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The Joys of Unicycling!

It’s summer break! Perhaps you’re wondering what you shall do with all your spare time. Or if you’re enrolled for summer quarter, perhaps you’re dreading the daily trek across campus to get between classes. I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation where you’re late for class but don’t want to run because your backpack is just too heavy. And even if you don’t have to walk far, sometimes those monotonous college days can just drag on into a toilsome longevity. Well, maybe it’s time to add some spice to one of your most mundane activities: transportation. Why not ride a unicycle? I’m not talking about joining the circus; I’m talking about a convenient and fun way to get from here to there.

Truth be told, it’s not as hard as it looks. Sure, it takes a bit of practice, but so does riding a bike and most people don’t consider that a dangerous feat. But even supposing it’s not such a ludicrous proposition, is it worth the effort? Quite certainly! Unicycling brings many advantageous features. First, and most obvious, a unicycle is fun. It truly is the next best thing to flying. It’s difficult to explain just how fun it is. You’ll have to try it for yourself and see. Second, unicycling is convenient. It may not look it, but it’s actually an efficient mode of transportation, providing more speed with less effort. With speeds ranging anywhere from a slow walk to a brisk jog, you can hustle to class in minutes or keep pace with your pedestrian friends for a nice stroll. Once you reach your destination, simply stow your ride in the back of the classroom or under your desk, no need to bother with a lock and cable.

Another feature is safety. No one believes me when I tell them this, but the unicycle truly isn’t that dangerous. You have much better control of your speed and direction than a skateboard or a pair of inline skates and it’s ridiculously easy to dismount gracefully if you start to lose your balance. (Unlike a bike, which will probably take you down with it.) In contrast to other wheeled contrivances, a unicycle can safely maneuver a crowded walkway with ease. Also, unicycling leaves your hands free for other things. With a unicycle, you can call a friend, eat your lunch, hold an umbrella, or juggle oranges on your way to class. Need I go on?

If you’re already convinced a unicycle is for you, how do you begin? Unicycles can be procured quite easily on craigslist or ebay for a relatively small sum compared to a bicycle or other related contraption. (You can also borrow one from a friend or build your own if you’re handy with a welder.) To begin riding it, simply find a railing or a wall on level ground, hang on tight, look straight ahead, and pedal very slowly. Try not to hold on to the seat of the unicycle, as you’ll need to wave your arms for balance at first. Initially, it will seem absolutely impossible and it may take a couple hours of practice before you really start seeing results. If you stick with it, however, you’ll be soaring in no time. Learning to unicycle will provide you with a fun summer pastime and a convenient way to get around town. Plus, you’ll be the envy of all your friends and you’ll have a marketable skill in case you ever do decide to join the circus.


Posted by Ambassador Nathan


End of the Year Reflections

Dearest Penguins,

It’s finally that time! Graduation has come and for many of us, our time at Clark has come to an end. Whether you’re venturing to new places next year, or coming back to finish your degree, take a moment to reflect on some of your favorite highlights throughout the year.

I want to share mine!

As a student who is heavily interested in the arts, I was so excited when Clark opened a degree in Fine Arts and Music last year. So excited in fact, that I stayed an extra year to finish my second Associates Degree. I now have two under my belt, and the feeling of accomplishment is worth all of the hard work it took to get here. I hope all of you have experienced a sense of accomplishment this year, because you’re one step closer to a career, and doing something you love. This aspect of the year was one of my favorite highlights.

Another, was that I got to come back as a Student Ambassador for a second year! This job has been my connection to the community at Clark, and I have learned to appreciate how complex the college system can be. I got to work at some awesome events like the Sakura Festival, give tours to people from elementary school students to prospective Clark employees, meet new students on a daily basis, and promote Clark College in our community. I even got to

shoot a video, which was an experience I’d never had before. I highly encourage you to get involved somewhere on whatever campus you attend. It teaches you a lot, helps you make friends, and gives you a great sense of purpose. I know that wherever I’ll go from here, I’m always going to look for ways to be involved.

Remember to enjoy the little moments and big moments equally, because we can’t relive any of them. The biggest thing I will take away from my time here is to be positive, and never give up. It may sounds cheesy, but sometimes life can be really hard. If you keep your chin up, you can get through anything.

I believe in you.

Have a great summer, penguins!


Posted by Ambassador Abi

Spring Thing Extreme!

Hi penguins!

We are almost there, all that’s left is finals and soon we will be walking across the stage! But before that, this Friday is one of Clark’s largest events and many students’ favorite day of the year, Spring Thing. On Friday June 15th from 10am until 2pm, Student Life will be hosting Spring Thing Extreme 2018. It will be held outside at Andersen Plaza and in the grassy areas in front of Scarpelli Hall. This event is free and open to all students. However, if you are under the age of 18, you will need to fill out a waiver and turn it in to Student Life to be able to participate in some of the activities.

Just like in years past, this year’s event will have free food, a photo booth, airbrush tattoos, and carnival games. The inflatables are coming back too! Other events that will be happening are a stilt walker and a rock wall. The thing I am most excited for is the BMX show they are going to have!

There will be a dunk tank at Spring Thing too. If Student Life gets over 1500 items donated to them for the Penguin Pantry, President Knight will get dunked! So help s get those donations! Donations accepted are: non-perishable foods, clothing, toiletries, and snacks. Donations are accepted all the way up until the June 15th!

The Spring Thing is great way for us to celebrate all of the hard work we did over the past year. I hope to see everyone there!

Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Now what?

Hey Everyone;

This year is almost over –you made it! Congratulations to everyone that is graduating this year! Speaking of graduation, do you have a “post-graduation plan?” Whether you’re furthering your degree at another school or starting out in your career, it’s a good idea to have one.

If you’re a bit nervous about life after school, have no fear –career services is one of the many resources that can help you. Finding a job can be tricky, but Career Services has specialists right here on campus that can help you find a job within your field.

The first step in getting your dream job is creating a resume, which gives your potential employer an idea of what kinds of things that you bring to the table. Resume specialists can help you format your resume and present your skills in a way that employers will be interested in. Nervous about the interview? No problem! There are specialists and resources that can help you with that.

They can also help you apply for a job.  Are you having a hard time finding a job or don’t know where to look? Career Services has many jobs postings on campus. There are a few job boards on the wall in Gaiser hall near the culinary institute. These boards have postings for on and off campus jobs. So, even if you’re not ready to go into your career, you can find a job. You can go to the Career Services office in the Penguin Union Building, to get step-by-step help with applying. You can also access job postings online through “penguin jobs,” which can be found at Click on the penguin icon on the left hand side of the page under “penguin jobs.” This is available to current students and alumni.

Career Services can also help place you with an internship. What is an internship, you ask? It is a way to get job experience and sometimes even get college credit. Internships are a good idea for any field. Common internships are in STEM, law, communications, and medical related fields. However, if you look hard enough, you can find them anywhere. Internships look really good on a resume. Career Services has the resources to help you find an internship if you’re interested.

And remember; ALL of these resources are FREE to students, current or former, as well as members of the community. Use them!

Good luck with finals, everyone!

Posted by Ambassador Rachel

Test Anxiety Happens

Hello everyone! It’s almost finals week, which means the next week or two can be very stressful. If that big final test is stressing you out; don’t worry –test anxiety happens. Luckily, the Health and Counseling center here on the main campus has some tips to help you beat test anxiety.

The first step in overcoming test anxiety is to recognize anxiety. Things to look out for include shakiness, rapid heart rate, tightness in your chest, upset stomach and rapid or shallow breathing. The first thing you should do is try to calm yourself down by “thinking holistically.” That means focus on your senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, your emotions/thoughts. This will “ground” you.

The next step is to prepare for the test. The best way to keep the anxiety at bay, is to start studying well before the test. Cramming will add to your stress. One option is to start studying for a test about 5 days before your exam. This will give you more time to feel confident with the material. Another tip is to study in small chunks of time; 2-5 hours a day a week before the exam is good. This will help you remember things better and your brain will thank you.

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to strategize how you’re going to tackle this test. There are several ways to be a “smart test-taker” during a test. Answer the questions that you know the answer to. This will build your confidence. Read the question carefully –you may be missing something that will make the answer come to you.

This information is from the “Overcoming Test Anxiety” workshop, which was presented by the Health and Counseling Center. This office and the office of Student Success offer many different workshops on everything from personal growth to academic success. Check them out! The workshops are free and super helpful.

Posted by Ambassador Rachel

Be Successful and Achieve Your Goals!

Hello Dear Clark Students!

Time is flying by so quickly and it is the 6th week of school now! We are half way there. I hope that everyone did great on their midterms. As for me, I am very excited for this quarter because it is also my last one here at Clark College and I will be graduating in June. I know that it is the same for some of you too. This year was very busy for me, as I had to apply to a university, look for scholarships, and fill out different kinds of paperwork for the upcoming school year.

Anyways, I would like to talk about a place that has been very helpful for me throughout the two years that I have been at Clark. Any guesses what this might be..? Well, it is the Cannell Library. I know that some students prefer to study at home, or at a coffee shop with friends, or perhaps, since it has become so warm outside – studying outdoors might be a good idea. As for me, I have a few reasons why I like the library so much.

First of all, it is a quiet area, which makes it easier to concentrate and there are less distractions. Secondly, there is a computer lab in the library that you can use and there are also rooms that you can rent upstairs if you need to work on a group project. One thing that I like the most is that each student gets 15 free printing credits per quarter. Usually, it is enough, unless you need to print out a book or something very large. Some other resources that the Cannell Library offers include borrowing items, such as books, CDs, DVDs, laptops, equipment, course reserves, check out desk videos, phone chargers, headphones, calculators, etc. If you need to return a book to the library, there are collection boxes outside of a few buildings. However, building-only items need to be returned to the indoor Check out Desk. One more thing, always remember to return the borrowed items on time in order to avoid late charges.

On the library website on the middle left side, if you click on “Articles & Databases”, it will take you to a page with a lot of databases and articles which you can use as credible sources for your assignments in different classes. I have used it frequently myself and it is very helpful. Take advantage of all of the resources that are being offered to you! Clark College wants you to succeed and achieve your goals!

Have a great ending to this quarter, and I wish you all the best!


Posted by Ambassador Elvira

Elvira Manelyuk.

Career Fair

Hello everyone,

I can not believe it is already May, that means only one more month until graduation! Graduation is a very emotional time. There is excitement from being done with our programs, and nervousness for what comes next. If you are struggling to find work in the field you are studying or you are wanting a job to work while you are going to school remember we have an amazing career services located down stairs in the Penguin Union Building. But even better we have a huge career fair coming right to campus this Thursday, May 3rd.

The career fair will be located in the gym in O’Connell Sports Center from 11am until 3pm. This event is free and open to everyone, so make sure you spread the word! There will be over 100 different employers looking for new employees for part-time, full-time, and even internships. Make sure you dress in professional clothing, that hopefully you got from the clothing closet, your resume, and a smile! Some employers that will be there include American Medical Response, FedEx, KOIN 6 News, Skamania Lodge, and Woodland Public Schools. To find a full of the employers that are attending and what jobs there are offering here is a link:

At the career fair they will also have a photo booth to get a free professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile. The photo booth will only be open from 11am until 2pm and is on a drop in basis so get there early!

If you are not looking for a job right at this moment still attend because Clark holds this event every single year. So when you go next year you are more than prepared. I hope to see everyone there this Thursday!

Posted by Ambassador Makayla