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Spring Thing!

Hello Penguins,

One more week left, we can do this! I know everyone is going to be busy and stressed about finals, but take a break this Friday 6/16 and come to the annual Spring Thing. The event runs from 10am to 1pm. It is perfect way to have fun and celebrate the end of the year. The best part is everything is going to be free! Our food carts will be giving out free food like rice bowls, hot dogs, nachos, or burritos. And for dessert there will be ice cream from Sweet Tooth. If the free food is not a good enough reason for you to come, there is so much more offered. There will be inflatables from Portland Party Works, so we can feel like kids again and jump around!  Document the day with two photo booths or from a drawing done by a caricature artist. You will also be able to get artwork done from a henna artist. For entertainment we are lucky enough to have Adam the Great Magician!


The event will be held outside in Anderson Plaza by the Chime Tower. If the weather decides not to cooperate the event will be moved into Gaiser Hall in the Student Center. But either way take some time out of the studying and come have some fun, it’ll be worth it!


Good luck on your finals!


My Journey to Becoming a Student Ambassador

Hello Penguins,

My first year here I was a running start student,  and I loved it. I had so much freedom, only went to class a couple hours a week and took classes that interested me. However, something was missing. I came to Clark for class then went straight home. I only went to my high school to get my tuition waiver signed and pick up graduation items. I did not really fit into any category. I was not a high school student anymore, but I was not really a college student either. At least that is what it felt like. I decided I wanted to be involved. I wanted to make my time at Clark count, but I really did not know what that meant either. One day while I was on Twitter, Clark retweeted a post and the word ambassador intrigued me. I mean who doesn’t want the title as an ambassador. I found out it was a paid position, had flexible hours, and an ambassador helped students. It was perfect! I decided to apply, and once I found out I got the job, I was overjoyed.

Months after actually being hired is when training started, and I am not going to lie; I was intimated. There was so much information to learn in the week of training! But as soon as we started working at the desk on the first day of fall classes, it came natural. The first day flew by. We helped so many students; I couldn’t believe it. But this one person stood out to me. He accidentally scheduled his classes back to back at the CTC campus and the main campus. I sat with him at the computer, and we went through and changed his whole scheduled. He kept thanking me and said he could not have done it without me. It was my first day, and I had already made a difference.

Since then I have helped countless students. Anything from helping students walk through the application process with a step

Ambassadors Makayla & Michaela

by step guide, giving tours and opening up student’s eyes about the college experience, or helping students who are coming back to school for the first time in twenty years. It is all rewarding. I finally felt like I fit in somewhere. I was excited to go to work; it helped that I loved my hours. After class I’d just  grab some lunch, change my shirt, and just like that I’d be working. Everyone in the Welcome Center are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They truly inspires me to be the best version of myself.

Being a college student can be extremely challenging. Don’t make it harder on yourself by running back and forth from your job and school, or trying to change your class time to fit your work schedule. I love working at Clark, and I bet you will too. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Stop by the information desk or the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall and grab an application or just ask us more questions on everything we do!

Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Career Clothing Closet

The process of getting a job can always be intimidating. Especially if you do not have the right resources. Thankfully, if you are a Clark student there a many free resources available for you. April 19th and 20th Clark is starting off career days by having a Career Clothing Closet. In past years, they have helped over 500 students with a complete professional outfit.  There will be professional clothes for all Clark students to choose from. Each student who attends will get a complete outfit that they can use for interviews or just to wear in the workplace. It is first come, first serve so get there early! They will be open in the Penguin Union Building upstairs in room 258 from 10am – 2pm on both days.

You are also able to donate clothing to the closet.  Bring in your new and gently used workplace clothes for women and men. Make sure they are in good condition and washed before donating. If you do not have clothes to donate, cash donations are accepted in order to buy brand new clothes. In addition, all donations are tax deductible and receipts will be provided for you.

There are more events coming in May so make sure to keep your eyes out. Career Days starts May 1st and goes until May 4th. All events are free for students and to the community and you do not need to register just show up! You can find the full list of events and information about the events at All the events are to help you, so attend and have fun!



Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Study Abroad!


Everyone wants to travel and see the world. But taking time off school to do so is not always an option. Clark has a program that not enough students know about that allows students to go to school while they are traveling, It is the study aboard program. The program allows students to take classes for credit in another country for a quarter. An instructor can spend hours lecturing students on the history, culture, and language of another country but actually going there and experiencing the lifestyle will give you so much more value. There are study abroad opportunities for students who are studying either Japanese or Spanish. Students travel with a professor during the summer quarter to further their education on the foreign language. Other study abroad opportunities include

Study Abroad students in Australia

Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad and Green River Community College Programs. These programs involve students spending a quarter taking classes like history, drawing, language, and culture. Each quarter is in a different country with different courses and activities. The next two opportunities are this spring in Florence, Italy and in the winter Australia/New Zealand. These programs do cost and can be expensive. However, scholarships may be available for students. For the upcoming Italy trip, there is a WCCCSA scholarship for 1,000 dollars!

Students studying (and playing) in Ireland

These programs do fill up fast and it is a first come first serve basis. So if you are unable apply for the upcoming programs, there are more to come, and remember to apply early! If you want to talk to someone about study abroad, have questions, or just want more information, visit Clark’s International Programs Office in Gaiser Hall, room 215. They also have orientations for the individual programs so watch out for those in newsletters and online! Additionally, follow Clark College International Programs on Facebook to stay up-to-date for all upcoming opportunities. 


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Go Hawks!

seahawks-game01Sports consume my entire life no matter if  it is playing, watching, or traveling for them. I am always doing something that involves sports in one way or another. seahawks-gearOn Thursday, December 15th, I was lucky enough to go to the Seahawks game. I am a huge fan of the Seahawks and have been since I was little. Everything about the day was amazing, well expect for the cold.

We left for the game around nine in the morning. Grades had just came out the day before, and I had three hours to think about how I could have done better. Then I started thinking about next quarter. I was already stressing about how to pay for books, where my classes were, and if I am able to take on the work load. But then my dad points out how pretty the view was. The ground and trees all with a fresh blanket of white snow. It made for a breathtaking view. After that moment, I realized that for the rest of the day, I just needed to enjoy it all instead of constantly worrying about what tomorrow will bring.


Once the game actually started, the crowd was loud, fireworks went off, and everyone was having the best time. Fortunately, the Seahawks beat the Rams that day.
seahawks-game02There was trick plays, big hits, and even my favorite player Doug Baldwin got a touchdown.  I completely forgot about all responsibilities. However, I personally think that is a good thing. Everyone has their own escape from reality and mine happens to be sports. Whatever yours is make sure to take time for it. Everyone deserves a break from our crazy schedules.

However, the Hawks season fell a little short in the playoffs when they lost to the Falcons. Good thing there is always
next year. Go Hawks!


Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Posted by Ambassador Makayla





Celebrating Indigenous Cultures: Pow Wow

636010838677813114-img-0320When people ask me what ethnicity I am, my response always is “I know I am Native American!” But after Clark’s Native American celebration I attended on November 4th, I do not think that the response is appropriate. I attended the Pow Wow at Clark College, and it opened up my eyes in so many different ways. It allowed me to see just a small glimpse of the dedication, sacrifice, and respect they have given to their Native American culture and heritage.  

The event started out with a blessing of the food. Everyone was silent except the two people giving the blessing. It was so peaceful and was such a great way to start out the night. After eating, I was able to walk around and look at all the amazing vendors. Jewelry was definitely the most popular, but every single piece was different. Creative talent was everywhere in the room. Then the singing and dancing started, which ended up being my favorite part of the event. The songs were so loud it was overpowering, but at the same time not ear piercing.  I found out that the different tribes have their own variation ofpowwow-by-national-museum-of-the-american-indian Native American dancing.  Children danced, elders danced, men and women, you name it. The whole event felt like a community that was there to learn or teach about a culture they love.

Respect was a huge message I took away from the Pow Wow. The phrase “respect your elders” wasn’t just a phrase that evening. Elders were fed first when the food was served. There was also specific seats that were reserved for elders’ in the front and center of the event. Another group of people who were highly respected, and deserve it, were the veterans who attended the Pow Wow. At the start of the singing and dance portion of the event the speaker called all veterans and sang a song just for them. After the song was over, they took the time to introduce every veteran and allowed them time to tell their story.  

After this event, it made me realize how little I know about cultures, even the one that I say I am a part of. I can’t say enough how important it is to attend events on campus especially when they are open to you. Be opened minded to new ways of living. Respect everyone, especially the ones who worked for that respect. Learn outside of your lectured classes about what is happening all around you.

cal-state-pow-wowI will be attending the Pow Wow next year, and hope to see all of you there as well!


Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Meet Ambassador Makayla!

Hello everyone!

                My name is Makayla and I am one of the new Student Ambassadors this year. However, I am not new to the Clark campus; this will be my second year here. I was a running start student last year and enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay another year. I am attending Clark to receive my biology transfer and would like to transfer up to the University of Washington.  Not only do I want to transfer there because they have great medical programs, but because Seattle is one of my favorite places, and it would be a dream to live there.

                Even though a majority of my life involves school, it isn’t my entire life. I also play softball competitively. I have been playing since I was about seven years old. Softball has allowed me to meet some amazing people, who happen to be some of my closet friends. It also has allowed me to travel and see new places. This past summer I went to Canada and played in a week long tournament. I got to go to Softball City and meet people from all over the world. My favorite people were from Australia; they had a lot of energy and gave us a bunch of Australian souvenirs!

                I am so excited for the classes that I will be taking this school year. I will be taking a chemistry and biology sequence this entire year, which is exciting because I love science! I am currently taking a bioethics class this fall quarter. I highly recommended it. The class covers very interesting and conversational topics in medicine. Other classes that I recommend that I have taken in the past is human geography, and psychology.  I really enjoyed both of those classes and both professors really opened my eyes to new ideas. One of the biggest piece of advice I always give is to take a class out of your comfort zone! You never know the opportunities it can open up for you.

                I hope you all enjoy your school year, and if you ever have any questions come visit all of the ambassadors at the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall!

Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Posted by Ambassador Makayla