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Hello Dear Clark Students!

Time is flying by so quickly and it is the 6th week of school now! We are half way there. I hope that everyone did great on their midterms. As for me, I am very excited for this quarter because it is also my last one here at Clark College and I will be graduating in June. I know that it is the same for some of you too. This year was very busy for me, as I had to apply to a university, look for scholarships, and fill out different kinds of paperwork for the upcoming school year.

Anyways, I would like to talk about a place that has been very helpful for me throughout the two years that I have been at Clark. Any guesses what this might be..? Well, it is the Cannell Library. I know that some students prefer to study at home, or at a coffee shop with friends, or perhaps, since it has become so warm outside – studying outdoors might be a good idea. As for me, I have a few reasons why I like the library so much.

First of all, it is a quiet area, which makes it easier to concentrate and there are less distractions. Secondly, there is a computer lab in the library that you can use and there are also rooms that you can rent upstairs if you need to work on a group project. One thing that I like the most is that each student gets 15 free printing credits per quarter. Usually, it is enough, unless you need to print out a book or something very large. Some other resources that the Cannell Library offers include borrowing items, such as books, CDs, DVDs, laptops, equipment, course reserves, check out desk videos, phone chargers, headphones, calculators, etc. If you need to return a book to the library, there are collection boxes outside of a few buildings. However, building-only items need to be returned to the indoor Check out Desk. One more thing, always remember to return the borrowed items on time in order to avoid late charges.

On the library website on the middle left side, if you click on “Articles & Databases”, it will take you to a page with a lot of databases and articles which you can use as credible sources for your assignments in different classes. I have used it frequently myself and it is very helpful. Take advantage of all of the resources that are being offered to you! Clark College wants you to succeed and achieve your goals!

Have a great ending to this quarter, and I wish you all the best!


Posted by Ambassador Elvira

Elvira Manelyuk.


Career Fair

Hello everyone,

I can not believe it is already May, that means only one more month until graduation! Graduation is a very emotional time. There is excitement from being done with our programs, and nervousness for what comes next. If you are struggling to find work in the field you are studying or you are wanting a job to work while you are going to school remember we have an amazing career services located down stairs in the Penguin Union Building. But even better we have a huge career fair coming right to campus this Thursday, May 3rd.

The career fair will be located in the gym in O’Connell Sports Center from 11am until 3pm. This event is free and open to everyone, so make sure you spread the word! There will be over 100 different employers looking for new employees for part-time, full-time, and even internships. Make sure you dress in professional clothing, that hopefully you got from the clothing closet, your resume, and a smile! Some employers that will be there include American Medical Response, FedEx, KOIN 6 News, Skamania Lodge, and Woodland Public Schools. To find a full of the employers that are attending and what jobs there are offering here is a link:

At the career fair they will also have a photo booth to get a free professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile. The photo booth will only be open from 11am until 2pm and is on a drop in basis so get there early!

If you are not looking for a job right at this moment still attend because Clark holds this event every single year. So when you go next year you are more than prepared. I hope to see everyone there this Thursday!

Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Become a 2018-2019 Student Ambassador!

Looking to expand your horizons? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of countless people while jump-starting your professional development, representing your college, and earning money? Well, I have the perfect opportunity for you! Now, for a limited time, the office of admissions is hiring Student Ambassadors! Sounds like a cheap, too-good-to-be-true infomercial, right? I can assure you, this opportunity is every bit as true as it is good.


What exactly are Student Ambassadors? Simply put, they are the face of the college. Their varied role includes representing Clark College to the community, introducing prospective students to the wonders of Clark, and assisting the college community with utilizing any of Clark’s many resources. If you ever saw someone leading a campus tour, dancing around as Oswald, welcoming folks on a sunny afternoon, or helping a new student through the application process and thought, “That looks fun,” then this position could be just up your alley!

My own time as a student ambassador has been extremely rewarding. It’s so exciting to help students along their journey at Clark, whether they’re just beginningor ready to graduate. I know I am making a difference by helping them achieve their goals while at the same time working towards achieving mine. Lab techs may have freedom and student government may have prestige, but if you want to be where the action is, then student ambassadors are the people to be! This is the job for servants, leaders, communicators, go-getters, and achievers. And while you’re being all these things, you’re also building a formidable resume, gaining skills and experience that will empower you for the future, creating valuable friendships and connections, and earning income to boot. Don’t wait! Drop by the welcome center to pick up an application today!

Posted by Ambassador Nathan

Not Just Art, but Relaxation

Hello again Penguin Nation!

I am so excited to be entering Spring Quarter, as I hope you are. The weather has been exceptional so far.

If you have some extra time to hang on campus this spring, I recommend visiting the Archer Gallery, to check out what I think is their coolest exhibit yet. The art gallery is located downstairs in the Penguin Union Building.

This quarter the featured artist, Horatio Hung-Yan Law, designed the exhibit to be interactive. It is intended to be a sanctuary of relaxation for students to enjoy while visiting the gallery.

It features three different aspects:

  1. Walls lined with gold painted Chinese rice bowls.  This display looks 3 dimensional in a unique way, and tricks the eye to believe that the bowls are domed instead of concave.
  2. A projection wall of star constellations. Nothing is more peaceful than stargazing, and now you can do it during the day. The star wall changes constellation patterns, depending on where different regions lie. It’s fascinating to witness, and also helpful if you’re taking Astronomy this quarter.
  3. A “dreaming” area. This display is my favorite, featuring inflatable hammock beds to lay in, while listening to nature sounds on nearby speakers. The beds are lined in a circular shape, and are lit with dim blue-light, which encourages a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The entire gallery is dark, to contrast the different displays and highlight a feeling of being in a dream.

This exhibit does not last long. It will run through May 5th, so make sure to check it out soon. The artist will be here on May 3rd to talk about the exhibit, and a small reception will be held in the gallery from 3-4.

Make sure to support local artists by checking out the Archer Gallery today!

Posted by Ambassador Abi

Taking Advantage of the Weather

As the weather warms and we near the end of the quarter, many of us turn our thoughts to sunny days and summer leisure. Unfortunately, those thoughts still have a few weeks before they can be realized. As a recent article in the Indy points out, many of us suffer from a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder at this time of year due to long months spent under roofs and overcast skies. But just because you’re stuck with a boatload of assignments and studying for finals doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ripening weather.

The key? Studying outside. This is the perfect way to get some fresh air, soak up some vitamin D, improve your mood, and be productive at the same time. There are lots of great study spots to choose from, but here are a few of my favorites. If you’re near Gaiser Hall, try sitting in the Roy G. Anderson plaza. Its circular form means there’s always both a shady and sunny side, depending on your preference. It also sports power outlets on the outer ledges so you can plug in your laptop or waffle maker. If you’re more of a picnic-on-the-grass type, try the meditation area near the peace pole. The sunlight filtering through the branches of the giant oak tree makes for a charming study atmosphere. Finally, the Royce Pollard Japanese Garden provides a variety of seating arrangements so you can study alone or in groups. You’ll also benefit from the peaceful presence of a running fountain at the south end of the garden.

Additionally, you may find that the thought provoking architecture of the garden itself spurs your creativity. Wherever you choose to study, you’ll need to be prepared. To facilitate this, make sure you keep on hand your outdoor study kit. This can include sunglasses, a warm jacket, a picnic blanket, and a snack. All these items can easily be stowed in your locker (Ask the student life office to check out one of these.) and deployed on a sunny day. Once you’re prepared, you needn’t be afraid of a little breeze or some damp grass. As an added benefit, most people avoid exposure to any less-than-ideal weather, which means you can often have an entire grove or field to yourself.

One final thing to keep in mind: If you usually use a personal computer for your schoolwork, try to plan your studying so you can do the “device free” portions of it outside. It’s much easier to read paper and ink in the sunlight than a reflective computer screen. Armed with your kit, your knowledge, and your northwestern grit, you’re ready to take advantage of the many benefits of studying outdoors. Now that your eyes have been opened to this wondrous opportunity, go enjoy the weather!


Posted by Ambassador Nathan

Learning English as a Second Language

Hi again!

As winter is coming to an end, it is time for some nice, warm, and sunny weather outside. Spring is just around the corner. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of the year. There is one more quarter left until summer. With this in mind, I would like to talk about a great opportunity for those who either recently came to the United States, or have lived here for some time but haven’t had the ability to study English. Clark College offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. You can start at any level.

ESL classes are designed for students who want to study or improve their English language skills. If you would like to learn more information about this program, you are welcome to come to an English as a Second Language information session. At this session you will: learn about classes, fill out an application if you still haven’t applied to Clark, and sign-up for a testing orientation. You do not need to register for this session, so feel free to come to any of them. However, please bring your photo ID with you. It will take place at the main campus – Gaiser Hall, room 213. Your friends and family can also attend this session with you. Here is a link with the dates and times available:

As for me, I have studied a few languages, so I know how tough it may be at times with the language barrier. Currently, I am studying Spanish. Last summer, I went to Spain through a study abroad program at Clark, and I remember how hard it was at first to try to listen, speak, understand, and learn the language and culture of a foreign country. However, I think it is worth it a lot.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful ending of the winter quarter and a great beginning of spring!


Posted by Ambassador Elvira

Career Services

Are you wondering how to find job on/off campus? Do you want to make money by yourself? Do you want to find an opportunity to improve yourself? You’ll find answers in this blog. One of the most popular question that I have been asked a lot of times is—JOB! So, I hope give you some ideas or suggestions about your concerns.

Who and what can help me find a satisfying job? Clark College has a FREE Career Services department. In here, you’ll get as much employment information as you want, you’ll have more job choices and opportunities, you’ll get better job, and you can save more time! They can help you find a job based on your requirements and your personal characteristics whether it’s on or off campus with their job tools. You can find a job, which you really interested in from career services. If you’re considering finding an internship opportunity to help your future, you also can come in and talk with career advisors.

What else can they do? The first amazing thing, which they help you with is your resume. For many students who never have worked before or even for some people who have worked, this can be a valuable resource. They have no idea how to write a beautiful and attractive resume. Career Services will give you information on  how to write, and they’re also very willing to help you edit and check your resume, which saves your time and works effectively. After students apply for a job, they begin to worry about their interview. They don’t know what kind of questions will be asked and how to answer them. Don’t worry, career service is here! Before you go to your interview, you can ask them to help by holding a mock interview. They’provide a list of popular questions a candidate may be asked. Also, because they help you practice your interview skills, it will make you more comfortable and confident, and learn skills and gain experience. So you can avoid some mistakes, which helps you become more successful!

Anything else..? Career Services also puts on Career Days every year, which includes a free clothing closet. For some students who can’t afford business attire, but need some for work or interview, career service has free suits for them to use. Also, if you want to help other students, you can donate clothing to career service. Don’t know how to manage your money? Feel stressed about money? Our financial coaches can solve these problems for you!

Confused about your major? For many students, they’re not sure which major they like or what’s their talent. They don’t know how to start their study journey. Career service will test you and figure out what are your interests and which areas you can handle well.

You don’t have to make appointment. For the more information visit:


Posted by Ambassador Yuki

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