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Bye Clark!

Hi Penguins!

I am writing my last ambassador blog ever! Weird. I have had the honor of being a Clark College ambassador for over a year now. My time as a Penguin ends today and my time as a Student Ambassador ends this month.

I am transferring to the University of Washington for winter quarter and I am beyond excited.


I am not very good with words or goodbyes, so I have made two videos for you all and hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Clark College for giving me multiple opportunities to be the best student I can be.

I will always be proud of being a Penguin.



Posted by Ambassador Melia


Meet Ambassador Jonathan!


My name is Jonathan Dutson and I’m a new Student Ambassador. I became an Ambassador because I wanted to help create a strong community on campus. I also find people fascinating and enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. Before working at Clark College I was a bar manager for a year and a half, and now I am a student tender.

img_20150907_142223797I am not a Native Washingtonian, but I feel like one already. I hail from the land of dirt, concrete, and cactus, A.K.A. Arizona. I’ve wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest since I was thirteen. I did a bunch of research and talked to people and deducted that Vancouver was destined to be my new abode. Don’t hate on the rain guys! Without it, this paradise wouldn’t be so lush and green. In Arizona, it’s still over one hundred degrees in November, and can get up to the 130’s in some places. When I was a kid, a day that rained was cherished more than Christmas, so it’s sweet nostalgia living here. Not to mention, the people here are so nice, accepting, laid back, and don’t try to fight you in traffic. I feel a lot of people that were raised here take for granted how special it truly is.

Growing up everyone called me “Renaissance Man”, because my vast passions and talents, which is a blessing and a curse. Especially when I do not have  time to pursue everything I am passionate about. Even more difficult, is choosing which ones to focus on the most.

My many interests are acting, film making, theatre, writing, singing, compimg_20161022_123943117osing and performing music, drawing, art, design, scuba diving, the outdoors, working out, martial arts, traveling, cooking, reading, coffee, and laughing. As you can see, no one on the planet has time for that many interests. Between full-time school and two jobs, I have to prioritize. Most of my spare time is spent working out, training to be a scuba instructor, exploring nature, cooking because I’m poor, and a combo of the rest. After I graduate, I plan on opening up my own business, so I also spend a lot of time on that.

I will be at the Info Desk or Welcome Center to help you out or make you laugh (I do great impressions). As I said earlier I’m not from here, so come say “hi!” I love meeting new people.



Posted by  Ambassador Jonathan

Penguins fly

Okay not literally…but our very own Clark College Penguin graduates will be walking across the stage on Thursday, June 16th to commemorate their educational achievements.

Every year in the Spring, Clark College administrators and staff hold a ceremony to present Clark graduates with their completed degrees or certificates. This year graduation is going to be held at The Sunlight Supply Amphitheater at 7:00 p.m. on a warm June evening.  The parking and entrance gates will be open by 5:00 p.m. so you can get there early. Graduates must be lined up and ready to go by 6:30 p.m.

Oswald greets students at the 2014 Clark College Commencement ceremony at the Sleep Country Amphitheater, Thursday, June 19, 2014. (Steven Lane/The Columbian)

Oswald greets students at Commencement.

I encourage all the graduates and current Clark students to take a second to think about what graduation means for them. For some students graduation is the start of a new career. For others it’s a big move to a new university, and/or it’s a new step in their education. These are all goals and achievements to celebrate! I find that when things end, huge beginnings start to unravel. I am beyond excited for all of my graduating Clark College students and especially my graduating co-workers. We have Student Ambassadors Lauren, Christian, Patricia, and Michael all graduating this June. I couldn’t be more proud of them and their accomplishments.

Make sure to bring your name card with you to commencement if you are graduating because this is the card they will be reading as you walk across the stage. Also know that any guests that are there supporting you on your big day may take photos of you from their seats only. But don’t worry, we will be having a professional photographer at commencement taking pictures of you. Any seating or parking concerns can be addressed to Disability Support Services at 360-992-2314.

I wish all you graduates the best of luck in your next adventure in life!


Posted by Ambassador Melia

Posted by Ambassador Melia


Does exercising make you smarter?

workout pic1Does exercising make you smarter?

Yes it does. This may sound like a subjective answer and topic but there has been a lot of research done on this topic. The overwhelming conclusion is that the healthier you are (physically), the better you are at studying and learning. Not to mention the million other positive side effects of exercising.

Google ‘positive effects of exercise’ and you will encounter a barrage of articles. If you don’t have the time to do that then I will help you out and list some positive effects of exercise right off the top of my head.

  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • Confidence
  • Less stress
  • Good distraction
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease


But how do these things actually make you smarter?

Great question! Thanks for asking.

My very first job at the age of 18 was a telemarketing gig (it sucked). Our supervisors would encourage us to get up and walk around every two hours or so to get the blood flowing and get hyped. From firsthand experience I can tell you that after getting my blood flowing and getting my energy up I would be able to perform better with customers.  You have probably seen this in movies. For example, Wolf of Wall Street or in real life where salesman getting hyped for a sale or a banker going crazy and having super high energy levels. The way this correlates with exercise is that this is a naturally occurring phenomenon when you perform in rigorous activity.


Although there is a lot of data that backs up exercise and health/productivity nothing is definitive.workout pic2


Even if you don’t believe that exercise will make you smarter, keep in mind that exercise WILL make you healthier!


“Ever since I started running a few months ago, I have not gotten sick!” –Amy Tam

Posted by Ambassador Daniel

Posted by Ambassador Daniel

Student Success Workshops

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately this will be my last blog post. I will be graduating this spring as some of you know and that’s only weeks away! For this last post I wanted to tell you of some awesome student success workshops that gave me a lot of useful information. As a student ambassador, I am required to attend a few of these workshops every quarter.

The student success workshops are totally free and open to the public, which is amazing! They also offer workshops on the same subject more than once, so if one doesn’t fit into your schedule you can see if their having another on a different day. One of the best workshops I have ever attended was the student debt workshop. I am not currently in debt, but I wanted to know more about it and how to prevent it and how to get out of it. It was definitely a workshop that apply’s to anyone whether they are in debt or not, and I highly recommend it! The next debt workshop is on June 7th from 11:00am-11:50am. Hope to see you there!

Another workshop I really enjoyed was the “So You Want a Career in Medicine”. This workshop focuses on the process students will go through to pursue a career in medicine and how to deal with student loans and things like that. I went to this workshop because I want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine as a veterinary technician. They talk about veterinary medicine during this workshop as well. They provide several helpful web links to take home and answer any questions you have from transferring schools to starting a residency at a hospital. There isn’t another one of these workshops until next quarter but there are a million other ones to choose from! There’s “Conflict Resolution”, “Stress Management”, “Better Banking” and more! If you have any questions regarding the workshops feel free to contact the ambassador info desk! We’re always here to help.

It’s been a great time going here at Clark and meeting so many awesome people. I will miss it for sure. You can still keep up with the ambassadors, and we’re bringing in some new recruits! Hope you all enjoyed my posts. Good luck!


Posted by Ambassador Lauren

Posted by Ambassador Lauren


SLP Expo


ferrofluid_displayHey Clark,

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!  I’d like to tell you about an event that I think not a lot of penguins know about. The  Student Learning Project uav_waypoint(SLP) Expo for engineering and computer science students is happening June 6th. This is the event where ECS students show the projects they have been working on all year, and it’s going to be hosted in the new STEM building on the other side of Fort Vancouver Way. We have many interesting projects that are going to be on display–everything from video games to electronic music harps, ferrofluid displays to UAV’s.

Most of the projects are from small student groups–one to three students who have an original idea that uses their engineering or programming knowledge for creating a real-world product. Several projects make use of commercial off-the-shelf processors like Arduino and Raspberry Pi that anyone can learn to use for a wide variety of projects. If you don’t believe me, check this out: In addition, a few projects that will be on display are for the one-electric_carperson electric car some students have been working on. This is fantastic because these students have made a lot of progress this year and are getting close to having a working prototype. They even have their own website, although it is a bit outdated:

For us engineering and computer science students,  participating on these projects is very important to our learning and success. It’s one thing to learn the concepts in our engineering and programming classes, but it takes another step in understanding to apply them in the real world and follow a project to a working prototype. You learn a great deal more about the resources available to you, and get some hands-on experience finding and ordering parts, soldering electronics and developing products for a user.


If you have the chance to check out our exposition the Monday of the last week of the quarter. We will have plenty of displays and dozens of students passionate about their projects who would love to explain what they did. See you there!


Posted by Ambassador Michael

Posted by Ambassador Michael

The Food Competition!


International Club

International Club

Hey penguins, are you all still planning to participate on some activities offered by our many clubs at Clark College? As Vice-President of the International Club, it is my pleasure to announce our last event for the 2015-2016 academic year: The Food Competition. The event is created with the purpose of offering the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to try a diverse cuisine with foods made by students from different cultures around the world. So, save the date guys! It will be this Friday, May 27th, from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., but the doors will open at 12:00 p.m. Here is some important information for those who will be competing: each one will be receiving a $5 Clark College Bookstore gift card just for participating, and the first three winners will earn special prizes varying between $10 and $30 gift cards also from the Bookstore. What a great chance to experience different and delicious foods, right?!?! Visit our Facebook page here for more information  on the Food Competition.

Jose speakerNow you may be thinking: I have no idea what this club is!!! The International Club is an initiative of Clark College international students, sponsored by International Programs staff, to create an amazing environment among foreign and american students. Following that, international students can practice the English language and get more engaged in our community, which, consequently, will help them to overcome some obstacles they may face. For our american friends, it is a great opportunity to explore more cultures from around the world and, perhaps, start to learn a new language. Clearly, it is made for everyone, and the main point is surely HAVING FUN! We promote enjoyable events and volunteer activities throughout the quarter! The club has been off for awhile, but we brought it up during this year, and hopefully we will keep it up for this upcoming year with more activities.

International flags

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the last event of this year and help the club to make the 2016-2017 academic year another successful year! There is no doubt it benefited me, as an international student (I wish I could have participated my first year ), and it also benefits our entire penguin nation! As I use to say to everyone, the more engaged students are in our community, the more benefits they will receive! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at: 

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose