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April has arrived, so has the Student Ambassador Applications!

Ambassador’s Jose & Kristen

Spring quarter is going by faster than I thought. I can’t believe we are going to the fourth week of classes. That means it is time to recruit the new ambassadors for the next academic year. For those seeking a flexible leadership position while attending Clark College, I highly recommend the Student Ambassador Program. Students have access to the applications online at or at the Information Desk right across the bookstore. The deadline to turn the full application packet in is Friday, May 12th by 4:30 p.m.


The Student Ambassador Program is meant for students who are committed to represent Clark College in various events on and off campus,

Hanging out

as well as to assist prospective students at the information desk regarding enrollment process and others. Speaking from my experiences, the program is crucial to us in terms of developing communication skills, building relationships, and last but not least, becoming a leader. It is just amazing when I look back my first quarter as student ambassador and realize how much learning experiences I have had, and how those experiences have helped me become who I am.

Every single campus tour I have given so far has meant something special to me. I had the chance of sharing my experiences here at Clark while providing the students all information about our community and tips to be successful academically. Aside from the fact that leading those campus tours is part of the duties, this opportunity has given some of the best friends I have ever had. Undoubtedly, being a student ambassador was the best choice I have made during my journey at Clark.

I can’t tell you all how important this position has been to me. When I was feeling hopeless that I wouldn’t come back after finishing the English program at Clark, this opportunity came out. A huge thanks to Julie Frank, who recommended me to the position. One thing is for certain, I am concluding my Associates Degree at Clark College, because I am a Student Ambassador. Well, I may be exaggerating, a little bit, but let me tell why I said that. First, of course, the financial assistance. Second, being an Ambassador opened up many doors for my future. All the resources Clark offers I took advantage of in order to be successful in my academic and professional life, especially scholarships. Third, the main purpose of this job: help! Yes, as guidance, help students to find the right path to the beginning of success. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t be involved in something where I can help people, because that is what I like, and that is what we do in this job. Last, the family I have made in the office.

Happy Halloween!

Some of you may be sick and tired of it, but I have to address that I am an international student – Brazil. Now, you all can understand a little bit of my story. Different from many international students, I never lived with host family or some of my relatives. So, the lack of this “family atmosphere/environment” was something that pushed me down. Well, host families may not be the best option for some, but still, they are there for the students’ needs. Everything was getting worse, until the day I became Student Ambassador. So many things I have been through during those almost three years at Clark, but I had those people there to listen and provide me the best advice. I have to thank every single one of the Welcome Center + Kim (Enrollment Services) for being part of my professional, academic, and mainly personal life. But here is a special

Ambassador’s Melia & Jose

“THANK YOU” to Amy Tam, Beth Means, and Vanessa Watkins who have always been with me and believing in my potential. Students selected for the program will have a chance to get them know better one day.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time! Get your application, fill it out, turn it in at the Information Desk and be ready for the interviewers! I wish you the best during the process!

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Scholarship opportunities just ahead!

Hello penguin nation, I hope you all are doing just great during this quarter. I know, the spring break mood is still on, but let’s try to put this away ASAP and work hard on your classes! “Working hard on my classes?! It’s just the second weekend!” – You must be wondering. That’s right, and I will tell you just one of the benefits for doing so: Scholarships!  

One of the  topics that cause student concern the most when going to college is how to pay for college, but that shouldn’t be an issue. There are many resources for those who need financial assistance. Financial aid, grants, benefits, and of course, scholarships! Scholarships are there for anyone to help us paying tuition, so why not apply? Plus, like grants, this extra money doesn’t not have to be paid back, which means it only depends on your interest to be a scholarship recipient. Just a bit of brief information about them: Funding for scholarships comes from local high schools, employers, local, civic and community organizations, foundations, and private sources.

Lizette from Financial Aid & Ambassador Jose

My journey here at Clark wouldn’t be the same without my scholarships. As an international student, I faced many obstacles that could discourage me to finish my educational goal. When I finished the English program, I was expecting to have to return to Brazil, my home country, for not being able to afford tuition anymore. But guess what I did?! I applied for the Foundation and International Scholarships, and now I can surely afford tuition.

So, let’s get this straight penguins, go ahead and apply now! For those attending Clark during the next academic year, 2017-1018, the Foundation Scholarship deadline is April 19th, Wednesday. All students are eligible to apply for it, so DO NOT hesitate to apply! “What about if I am transferring to a four-year college?” No worries, you might be eligible for the Foundation Transfer Scholarship, which is due on May 1st, Monday.

In order to apply, find out about eligibility, and see other scholarship opportunities, go to: The website also gives information about scholarships provided by outside donors across the country. If you have any further questions, you can visit our Scholarship Office located at Gaiser Hall 128. Lizette Drennan will be more than happy to talk to you about anything when it comes to financial assistance, and of course, scholarships.

By the way, a huge thank you to the Clark College Foundation. The Clark College Foundation is one of the largest community college foundations in the country and offers several scholarships to Clark College students each year

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Can you smell our new Culinary Institute coming?

You probably have seen something different where the Bakery used to be located at. Clark College is remodeling its dining and teaching facility. That means our new state-of-the-art The Tod and Maxine McClaskey Culinary Institute is coming really soon. Yes, yes!  There is nothing more exciting when the topic is about food, right?! By the way, a big thank you to the McClaskey family who contributed significantly to the construction of the building with a $4 million gift.

Tod and Maxine McClaskey Culinary Institute

Along with the construction of the new building, Clark has opened applications for two new programs: Professional Baking and Pastry Arts and Cuisine Management. In addition to the fact that the new space will be providing food kiosks and a full-service dining experience, Clark College Baking/Cuisine students will have on-hands training and experiences that will prepare them for future career opportunities. We expect to have the Culinary Institute ready by Fall of this year, and I will definitely check it out. Can’t wait to see it!

So, for those interested in one of those programs, here is some important information about the programs, admissions, and deadlines. In the Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Program, students will learn  the fundamentals of baking with a focus on mastering techniques for making cakes, French pastries, artisan breads and more. While in the Cuisine Management program, our students will explore the theories behind various cooking methods, as well as fundamental skills and techniques. Students should first apply for Clark College admission and will follow that with an application into the program of their choosing. Each application has a fee of $25, which means that to apply you must pay a total of $50 to be considered for the program. Both programs will only be accepting students in Fall quarter.

Heads up folks, priority application deadline is April 14, 2017.


If you are interest in learning about the programs or just the Culinary Institute, I highly encourage you to visit the web site at: As the Information sessions have passed, students can contact the Culinary department at: for more information.

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Advisers are Here for You!

Hello penguin nation,

Advising Services

Advising Services

I hope you all are doing very well during these first weeks of classes. I know, in the beginning of the quarter, we always think, “This quarter is going to be really hard,” but we actually end up getting an “A” in our classes, right?! That being said, one of the reasons we are actually taking too many “hard” classes is because we are either possibly taking the wrong classes or we haven’t prepared a good class schedule for the quarter.  

So, what should we do in order to keep on track in our classes that we take? For those who don’t know yet, Clark College has Advising Services located at Gaiser Hall, just across the Enrollment Services office. Advising is just one of the many student resources for those who are not sure what classes they should take towards the degree they are pursuing. Meeting up with an adviser means you will be helped in understanding the requirements for the certain degree, college policies, and any information about transferring to a four-year college. So, if you are not sure what classes you have to take towards your degree or need advice to set up your academic plan, then it’s time to make an appointment with an adviser. Appointments are scheduled up to two weeks in advance and are only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and our walk-ins are Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I personally make appointments every quarter just to make sure I am following the academic plan they gave me.

16343666_10212330563479451_677783028_nNow, if you are planning to take your final step of your education at Washington State University – Vancouver, Clark College students are more than welcome to visit Michael Blankenship’s office. Yes! Clark has an office for the WSU – Vancouver Transfer Coordinator, which is also located at Advising Services. Michael has been such an important resource when it comes to my academic career.

WSU-V Transfer Coordinator, Michael Blankenship and Student Ambassador Jose

WSU-V Transfer Coordinator, Michael Blankenship and Student Ambassador Jose

P.s. Sorry for bothering you every single day.

He has not only helped me with an academic plan that is based on transferring to WSU-V, but given me all the specific information about the admission process, student resources, scholarships, and many many many other aspects. I have shared some amazing accomplishments with him, and being able to attend WSU-Vancouver will be another great one. He is definitely an important person who can help students with anything they need to be part of the Cougar’s team! Undoubtedly, Michael is fantastic professionally and personally.

Thus, my penguin friends, it is better to use our advising services to keep your academic plan on track than either feeling overwhelmed with hard class because you didn’t get any advice or regretting taking the wrong class that doesn’t fit well with your degree. For those who will be attending Clark for the first time this upcoming Spring quarter, you will be able to learn more about Advising and its role during Penguin Welcome Days. I hope you all have a great winter quarter.

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose

International Day Festival!

International flagsMusic. Food. Cultures. Dance. Prizes. Everything in just one day!  Save the day folks, the International Education Week (IEW) will be celebrated on November 17th, Thursday, starting at 11:00 a.m. in the Student Center. The IEW is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department Education with the purpose of approaching Americans to the wide world environment, as well as celebrating the international diversity across the country. The International Programs at Clark College is responsible for organizing this amazing event on campus.


French club

The event will be starting with the International Employer’s Panel, bringing up the international diversity among Faculty/Staff members at Clark College. Throughout the day, students will have the opportunity of watching the dance and band performances from different parts of the world, as well as tasting typical food from other countries. But I would like to point out the International Student Panel, which will be at 2:00 p.m. You probably have been wondering how the experiences of being an international student are and how how students deal with the culture shock and other barriers they face outside their home country. International students will be speaking with students who have those and other questions in mind. What a great opportunity to learn if you are thinking of studying abroad, right?!

Speaking about Internationality, the International Club will be hosting a table during the entire event. The club has the purpose of connecting local students who want explore different cultures and learn new languages with students from different countries who want to engage in our community, learn the English language, and are willing to share their traditions. If you want be part of the team, feel welcome to join us.

International Club

International Club

A short video will be played during the event where international students of Clark College will be sharing their experiences on and off campus.

So, again, save the date! November 17th in the Student Center, starting at 11:00 a.m. Students can gather more information and the schedule of the event at or at Clark College International Programs Facebook page. Welcome to the world, penguins!!

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Meet Ambassador Jose

Hello guys, my name is Jose Espindola Neto, and I am international student from Brazil. If you think my name sounds a bit familiar, that’s because I am a returning Student Ambassador. This is going to be my last year at Clark, and as the Student Ambassador Program has been such an important step of my life, I decided to be part of the team for another year.

So, being a Student Ambassador is not the only way I found to participate more on campus and get more engaged in our community. I am also International Peer Mentor and Vice-President of the International Club. Talking about clubs, Clark has over thirty clubs where students can experience amazing things and share knowledge. Said that, don’t forget to check out the Club Information Wall near Student Life. Am I done? Nope. I still do more stuff on campus. Playing some sports organized by Intramural Sports staff, visiting tutoring center (uow) when I really need it, and studying every day at library (uow-2). Oh yeah, I forgot, I visit our Scholarships department sometimes (almost all the time) looking for all the scholarships available for us (students).

As you can see, I pretty much spend my whole day at Clark. But I do have life off campus. My free time is not only sleeping, but I play soccer every Monday, watch movies with friends, go out to Portland a couple times a month, hiking, Netflix…and, of course, skyping with my family in Brazil every week! Honestly, what I most like to do is just go to places that I have never been before, exploring Vancouver/Portland area as much as I can.

I have to admit that Vancouver has a considerable significance in my story. This is just one of the reasons that made me choose transferring to Washington State University – Vancouver (hopefully) after graduating from Clark. My major is Business Administration, but please don’t ask me now what I am going to do when I get my bachelors degree because I am not sure yet, though I have some plans in mind.

So, if you want to know more about my story and who I am, have any question about Clark, want to schedule a campus tour, perhaps just like to speak Portuguese, please stop by the Information Desk located just across the Bookstore in Gaiser Hall. You all are really welcome!


Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose