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Meet Ambassador Rachel!

Hello everyone, my name is Rachel Corcoran. I am a brand new ambassador this year. I am super psyched to be working as a student ambassador. It has been a lot of fun so far, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

IMG_1545This will be my third year here at Clark College. Right now, I am taking pre-requisites for the nursing program here. I am excited to walk at graduation this year with a Pre-nursing DTA degree. My goal is to get my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN).  I will be applying to Clark’s nursing program as well as a few others here in the state of Washington. After I graduate, I want to travel with the Peace Corps to Africa and help people there. When I’m done with that, I want to work in the Emergency Department in a hospital in Seattle.

At home, I have a makeshift zoo; my family has 2 cats and a dog, and my aunt has 2 cats. My cat is a 6 year old Maine Coon cat named Wheezy. She is full of energy and loves IMG_2050cuddles. Though, sometimes it feels like I am caring for a toddler against my will. My dog is a 14 year old lab-retriever mix with a hint of greyhound named Missy. We actually adopted her when she was 10 years old. She was brought up to Washington from California by a rescue agency. She is super friendly and very eager to show everyone that she knows how to shake paw (that is her only trick unfortunately).

When I’m not chasing my cat around, working on schoolwork, or working up at the information desk, I like to read. I mostly stick to books that are in a series, but I have a rule that if the book is made into a movie, I have to read the book first. Most recently, I read the first two books in the Divergent series, and I am working on the last one. So far it is a really good series; lots of action if you’re into that. Though, my all-time favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars. It does get really sad in some spots, but it is an amazing book. Highly recommend it. I don’t watch very much TV (not a whole lot of time for that), but the 3 shows that I mainly watch are “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Good Doctor,” and “This is Us.”

IMG_1690 (1)I also like to bake things like cookies, cupcakes and brownies. I’ve also found that I can make candy bars. I recently made a giant Kit-Kat bar (not the easiest thing to do, by the way). I mostly find things on Pinterest and try them. Pinterest is one of the most addictive things out there; you have to be really careful. My tip: don’t go onto it during the quarter –you will be pinning for hours and get so behind.

Hiking is a new-found hobby that I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy. I haven’t been to too many places; I’ve been to Beacon Rock, Multnomah Falls, Moulton Falls (near Yacolt, IMG_2052WA), Forest Park in Portland and Lacamas Lake Park. My hiking bucket list is quite long and spans across the region. I really want to go star-gazing in Yosemite or Death Valley someday. I’m also a science nerd, so space fascinates me as well.

This year I am really looking forward to working around campus and helping people get started her at Clark College. College may seem scary at first (well, because it is), but once you find your footing and figure out where you want to be, everything will be fine. The best thing to do is to ask for help when you need it and get involved (you’ll meet new people). College is a really cool experience and you’ll get more out of it if you make the most of your time here at Clark College.


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Posted by Ambassador Rachel


Meet Ambassador Nathan!

Hi Everyone!

This is Nathan, your new student ambassador! If you haven’t met me yet, you may know me as the wacky dude who rides a unicycle and talks about Jesus. This is my second year in the Running Start program at Clark College, and I’m super excited for all the opportunities it brings! I love being at Clark, whether I am studying retrograde motion in astronomy, playing ultimate frisbee with new friends, or helping you connect with any of the college’s many resources.

I was born and raised in the Northwest and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a huge fan of the mountains, trees, and rain which make this area so beautiful. Since I was little, I have enjoyed hiking and camping with my family in the outdoors. Besides the outdoors, my other passions are serving God, helping others, learning ASL, and participating in public speaking and debate. Clark has allowed me to pursue all these interests and has been instrumental in my professional, academic, and personal growth, along with my supportive parents who tirelessly home-schooled me to prepare me for college and life. (Believe me, that’s a big job!)

After I graduate from Clark with my Associate in Arts degree and ASL certificate, I plan to transfer to a university to study public policy before earning my law degree. Eventually, I hope to become a U.S. senator. (Vote Boudon!)

As I begin a new school year, one of the things I look forward to most is all the new people I get to meet. When you encounter challenges in your academic journey at Clark, don’t hesitate to visit me or my colleagues at the Info Desk or Welcome Center! (Or you can just drop in to say “Hi.”) I can’t wait to meet you!


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Posted by Ambassador Nathan

Meet Ambassador Elvira!

Hello everyone,

My name is Elvira Manelyuk, and I am one of the new student ambassadors. I am very excited for this new academic year!

This is my second year at Clark College. I am currently a full time student, and I work two jobs. I am working towards my Associates Transfer Degree and plan to transfer to Portland State University next fall to study International Studies.

One reason I want to study International Studies is that I love travelling to different places and countries in the world. I have been to over ten countries so far and I love it more and more each time. This summer I went to Spain with the Student Study Abroad Program from Clark College. This was a very fun and interesting experience that I will never forget. Another part of it was that I had the opportunity to increase my Spanish language skills by studying at a University there for a month. This leads to my second reason I chose this kind of major. I love languages. I was born in Ukraine and at the age of three, we moved to the US. Thus, I can speak Ukrainian, English, and I studied Russian at school. I am learning Spanish right now and want to learn Polish and German. My family has been very encouraging and helpful for me in my educational dreams. I would not be where I am today without them.

Speaking about my family, I have two brothers and one sister. They all live in Ukraine except for my older brother and sister-in-law. This summer I had a chance to see them in Spain, which was very exciting. We have lots of fun together travelling to different places, discovering, chitchatting, and the funniest is probably playing soccer :). That is because my younger brother likes playing and watching it very much. Thus, I cannot imagine my life without my family. They mean a lot to me.

One other thing that I would want to add is that I also play a few instruments such as piano, guitar, studied the violin, and I like to sing. I started playing the piano when I was five and continued for ten years until I graduated music school.

Anyways, thank you for reading my post and feel free to stop by the information desk or the Welcome Center if you have any questions. I hope you all have a wonderful year!


Posted by Ambassador Elvira


Meet Ambassador Zack!


My name is Zachariah John Decena Hofschneider, but people know me as Zack. This is going to be my second year at Clark College. I am currently working towards a general transfer degree here. Then, I will transfer to a 4-year institution to achieve a BA in Kinesiology. I am also a student-athlete as well. I am a hammer thrower for Clark College’s Track & Field team. I am working hard, both academically and physically, to attain an athletic and academic scholarship to a 4-year institution. My hobbies include spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, guitar, or ukulele, listening to music, and being physically active, whether it is in sports or lifting weights in the gym.

Most of the time when I am not working, I am either studying at the library or working out at the gym. My favorite spot to study are in the study rooms up in the second floor of the library. It is very silent on the second floor and they have resources there for you to use for your homework or projects. If you need a laptop and you do not want to use the computers downstairs, you can definitely rent a laptop from the library and use it upstairs.

If I am not studying or doing homework, I would be lifting or playing basketball at the O’Connell Sports Center. The building itself is probably my getaway on campus. Being physically active keeps my mind off school and helps relieve the stress of daily life. This also allows me to benefit from my stress by using it in ways that it can help me. When I am not working out, I will be relaxing and catching up with some friends and teammates in the little lounge they have. If you happen to be taking any PE class here at Clark, the Thompson Fitness Center is free for you to use anytime the gym is open. If you are not taking a PE class, you can go up to the cashier’s office located at Gaiser Hall to pay $20 for the whole quarter. But an even better price would be stopping by Student Life throughout the first week of classes. They give a discount for the gym pass, which makes it $10 for the whole quarter. It is definitely worth it!

If you have any questions, please come by the Welcome Center and Information Desk located at Gaiser Hall. The other student ambassadors and I are willing to help you to the best of our abilities.




Posted by Ambassador Zack

Meet Ambassador Abigail!

Hi everyone!

I hope all of you amazing students are getting off to a great start at the beginning of fall quarter. I know it’s an especially busy (and sometimes scary) time of year, but keep your head high! Great things are coming your way!

This is my second year as a Student Ambassador and third year at Clark College. I am currently finishing a second Associates Degree in Fine Arts and Music. If there are any musicians out there, please come talk to me in the Welcome Center for more information about our new degree program.

I absolutely love this job and being able to help students find the resources they need to be successful as a part of the Penguin Nation.  I am dedicated to developing my leadership skills and setting a good example for others to follow.

Like I mentioned, I am also a huge advocate for music and encouraging people to get involved in our programs on campus. It’s a passion of mine, and I believe everyone can benefit from taking a music class or two, and learning an instrument. It is, after all, the universal language. Personally, I study vocals along with guitar and piano. I am in the Clark College Concert Choir this year.

Other interests of mine include being outdoors and extreme sports like rock climbing and skiing. I am very athletic and enjoy playing volleyball with my family and friends. I also practice Krav Maga, which is Israeli self-defense and combat training. I took it up just for fun two years ago, and absolutely fell in love with the challenge and discipline it requires.

That’s a little about me. I want to hear more about you too! Please come visit me sometime inside the Welcome Center or at the Info Desk in Gaiser Hall.


Posted by Ambassador Abi




Meet Ambassador Makayla!

Welcome back Penguins!

My name is Makayla, and for the second year, I will be one of your student ambassadors. This will be my third year here at Clark College, and I will be transferring next fall to Pacific University with a biology transfer degree and a phlebotomy certificate. I want to finish with a bachelor’s in psychology and then go into graduate work to become a physician assistant. I am excited for this academic year, because I will be taking classes on subjects that I have no background in like American sign language and phlebotomy. Additionally, I’m taking classes that are hands on, which is another reason I am excited for this year.

Outside of academics I love to be spending time with my family; they mean the world to me and are my biggest supporters. This summer we took a trip down to Reno and Lake Tahoe. We were only there for a week but we crammed a lot in and had a fantastic time. This summer we also spent a lot of our Saturday nights at the race track. My brother and grandpa race cars together on a dirt circle track. My entire family comes and supports them, so it brings everyone together.

Other than going to school and spending time with my family I like do everything that any other Pacific Northwestern likes to do. I love spending time outdoors such as going hiking, going to the beach, or playing in the snow the days we do get it. One thing about me is I have always wanted to learn how snowboard, so maybe I will make it a priority to do so this year.

I love being a Student Ambassador and helping out as many students as I can, so please stop by and see us either at the information desk or in the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall to ask any questions!



Posted by Ambassador Makayla

3 Days of Aloha!

Hello Penguins!

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer. The Welcome Center sure is. On top of our visits to Camas Days, Vancouver Farmers Market, and the Clark County Fair, you can also find us hanging around Esther Short Park.

There are so many fun activities this Summer to take part in. The next one that the Welcome Center will be visiting is 3 Days of Aloha. This exciting event happens this weekend, (July 27th – July 29th) and it is not an event to be missed.

During this 3 day event, they will have hula dancing, food vendors, and traditional Hawaiian games to name a few. All of this culminates to the grand Ho’lke Hawaiian festival. You are encouraged to bring your family. There will be crafts and stories for the kids. So come on out and soak in the sun and entertainment.

If you are still not convinced, on July 29th there will be a 5k walk/run. Whether you are a serious runner, or just want to take a walk around the beautiful Columbia river, this is for you. At the end of this run, you will get to enjoy shaved ice, live music, and hula dancers. Sounds pretty great, right?

To find out more information about 3 Days of Aloha or to register for the Fun Run, visit:

Join us at Esther Short Park this weekend. It will be an awesome time.


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