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Free Resources at Clark!

As a Clark student, are you aware of all FREE resources that are available on campus?  If not, the following information might be helpful to you!

  • Student Life: This is a common place that students can access lots of resources while they are attending at Clark College.

    Student Life

    Student Life Entrance

Welcome Week resources: This is happening during the first week of every quarter at Clark. You will find a lot of free resources such as school supplies that most likely will be on display along the hall way for anyone to pick up. Speaking of school supplies, there are folders, pens, notebooks, binders and many more!! Besides that, they also offer Oatmeal, Hot Choco, Coffee mugs, Noodle cups, etc. Those items will be available to access in the little kitchen inside the Student Life!


The kitchen!

If you ever thought, “Am I even allowed to go inside the center?” YES, YOU ARE! Everyone is welcome to just go inside and use the resources that is available in the kitchen! (A little bit of my own experience: I used to keep my lunch in the little fridge, heat my foods, and get coffee every morning…..) So, feel free to just go inside and use the space!

Computers: If you already know about this, then yes, there are a few computers that are available in the Student Life where you can also use to do your assignment, or even print out your essay.


Computer Access

Board Games: If you are bored and you have some time before your next class starts, you can check-out free board games to play with your peers!

  • Events: Yes, they also host a lot of events too!!

Family Movie Night: Everyone can join and enjoy the movie along with free foods and drinks

Spring Festival: A lot of games, activities, clubs will be available every Spring quarter

Bingo competition: If you have time, feel free to drop in, play the game and win some prizes!!



Posted by Ambassador Anna

Valentine’s Day Drag Show Fundraiser

Hi everyone! Michelle here again, and I wanted to let you know about an event happening on the Clark campus soon. My club, Queer Penguins and Allies (QPA) is going to be hosting a drag show on February 11th in celebration of Valentine’s Day. We will have seven AMAZING drag queens performing in the show. One of the queens, Tina Gee, told me that, “This show is a glamorous display of ‘Courage’! ‘Courage’ to live unapologetically, ‘Courage’ to express yourself in the face of adversity and ‘Courage’ to overcome life’s challenges! Join us and feel free at this over-the-top fabulous Drag Queen Show! It’s going to be a blast and I’m super excited to see her and the rest of the queens perform!

Drag Queen 2

Miss Inanna Pheonix (Hosts show at CC Slaughters)


Drag Queen 1

    Tina Gee (Reigning LaFemme Magnifique International)

The show also will be a fundraiser for QPA, so that we can keep planning great events for the LGBTQ+ community here on campus. There is a suggested donation of $5 at the door, but everyone is welcome even without a donation. We will have 3 door prizes (baskets filled with lots of amazing goodies) as well as free food and drinks provided at the show! Be sure to stop by on Tuesday, February 11th at 6pm, in the Gaiser Student Center!

Additionally, if you would like to help plan future events like this, or are just looking for a fun place to hang out, please feel free to stop by one of our club meetings! We meet every Friday in Hanna Hall 109, from 3pm-5pm. You can also email the club at for more info.



 Posted by Ambassador                    Michelle 

Meet Ambassador Chase!

Hey Everyone!


        Tied for 1st at the Clackamas Open Chess Tournament

My name is Chase Jamieson, and I am a returning Student ambassador for the 2019-20 school year! This is my third year at Clark College. During the third week of this quarter, I switched my major from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science, it was a slightly rash decision but I have not looked back since. There is still a bit I need to catch up on, but its best to switch sooner rather than later.


chase 3

                              Hiking at Mt. St. Helens

At Clark, I like to hang around the same places, you’ll almost always find me somewhere between the Collabatorium talking, the Welcome Center working, and the library still talking while I should be studying. Generally, I remember faces not names and I can be very talkative so please say hi.


I hate being stressed so I indulge myself in several hobbies and spend as much time with friends as I can. On the weekends, I go hiking around the Gorge, St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier. I also try to continue playing Chess. In High school I joined the Chess team and competed for several years, while there are not any Chess teams at Clark, I try to play and visit some of the clubs in the area. I also play many different games such as computer games, card games, and board games. I just love to play games where you can try many different strategies to win. While I love to win, I really just want to have fun competitive games.

chase 2

          My friends and I hanging out and playing games

I am excited for this whole year! I have already met all sorts of new people and will meet many more. If you have any questions, I will do everything I can to help you out. I hope you all have a great year!




Posted by Ambassador Chase


Meet Ambassador Evie

Hi Everyone!


My family takes trips to the beach pretty often, it may look sunny in the photo but I’m absolutely freezing here.

My name is Evie Thompson and I am a new student ambassador. I was born here in Vancouver, Washington and have been attending Clark College for going on 4 years now. I started here at Clark with Running Start when I was 15 and decided that I would keep going. I’m currently going for a direct transfer AA (I’ll have a few extra credits, but that’s ok) and will be heading off to PSU when I graduate.

evie 2

Baby me at my grandparent’s house in Texas, there are about 15 pictures of me with this toy.

One of the things that I’ve discovered while going here is that I really love learning, so much so that I switched up my future minor to be in Linguistics instead of something more scientific. This is because I love learning about how we all communicate together and how different languages and cultures can bring us together. Part of having a linguistics minor, however, is being able to be proficient in a second language, which is why I’m currently in my second year of Japanese.

More about me is that I am the eldest of 3 siblings, meaning that I get to be the one who has to babysit. I have two fat cats that like to steal food right off the table and an energetic dog that thinks headbutting is a way to say hello. I also enjoy baking and eating, so if I like something and can make it, I will make it until I can eat no more (spoken from experience).

evie 3

One part of the troublesome pair, he’ll steal your food and your hair ties with absolutely no remorse.

Despite being born in Washington, I have yet to learn how to like the rain. As much as I love my hometown and home state, the summers here are amazing but the winter here is far too cold for me. Just like the wicked witch of the west, I think I might melt if it rains on me.

I hope this year is one of the best!



Posted by Ambassador Evie



Meet Ambassador Pheara (Sam)


Sam2 (2)

                                                           My family

Hello everyone, my name is Pheara Chhean. I also go by Sam and I am an international student from Cambodia. This is my second year in mechanical engineering at Clark College. I grew up in Cambodia and was raised there for 18 years with Khmer as my first language. I started to learn English when I enrolled to CIA (Cambodia International School) and graduated from there in 2017. I moved to the United States in 2017 for college with plans to get my degree in Business Admiration. After my first year studying business, I found myself interested in math and science related classes. From there, I decided to switch my major to mechanical engineering. Sam (2)

Apart from study and work, I enjoy playing soccer and sleeping. Soccer is my favorite sport and I used to play in tournaments in Cambodia. The thing that I hate the most is cats. Cats are very annoying and for some reason scratching people seem to be a way to communicate with us. Moreover, it likes to invade my personal space as while as breaking things (glass especially). Whenever it sleeps, it always chooses an open area to sleep. For example, my doorway or study table. Every time I tried to move the cat, I would receive a couple scratches in return. I’m a dog a person. I like dogs because they are very friendly and cheerful. I grew up with four dogs and it was such a great moment to have them in my life. Unfortunately, all my dogs have passed away with the most recent last year.

Dog Meme

                                               Dogs are the best!

In addition, I also enjoy coffee and I drink it every morning. One of my favorite places to get coffee is in the bakery area of culinary in Clark. The coffee is really good because it’s not too sweet for me. I usually stay up late every night, so coffee is essential for my daily life. If you have a rough day, one cup of coffee might help you get through the day.



Posted by Ambassador Sam

Meet Ambassador Anna

Hello, my name is Vuochlang Chang (Anna). I come from Cambodia and I am an International Student at Clark College. I am also a returning student ambassador from 2018-2019. This is my second year in Clark College doing AST2 toward Computer Science and I will be graduating this upcoming spring 2020!!

Anna (2)

Visiting Universal Studios in Singapore

A little fun fact about me is that I came to Clark College with the idea of pursuing a Business degree. I know that Business and Computer Science are completely opposite from each other, but I still changed my mind because I don’t see myself with a Business degree in the future at all.

On the other hand, I come from a middle-class family, and I have one younger brother. I considered myself as half Chinese and half Cambodian, because my great-great-grandparents came from China. Before I come to USA, I studied Mandarin for almost 8 years and my family speak Teochew at home, so I know both languages but I can only use Mandarin to respond back to them. Also, since I grew up in Cambodia, I also need to study Khmer throughout their education system too.

During my free times, I like to listen to music, play games and watching Korean or Chinese dramas. You will find me as the most silent person in the crowd. I prefer to be a listener than a speaker, but when I know someone very well, I will speak non-stop. I like to spend most of my times alone but sometimes I also like to go out with friends too. I also like to take lots of photo when I go to visit different places or hanging out with my friends.

Anna 2 (2)

My friends and I!

On the other hand, I went back to Cambodia to visit my family this summer and I also went to Singapore to visit my friend. It was fun!! I was able to spend times with my family and I was able to reunite with my highshool friends and went on the trip with them to Singapore. It was an excited trip because we spent about a week there and went to different places, tried different foods and most importantly, we went to the Universal Studio! If you ask me, what is the most exciting thing to do in Singapore? I would say Universal Studio, because I like those excited rides that they have in there. I also took lots of photo with my friends, some are silly and some are really goods photo! Eventually, I will keep every photo that I took no matter how silly it is, they are so precious to me. PS, I have about 9,000+ in my photo gallery for now.

anna3 (2)

Modeling at an art exhibit

Finally, during my 2 years at Clark College, I have met lot of new people, gained lots of experienced including on campus jobs and volunteer opportunities. I’m excited to finish my path here and continue on my new journey!




Posted by Ambassador                               Anna

Meet Ambassador Diana!

Hello everyone!

My name is Diana Sanchez Trejo and I am excited to be a part of this year’s Student Ambassador Team!

A little bit about me:


Some of the amazing people I met here at Clark.

I am a current student here at Clark finishing up my Associates in Science degree. Originally, I am from Mexico, born in the state of Hidalgo. But I grew up in a smaller, neighboring town called Epazoyucan. I have a lot of family that still lives there so it’s nice to have a home away from home! I am also the youngest in my family and have two older sisters, one of which was a previous Ambassador (you can find her blog posts if you keep scrolling down)! I also have one six-year old niece who makes me laugh all the time with her knock-knock jokes and awesome interpretative dancing skills! Overall, family means a lot to me and I am beyond lucky and grateful to have them, their support, and words of wisdom.

As previously mentioned, I am in my last year of my degree here at Clark. I am currently taking two classes, Organic Chemistry and Math. These two classes are all I will take for the next two quarters, so wish me luck! Overall, my time here at Clark has been a long road full of many changes and worries, but I honestly wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Here, I’ve met some of my closest friends, mentors, and people who’ve encouraged myself and others to dream big!


My sisters, cousin, and myself (red) in Mexico.

In my time here at Clark, I’ve also worked as a Peer Mentor in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion where my passion for social justice and advocating for others grew. I hope to incorporate some of these lenses in whatever career/job I end up pursuing.


                             My parents!

Apart from school, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, going out to eat, listening to music, and watching new shows. I’ve really been liking music in Spanish these days, but I will listen to anything.

Last random thought: when people ask me what my favorite “something” is, I almost never have an answer. But, no one ever seems to ask me the one question I do know and it’s my favorite number, which is 3 in case you were wondering.




Posted by Ambassador Diana

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