156159256474109_7111559775875235840_o.jpg

I was excited to try Vita Chiquita’s salsa and hear about her love of cooking with her daughters! Vita is a student here, a student ambassador, and one of the Pitch Fest Finalists for the Entrepreneur Club! I was excited to hear that she is headed to University of Washington in spring to compete with other college student entrepreneurs! Ali and Scott, both students here at Clark College had their products out as well. They are the owners of Cherry River, the other finalists in the Entrepreneur Pitch Fest! I really like the options of products that their company has to offer from bath bombs to muscle gel!
I was able to peruse a few of the other tables set up by students here at Clark College that own businesses. Richard, a Graphic Design student, had a table for his company RJF-Image/Design. He designs books, magazines, logos, and animation advertising for companies. It was exhilarating talking with these students. They all have one thing definitely in common, passion! They are all passionate about their businesses and rightly so. I was very impressed with these phenomenal students juggling their businesses and their classes.

52647511_10156159256444109_4197560431318925312_o.jpgAll in all I give this event 2 thumbs up and I am excited for the next big Entrepreneur Club event scheduled for May 31st, the Entrepreneur Fair! I appreciate opportunities such as this on our campus. Giving us, the students, and the chance to meet with local entrepreneurs and answer our questions and give “free” advice. As, a college student at Clark College, I love anything that is “free” and that includes food! Thanks again for having Mad Dog’s cater this event, I left with a mind brimming with new ideas and a stomach full of lunch! This event was a win-win!





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Finals are just around the corner, but don’t forget to take a deep breath and take some time to care for yourself.

Self-care is something that I have been working on this quarter and not only do I want to share my experience, but also I want to remind you all why it is important.

Let’s begin. First of all, what is self-care? Self-care encompasses many actions that everyone can do in order to take care of their well-being. It can help boost our confidence, productivity, self-worth, and serves as a reminder that our needs are important too. There is no right, only, or specific time and way to do this as self-care can be done in whichever way works best for you. We all have different interests so options of what one can do are unlimited.


Having fun with my work friends!

Busy school and/or work schedules can be exhausting and we often easily neglect our needs. However, self-care is something that we can incorporate in our day to day plans and that can be a positive thing for anyone. It is important because not only can it help keep us sane, but it also helps our mental and physical well-being. Practicing self-care helps prevent us from “burning out”, which many of us probably have been there and have felt like we have reached that point where all we just want to do is to give up. Self-care, taking a break, can help us avoid reaching that point. Also, self-care can help reduce stressors and help us regain focus. While I do not believe that stress is completely negative because in a way it has its purpose. Too much stress can affect our feelings and thoughts preventing us from focusing and feeling well, as well as, cause physical discomforts. With that said, something that I myself try to keep in mind is that overall, self-care can help create a balance in my life.


My relaxing day trip to Seattle.

Now, like I have mentioned, I have been practicing self-care myself. With a busy schedule this quarter, working as a student ambassador, Ulta, and school work, I wanted to make sure that I had a good balance between work, school, and my personal life. The one thing that I have struggled with is feeling guilty when I am hanging out with friends or taking break because I feel like I should be doing homework or something in order to be “productive”. Because this is something that I am still working on, planning out my week and blocking out times to do whatever I want, has helped. I am a visual person and seeing everything laid out helps me feel at ease because I can see what I have coming up and are needing to do. That way I am not feeling like I have forgotten to something and can enjoy my personal time.

Somethings that I enjoyed doing as self-care ranged from eating better (I have cut out soft drinks and other super sugary foods and that has helped with my energy levels), spending time with my family, napping, listening to music, going to the movies, and going out and hanging out with friends. But of course, with different types of self-care, there are many other things to choose from.


Friday Dinner Dates with friends is a must for me!

Here are some recommendations if you need some ideas. 🙂
● Reading
● Writing
● Listening to music
● Yoga
● Meditation
● Joining sports/clubs
● Taking walks
● Cooking
● Video gaming
● Drinking lots of water
● Maintaining clean Hygiene

Lastly, before I go, I would also like to remind you of resources you can find here at Clark. Check out the links and meeting times for the Wellness Group:

The Counseling and Health Center
Drop-in Wellness Group: Meets every Wednesday from 1pm-2pm in HSC-124
No appointments necessary
More information: call CHC at 360-992-2614 or email
Student Support




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Clark College Campus Tours



The Japanese Friendship Garden is one of our stops.

The mist clears up as the sun’s shadow strikes on the sundial at 12 pm. The planes are flying above the buildings as students look up from their phones trying to find where there next class is. This is my point of view as I lead a campus tour of the beautiful 101 acre land that is Clark College.

Campus tours are one of my favorite parts of being a student ambassador here. Like most many students at Clark, I didn’t know my way around campus or basic information that can help me navigate the school. After training and doing myriads amount of tours, I now have a great grasp of where everything is at Clark.


Delicious pastries from our very own Baking and Pastry Arts students.

Our campus tours are available Monday-Friday and last around an hour. Students (and prospective students, friends, family, and staff) have the option to go on a 1:1 tour, or even a group tour. During the tour, I take students and staff around the whole campus; starting at the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall and ending back in our newly renovated Tod and Maxine Mclaskey Culinary Institute.

During this hour, I give a little brief information session on specific buildings or parts of each area on campus. A lot of questions are asked during this time so I try to share all of my broad knowledge about my experiences at Clark.


Just a few of our many athletic trophies.

My favorite part of the tour would be O’Connell Sports Center. I love playing sports and being active. Showcasing all the accolades of our men’s and women’s sports team accomplishments brings a great pride not only to the school itself but Clark County as a whole.

I also thoroughly enjoy visiting the Diversity Center during the tour because there are so many wonderful staff and students to introduce so that new students feel welcome no matter what! The Diversity Center also just renovated their lounge area outside of their office so it’s a great place to hang out or even sleep.

If you ever want a tour of our beautiful campus, you can come to the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall and we’ll sign you up for one! Check out our website for more information. You may just learn something new.


Angela and I leading a group tour.











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Lets talk about Clubs

Hi everyone!

While the winter quarter is just beginning, there is still a lot of time left in the school year. One of the best ways to get connected on campus is to join or create a club through ASCC. This quarter I helped found the Clark College Chess Club, or as I like to say really fast “CCCC.” Before I get into creating a club, let’s talk a little about the clubs currently available at Clark.


Go to the ASCC Office in PUB 160 for club information.

Clubs range from hiking, rafting, and running to designing rockets, discussing philosophy or even as I mentioned earlier, playing Chess. Seriously there are so many clubs it would take too long for me to explain them all here, you can however check out Clark’s website for a list of clubs and how to get into contact with them. Keep in mind that while clubs are open and available to any Clark student, some may require an audition or try-out. But okay, let’s say you checked Clark’s website and you don’t see a club that appeals to you and you’d like to start one.

First thing you want to do before doing anything else is sit down and clarify your goals for this club. When we were planning the Chess club, it was crucial that everyone was on the same page. Now my situation was a little bit unique since I already knew others who were interested in starting a Chess club. But either way, after you’ve clarified your aspirations for this club, you’re going to want to go and see if others are interested as well.


Playing chess during the winter Involvement Fair.

So let’s recap where we are right now, you have a clear idea for this club and other students interested, awesome! There is a 25 page Club handbook you can pick up at either student life or online, you should definitely read this!! This handbook is very clear on how to create a club step by step so I won’t repeat it. However,  will give you some useful tips that I learned. When finding people for executive positions, make sure you know how long they will be at Clark. Sometimes club members are only sticking around for the quarter, you don’t want to be shuffling members around all the time.

The last tip I’ll give is to actively promote your club through posters, slides on the TV screens, and word to mouth. Clubs will always need new members to keep up with others shuffling out. Thanks for reading, If you have any questions about clubs or the Chess club feel free to stop by the info desk and shoot them. I wish you the best of luck in finding or making a club!




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Not sure what career to choose?

Welcome back Penguins! After a busy fall quarter, I have a great class to share with you. It can especially be helpful if you’re not sure what you’re going to do after Clark: Career and Life Planning.

Career and Life Planning is a class designed to help students understand themselves better and to identify a fulfilling career based on what we enjoy to do in life, what our interests are, and what makes us happy.


My passion for eating healthy makes me happy.

The class begins by focusing on learning about yourself — an amazing opportunity for personal growth. It’s so important to be aware of your strengths and weakness, and is a powerful tool for your future choices.

In this class you take assessments tests like Strong Interest Inventory (Strong) and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) where you have to answer questions about your abilities, skills, occupational and leisure time, your values and goals. By taking these assessments you learn more about your personality type. The assessments explain what your personality type are and what kind of jobs would be a good fit for you. Then you receive tools research different occupations. This allows you to explore in detail what you need to achieve your success toward your goals.


Photo from (

For example, one career can have a broad occupational categories, so you will be able to choose one, and from there select a major or course of study.

Another component of the class is learning more about the Career Services office and everything they have to offer for you to succeed here at Clark College.

This class is helpful for you to plan your future, considering a broad perspective of your life as lifestyle, values, career exploration, what you are really into. Also, it helps you to see different kinds of opportunities in the job world.

Sometimes we got stuck on deciding what we want to do in life, and it is hard to narrow down all the options. This class you give you the opportunity to explore different tools to discover occupations that can be a great fit for you, and what steps you need to take to achieve your dream job.


Experimenting with nutritious recipes.

After taking this class, my career goal of being a dietician has been reinforced, and I feel more confident than ever about my choice. I have been able to research academic programs, reevaluate my coursework at Clark, and reach out to transfer universities about opportunities for training in this field.

If you are not able to take this class, I suggest you check out the Career Services office in PUB 002 to learn more about job exploration.







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Entrepreneur Club Pitch Fest

Clark College students were given the opportunity to enter their idea, invention, and/or product to the Clark College Entrepreneur Club this quarter. Students emailed a document answering questions about their idea. Club officers read through each entry and the first round of pitch fest students was selected!


Angela Kyle/John Sena Clark College Students attending Pitch Fest Trade Show

The next step was the Trade Show! These students were seen bringing in boxes of products to showcase, feel, and even taste! Nervously pitch fest students set up their booths and uniquely displayed their products for all too see. Many local business owners gathered outside Gaiser Student center clutching their coffees and curiously peering through the double doors as students set up. They were nominated to be judges for this event, we are so lucky that they volunteered their time to mentor our students!


Heather Leasure, Entrepreneur Club President

Finally, our Clark College Pitch Fest trade show was open. The judges glided in, excited to see these new ideas and here the stories of passion from each of these dedicated entrepreneurs. Our very own Vita Blanco, Clark College Student Ambassador set up her booth prominently displaying her information. Plates of Verde salsa and Rojo salsa with chips were in abundance at her table. Minutes later the judges surrounded her table all chomping at the bit (literally) to eat Vita’s salsa!


Ambassador Vita’s (one of the Pitch Fest contenders) Verde Salsa was a hit with many.

If you are interested in keeping up with what many participants are calling our own Clark College version of Shark Tank, you can follow along on Facebook at Clark Entrepreneur Club and Twitter at Clark Entrepreneur Club @club_clark.

It’s so exciting to see which of our Clark College students will make it to the next round! The Clark College Entrepreneur Club will take one pitch fest team to compete at University of Washington’s Pitch Fest!




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