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Staying Active During the Winter

Winter Quarter, especially in the Northwest, can be bleak and rainy and gray, which doesn’t encourage leaving the house. Now is the time, however, to stay healthy and active! There is no better time to keep ahead of cold and flu season, and staying in shape promotes that.

There are still may options for fitness in these upcoming months:

  • Join a gym. This sounds cliche, but it’s a good idea that will keep you from exercising outside. Money can also be a concern with this option, but many local gyms have student discounts, including Clark’s fitness center. They charge 20$ a quarter, and if you apply within the first week, there is a discount on that price as well.
  • Take a PE class. Now may seem like the time to load up on heavy academic courses, but I recommend breaking up a busy schedule with something that gets you moving physically. The great news is, if you take a PE class at Clark, the use of the fitness center and weight room is free for the quarter.
  • At the very least, run. Running seems to be everyone’s least favorite exercise. Personally, I love it. It does a couple of great things for the body, including: opening up the lungs, strengthening the heart, developing endurance, and quickly releasing endorphins. I have asthma, and running really helps my breathing. The other important aspect is that after a run is over, you’re left feeling refreshed. The release of positive hormones not only benefits your physical body, but your mind as well. Take the run at your own pace, and using music is a great way to stay motivated throughout the exercise.

It is proven that people who find ways to keep their bodies healthy perform better academically, are less likely to get sick, and have more positive attitudes. All of these sound amazing, especially during the winter time.

Make sure to make time for yourself and your health. From personal experience, I can assure you that if this is not a priority in your life, you won’t thrive in other areas either. A few years ago, I spent a good portion of winter quarter in the hospital with various sicknesses, but that was before I started making time to take care of my body in a better way.

Stay active penguins! All year round.


Posted by Ambassador Abi




Secret Study Spaces

Now that you have settled into winter quarter, I hope you’re able to keep up with studying. Studying can be hard, especially when finding the motivation and time to do it. I find that many students prefer to study on campus because once they go home they get distracted. There are plenty of great places to study on Clark’s campus including: the library, Scarpelli Hall, Hanna Hall, and the Penguin Union Building.

Did you know we have secret study spaces as well? If not, I’m here to clue you in!

Area #1: The STEM Building. The stem building has lots of little study spaces on all three floors. They are tucked away, usually with a nice view of Portland to the south, or Mt. Saint Helens to the north. Try exploring the STEM Building one of these days and find a spot that works for you.

Area #2: Upstairs in Gaiser Hall. Gaiser Hall connects to the Penguin Union Building, and there are some quiet corners upstairs to use as a study space. If you walk passed the Cashier’s Office you’ll see a staircase. Follow the stairs to comfy couches and quiet hallways to get some homework done.

Area #3: Frost Arts Center. There is an awesome student gallery at the front entrance of the Arts Center. If you keep walking through the building you’ll come to an outdoor atrium that’s closed off from the rest of campus. There are benches and chairs to use, especially in the warmer months. While you’re there you can check out the new musicals and plays featured in the Decker Theater.

Area #4: AA-5. The Applied Arts complex on the south side of campus has plenty of study places. A quiet one is located upstairs in the AA-5 wing. It’s tucked away at the end of the building, and there are chairs and tables set up to use for homework and studying. There is also a computer with a printing station for student convenience.

Area #5: Beacock Music Hall: The great thing about studying in the music hall is the background music while you work. There are always students using practice rooms, so there is soft classical music to listen to while you study. I recommend sitting in the back part of the building facing inward to the campus, and not toward the red parking lot.

I hope this helps with your studying goals and staying on track in class! Come visit me at the Information Desk in Gaiser hall to ask questions or say hello!


Posted by Ambassador Yuki

Remaining Successful Through Winter Weather

Because the Pacific Northwest has weather that can be unpredictable to say the very least, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about ways to stay successful through anything we could encounter. With Inclement weather on the way, I would like to point out some ways so stay safe, as well as reduce confusion with class times and closures.

First I would highly utilize the RAVE alert system. This system is set up to notify students and staff that are signed up of any alerts. Students can utilize text messaging or email, and it is not only a way to receive updates about inclement weather, but other emergency notifications as well.

Starting this quarter the RAVE system has been updated so that students will be able to receive notifications automatically. Because the system does not pull your personal phone number from any other department, I would recommend going to so you can update and start receiving texts.

Another great option to get around safely in the winter months is by taking public transportation. Some people feel unsafe driving when roads are less than favorable, and C-tran could be very helpful on your way to classes or job. The Clark College Bookstore has discounted C-tran bus passes that are added on top of your photo id. With that discounted price, it will cover your bus rides in C-zone for the full quarter! There is a limit on how many are available, so I recommend to check in with the bookstore for prices and more information.

The last thing that I want to reiterate, is to plan accordingly. I know that it is something that shouldn’t have to be said, yet every winter, I see myself and many other students forget that different weather changes a lot. When it’s cold and icy, leave yourself enough time to get to campus safely, the commute may be slower because others and yourself may have to drive a bit more cautiously. Remember that sometimes the parking lot and sidewalks can get slippery when it is frozen, try to wear shoes with better traction. These small changes can change your whole day, and when everything goes smoothly on your way to class, you are going to be better off in class as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful quarter! Be safe!



Posted by Ambassador Kody


An Instructor, Coach, and Mentor

Hello fellow penguins!

I hope everyone had a great Fall quarter! By this time, I believe that most, if not everyone, has already registered for Winter quarter 2018. I bet many of you were wondering what classes to take and which professor you should you take. Well, if many of you are interested in taking a PE class here at Clark College, I would recommend taking Mike Arnold’s PE classes. Mike Arnold is a teacher, a mentor, a coach, and a friend. He is one of the best professors in the PE department at Clark College. You’re going to learn about things both in the weight room and about yourself. Some of his classes include:

PE 117 – Weight Train-Power 1

PE 207 – Speed, Agility, & Quickness

PE 208 – Independent Fitness

PE 217 – Weight Train-Power Lift

PEEXS 293 – Mental Performance

PEEXS 294 – Sport in Society

Clark College baskteball player Orlandor Westbrooks, with help from head coach Mike Arnold, prepares for an upcoming tournament at practice, Tuesday, December 26, 2006. (The Columbian, Steven Lane)

Personally, I’ve completed two of his classes, PEEXS 293 and PE 117, in which I have benefited from both physically and mentally. For an overview of both classes, PE 117 is a general weight-lifting class. The workouts for the class will progress from body weight workouts and weights with an emphasis on form and technique to high intensity workouts. As for PEEXS 293, you won’t be stepping into the weight room. Instead, you will learn more about yourself and see what are your strengths and weaknesses. I definitely recommend that you should register for his classes to help achieve your personal goals.

I hope everyone will have an excellent break and happy holidays!


Posted by Ambassador Zack


Important Info for International Students

Hi all international students! Hope you all have a wonderful fall quarter! As an international student, this blog is an excellent chance to help you and give you more information which you need to know.

International Club

For most of international students, I believe they’ll start their class from IELP (Intensive English Language Program). Although some students think it won’t affect your GPA in the future, believe me if you work hard in those classes, you’ll more comfortable with your college class. Most of class parts will help you prepare your college class. If you don’t work hard, you might work much more time when you’re taking college class which will make you very exhausted! Some classes you may think it’s just for fun, but I want to tell you they’re not. You need to discover the value of them by yourself. Your English 101 class will be pretty similar with your writing and reading classes! Anything you learned from these two classes will be used in the English 101 class. For integrated and oral communication classes you’ll learn a lot of American teaching style. They’ll give you a clue which tells you what’s American class looks like and what they need to do. I’ve learned a lot of new and amazing things from those classes! If you want to know more information about this class, you can go to website or check with international office.

For making more friends, I think participate in clubs or find a meaningful job will help you successes in academically and daily life. It also makes you more confident and independent. You’ll know how to balance your study time and work time, how to solve your work problems (those will happen in the future), and a wonderful chance to practice your English with payment 🙂 It also helps you find job easier if you’ve an official job experience. If you want to find more information, please visit the Career Service (PUB 002). They’ll help find your job and edit your resume. Also, if you aren’t decided which your major is, they’ll test you to figure out what’s the best for you.

If you have further questions, please feel free to walk in the info desk and welcome center, I am here for you! International Office is always your home! I wish all international students feel comfortable, happy and enjoyable at Clark College.


Posted by Ambassador Yuki



Student Success Services

Hello Clark Penguins,

I am very excited to write my next blog on Student Success Services. I know that most of us once in a while get to the point when we just feel like giving up. If you are that kind of person, I have some good news for you. Hang in there. You’re not alone. Many students are going through the same feeling you have. I have been looking around for some resources that are available to you at Clark. All of these services are FREE. Well, in other words, they get covered by your tuition costs.

The first place to go to if you are struggling or need help with a class is the tutoring center. Take advantage of it because it is very helpful. I often times go there for my Spanish class and all I could say is that it is awesome. The tutors are amazing and want to make sure that you understand the material. They are willing to work with you and give you the necessary practice you need. In addition to this, some classes have extra credit points for visiting the tutoring center. Clark College has different places on campus for tutoring in specified areas of study. For instance, the Language & Writing Center is located in Hawkins Hall (HKH) 102 and this is where you would go for essay assignments, research papers, scholarship essays, foreign language practice, and more. The STEM Help Center is in Bauer Hall 101/102 and tutors provide assistance with all levels of math, chemistry, physics, biology, and other STEM subjects. The Accounting & Business Lab is in the AA4 building in room 106, and I think that the name speaks for itself. We also have some tutoring in different subjects at the Columbia Tech Center (CTC) campus, room 336.

A few other resources that are available for you at Clark are:

Disability Support Services – this place assists students with disability accommodations and services (for more information, visit or call (360) 992-2314)

Health Services – provide free or low-cost services to students, help with health education and exams, primary care and counseling/mental health care (call them at (360) 992-2614)

Counseling – assists with personal counseling to currently enrolled students at no charge, and is available by appointment, so if you need help with something, please feel free to call them (360) 992-2614)

Advising – assists students with academic advising and educational planning, and it is good to visit the advising center once in a while to make sure you are on track for graduation (they have walk-in hours and appointment days; visit their website: or give them a call: (360) 992-2345

Students Success sessions and workshops, which are offered quarterly and some topics include: Time Management, Career Exploration, Tips for Taking Tests, Money Management, and many more.

These are some of the Student Success resources offered at Clark College. I recommend using them in order to be even more successful in your educational goals!

I hope you all did great on your finals and have a wonderful winter break and holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Elvira Manelyuk.

Posted by Ambassador Elvira


Microbiology Class

Hey Everyone;

It’s that wonderful time of the quarter; time to register for winter quarter! Whether you’re excited or nervous about picking out which classes, there is a class that you might consider taking: Microbiology.

I took this class last fall and it was a BLAST. I had so much fun with this class. My favorite component was the lab. We got to do all kinds of professional-lab-like things. We streaked plates; which is where you take a loop tool and scrape bacteria off a surface or from a test tube and then you put the bacteria on a petri-dish and let it grow in the incubator. We also got to learn how to do several lab tests.

I took this class with Rick Davis. He is an awesome teacher. He is super fun and really gets into the material. My class was in the new STEM building. If you haven’t been inside, you should swing by and take a peek. It is a beautiful building with some really cool features. The lab is state-of-the-art and the lab equipment is brand new. The microscopes were brand new dual ocular, which means they had two eyepieces instead of one (not the easiest to look through with glasses).

My favorite project was the “unknowns” project, because it was almost like being a real-life lab technician. For this project, we were given a bacteria sample in a test tube that was an unknown species. To figure out which species it was, we had to do several tests. The first was to stain the bacteria and look at it under a microscope. After that we ran several diagnostic tests, such as the bile esculin test, and used the process of elimination to figure out what species of bacteria it was. My bacteria sample was found to be Lactococcus lactis, which is commonly used to make cheese.

This was my all time favorite class here at Clark. I learned a lot about how microbiology fits into our everyday lives. So, if you need a science credit, I would highly recommend this one. You’ll have tons of fun and learn a lot.


Posted by Ambassador Rachel


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