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The Many Merits of Student Clubs (Particularly Cru!)

One of the best ways to get connected on campus is to join an ASCC club or program! Whether you enjoy designing precision rockets and drones, hiking and skiing with friends, learning new languages, or advocating a cause, there are so many options to get involved. One club I have really enjoyed is Cru. Cru is a caring, Christian community focused on loving God, loving others, and empowering others to love God. Cru lets you invest in your spiritual health through weekly Bible studies and other fun activities to help you learn more about Jesus Christ, deepen your relationship with Him, and hang out with like-minded people.

When I first came to college, I faced a lot of difficult questions. Why am I here? What is the purpose of all this hard work? What will become of all my achievements? Being involved in Cru helped me find concrete answers and connect with supportive people, both of which have really helped me stay grounded and pushed me to succeed in my school and personal life. The friendships I’ve made studying scripture, hiking, and traveling with Cru will last a lifetime. I have also had the privilege of serving as a club officer for Cru. The experience I have gained from leading a club has really improved my organization and interpersonal skills, which will be valuable in the workplace. So, whether you’re interested in serving God, yourself, or others, joining a club can have numerous benefits. It can produce career opportunities and provide valuable recreation amidst the daily grind of school. It can also allow you to make new friends, invest in the lives of others, give back to the community, and develop a support network to help you through tough times at college. If you can’t find a club you’re interested in, just get some of your friends on board and charter a new one! For those seeking academic, professional, personal, or spiritual growth, join a club today! (Hopefully Cru!)


Posted by Ambassador Nathan


Intramural Sports!

Hello everyone!


I hope the school year is going well for you guys! We are more than halfway through the quarter, and the majority of you have already taken your midterms and found your way through the campus.

I just want to point out that if you are looking for ways to get involved on campus, you can definitely stop by student life and read our newsletter. If you are looking for a way to get physically active without taking a class, or getting involved in a competitive sports team, we have our intramural sports every month. The sports vary throughout the year, but our most common sports are basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball. We also have sports such as ultimate Frisbee, flag football, and outdoor soccer. On some occasions, we have competitions with Washington State University’s intramural program. For instance, we’ve had basketball, flag football, and soccer tournaments. So if you happen to have some free time and want to play a sport, come on down to the O’Connell Sports Center for their intramural sports. For this quarter’s intramural schedule, here is a link that will show the schedule.

Posted by Ambassador Zack

Student Resources: Advising Center

Hello dear students,

This time I would like to talk about a great resource that we have at Clark College that I myself use often. It is the Advising and Credential Evaluations center. They can assist with a variety of things, for instance, class selection, degree requirements, major declaration, registration procedures, transfer information, college policies, and many more. They help develop a plan for reaching your educational goals. An adviser will provide you with a program worksheet of your specific area of study and make a short-term educational plan with you with a list of classes to take for the upcoming quarters. The program worksheets can also be found online (Program Worksheets) in case you might need it.

The Advising Department is located in Gaiser Hall 108. Their office hours are the following: Monday – Thursday – 8:00am-6:00pm and Friday – 8:00am-1:00pm. To meet with an adviser, you can schedule an appointment for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, or just drop-in on Mondays and Thursdays. Please call Advising at 360-992-2345 to schedule an appointment. Also, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, in order to check-in. The department has advisers for the different areas of study: Health Occupations, College Preparatory & Transfer Programs, Professional & Technical Programs, Running Start, etc.

Advice Help Support And Tips Signpost Shows Information And Guidance

For those of you that are planning to transfer to a University in the near future, an important event that will be held during the winter quarter is the Winter Transfer Fair. It will be on Tuesday, February 21st of 2017 from 10a.m. to 1p.m. in the Gaiser Student Center. The Spring Transfer Fair will happen on Tuesday, April 18th of 2017. This is a good opportunity to connect with representatives from different schools that are offering bachelor’s degrees for transfer students. You can ask questions about admissions requirements, deadlines, next steps to take, the cost, scholarships, and options for covering the expenses, as well as degrees, majors, and minors offered, and what the campus and community offer to students.

I hope you all are having a wonderful quarter with a few more weeks to go, and if you do have any questions or concerns about what classes to take for the next quarter, be sure to go to the Advising office for assistance. I know that the registration dates are coming up soon. Have a nice rest of the quarter!

-Elvira Manelyuk.


Posted by Ambassador                                            Elvira.

Women’s Studies Classes

One of my favorite classes I have taken here at Clark was a last minute elective that I decided to take my first quarter. I was very interested in anthropology and learning as much as I could about people, so Women’s Studies seemed like it would be interesting. I was, however, a bit apprehensive, thinking that I was not the right gender for this class. I didn’t know what to expect, or what could I possibly learn in a class like this?

Of course, coming from such a liberal area, I was familiar with feminism or inequality in the workforce, but I was surprised by how much I learned that first quarter. It started out with learning more about myself. The way that I looked at things, challenging beliefs and thoughts that I never even realized that I had. I am now able to navigate the workforce, the education system, and my day-to-day life challenging those thoughts. I created friendships that still last today, because it is so helpful to realize you are being challenged together.

When I finished that first course with Dian Ulner, I had learned so much that I wanted to continue on. I found out that I could even get a certificate in women’s studies. Several classes in a group that will challenge your perceptions and your beliefs in the best way possible. It will point out the most innate subconscious things that are driven by socially constructed systemic inequity. It will help to empower you, no matter what target or agent rank you may fall under you will learn to be able to own it. It wasn’t an easy thing to do by any means, but that’s the awesome thing about it. I feel like I’ve changed so much of my life being exposed to what are in these classes. A challenge to get through it gives you so much more of an appreciation when you are done. Having such amazing facilitators of learning in a program that is designed to challenge your view on the world is fantastic. They are able to be there for you, help you to understand things, and they have such a passion.

This program helps you to be familiar with not only your own struggle with inequity, but also how to identify institutionalized systems of power and privilege. In addition to learning about the systems that work against women you learn an array of systems that have, and continue to work against historically non-dominant people. Throughout these courses, I learned about race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and many different target rankings. Because I have learned so much and am still utilizing the tools from these classes now seven years later, I highly encourage everyone I can to take it. See how you can better your life, or become a great ally to better someone else’s.


Posted by Ambassador Kody

Getting Involved on Campus!

Hello Penguin Nation!!

It is well into Fall Quarter here at Clark which means now that you’ve settled in, it’s time to start thinking about getting involved.

Why get involved?

I have found that if I participate in a few activities a month, join a club or program, or even have a job here, it greatly increases my appreciation and enjoyment of the college experience. I know, as well as any student, that it’s hard to feel part of our community when everyone is coming and going throughout the day. Prioritizing time for extra-curricular activities is personally enriching (even if it’s out of your comfort zone at first).

As a personal example, I got involved in the music program here on campus my first year, and that provided me many friendships with people who share a similar interest as myself. In my second year at Clark, I looked for a leadership opportunity and found the Student Ambassador position to be exactly what I needed. Both activities have opened doors I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to walk through and have given me the courage to try new things.

How can you get involved?

The Student Life Office located in the PUB Building has all club and program information. It’s very simple to join a club or program, and we have a lot to choose from. If our clubs don’t interest you, you always have the option of starting your own. That paperwork and information can be found in the Student Life Office.

We also have many student job positions available. The best place to go for student job information is the Career Services Office. They can help you find jobs both on and off campus, as well as talk to you about future careers.

There are plenty of other student events and success workshops per quarter. Make sure to be checking the calendars usually posted inside the bathroom stalls and on our ASCC Penguin Boards in each building. I also suggest visiting the Office of Diversity and Equity located upstairs in Gasier Hall. They have comfy couches to relax on and hire peer mentors to meet with you. They make sure that every student feels welcomed that comes though their door.

If you don’t know where to find these things, come to the Student Ambassadors working inside Gaiser Hall at the information desk. We have a calendar that we can reference and even suggest some fun events to attend.

Please take the time to get involved on campus. It really makes every moment here at Clark a memorable one!





Posted by Ambassador Abi



Penguin Pantry

Hello penguins,

Clark has just opened up a brand new resource for students called the Penguin Pantry. The Penguin Pantry can support you by helping eliminate hunger and connecting you to outside resources. The pantry is a place where you can go to pick up a variety of foods either to take home or to eat as lunch. Other than food they have things such as soap, toothbrush, feminine products, and even school supplies. Outside resources they help you connect with are counseling services, public benefits, and local food banks. This is a safe place for students to go. There is also a microwave and tables in the pantry so feel comfortable to eat there.

If you are able to please help the Penguin Pantry continue to grow by donating. There are multiple ways you can donate. You can either bring in items or send a financial contribution. Items can be dropped off either at the Penguin Pantry or in Gaiser Hall upstairs room 204 in the Office of the Vice-President of Student Affairs. Items that can be donated include non-perishable foods, gift cards, and basic toiletries. All financial contributions must go through the Clark College Foundation. I will include items they are requesting right now on their website:

  • Canned food/Dried fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Crackers
  • Protein-rich snacks
  • Soap
  • Menstrual products
  • Toothbrushes/tooth paste
  • Floss
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo/Conditioner

The Penguin Pantry is located in the Science Building (SCI) in room 101. The hours for this Fall 2017 quarter are Monday, Thursday, and Fridays from 11am until 2pm. Tuesday and Wednesday from 2pm until 5pm.





Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Study Tips

Hello everyone;

We’re half-way through the quarter! You’re almost there!

That can be either exciting or stressful. This is the point of the quarter where you are getting ready for mid-terms (if you have any) and preparing for finals. Some teachers have a big final project, some have overwhelming final exams. Either way, now is a good time to start preparing yourself.

If you have an overwhelming project or paper that is due at the end of the quarter, the best thing you can do is start early. When writing a daunting paper, starting early means you have time to stare at an empty computer screen. This is something that will probably happen. If you start early and give yourself time, then you won’t be stressing about not having enough time to finish on top of stressing about what you will write about. Another good thing about starting early is that you can work in small chunks. Say you have a 4000 essay due at the end of the quarter; if you write 500 words (roughly 2 pages double-spaced) a day, you will be done in 8 days. I know that doesn’t seem fun, but trust me this is better than 4000 words in 2 days. Even if you don’t have exact instructions yet, at least start thinking about what you need to do. Write out a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish. Personally, I am a fan of color-coding. You can code things in order to urgency (one color is the things are the most important or that you need to do first, the second color being things that aren’t as important). Another way of color-coding is grouping things together. This is especially helpful when you have multiple projects to do. You can also just write things in different colors to add color to your listJ.

If you are staring at a huge final exam, the first thing you need to do is breathe. It is so easy to psyche yourself out. If you prepare properly and (I know this sounds hokey) have confidence in your knowledge of the subject, you will pass any test given to you. As far as preparation goes, there are several things that you can do to prepare for a test. The first, and perhaps most important, is taking good notes. They don’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, but they at least need to be legible. The worst feeling in the world is looking at your notes and not knowing what something means. Another thing you can do is print out slides, if your instructor provides them. This is a really great tool, because you can write on them during lecture, and if you’re really determined to ace that test, you can re-write them in a notebook later. I know that seems like a lot of work, but I did that for my microbiology class last fall, and it worked really well. Another good thing to do is to quiz yourself. A good way to do that is to make up flash cards. Quiz yourself periodically to keep track of what you know and what you need to practice. When you feel you’re comfortable with the material, but you’re still uncomfortable with the fact that you have to write it all down in exchange for a grade, the thing you need to do is relax. That is not nearly as easy as it sounds, but you can do it. Right before you take the test, try power-posing. Hands on your hips, feet apart and head up. It sounds weird, but it will help you gain confidence before a test and will reduce stress. There is a TED talk on this called “Your body language may shape who you are” by Amy Cuddy. I tried it before one of my speeches in Public speaking (which, ironically, was about stress) and it did help me.

I hope these tip are helpful. Finals are scary, but if you prepare for them, they aren’t so bad. If this is your first year of college, they probably seem petrifying, but it will get easier as you go.

Good luck with finals!

Posted by Ambassador Rachel

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