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Finding My Summer Internship


Hey penguins, I hope winter quarter is going well for all of you

. I have been busy this quarter with not only my schoolwork, but also applying for scholarships and summer engineering internships. If you haven’t found out for yourselves already, it’s an intricate process! Internships are essentially seasonal jobs that students can  apply for to gain experience in a field: in my case, electrical engineering.  A lot of engineering students try to get internships during the summer after their sophomore, junior or senior years of their undergraduate degree. I’m hoping to get an internship this year to both gain experience in engineering and find out what I really want to work on as an engineer. Not only are internships a great opportunity for you to find out what you like and don’t like, they also give employers a chance to see how well you work and whether they might be interested in hiring you full-time.IMG_2041

A lot of engineering internships are geared towards engineering students that are juniors or seniors. I am currently a sophomore, so I have not taken a great deal of engineering classes yet, but I have been getting involved in extracurricular engineering projects. One project I’m working on is designing the payload for this year’s Clark College Aerospace Program rocket. This “launch vehicle,” as it’s known in aerospace terms, is going to go to 20,000 feet. Our payload is going to be used to record flight data, such as acceleration and altitude, as well as some scientific measurements like the strength of Earth’s magnetic field and radiation as the rocket goes farther up in the atmosphere. That’s my job. It’s been challenging but very interesting, and I have been learning a great deal about electronics and computer programming.

So far I’ve applied to internships at Intel, HP, Logitech, and a couple other local technology companies, such as WaferTech in Camas. Like I said earlier, there is a lot that goes into applying for these internships. However, anyone can do it if they know where to look. I had great help with my resume from Career Services on-campus. If you need a professional to look at your resume, tips for making a LinkedIn profile, or even someone to help make sure you’re interview-ready with a mock interview, Career Services is definitely the place to go.

Though I don’t know which internships I’ll be accepted into, I’m optimistic that I’ll get an internship this summer. July will be here before we know it. It’s hard for me to believe that by then I will have graduated from Clark College. This is my third year attending Clark, and I have a ton of great memories and lessons I will never forget. It will be really exciting to apply the skills I’ve learned at Clark in the real world. After all, that is what we’re all here for.

Posted by Ambassador Michael

Posted by Ambassador Michael


7 days until Fall Quarter!

Hey there, Penguins! Getting excited about the quarter yet?  As of today, there are only 7 remaining days until the quarter begins. With that in mind, we thought it might be best to list the great places around campus that offer tutoring assistance. We cannot stress enough how important it is to seek out these resources. All of these labs are wonderful at providing personable assistance to the students.

Tutoring Labs

  1. Language and Writing Center
  2. STEM Help Center
  3. Accounting & Business Lab
  4. Student Learning Centertutoringcenter
  5. Diversity Center
  6. Veteran’s Resource Center
  7. International Programs

Languages Building Friendships

Many students on campus are taking foreign language classes, and this last quarter I began learning Japanese, and it has been fantastic! The language is lovely and so is the culture of Japan, but what is really interesting to me is how foreign language classes seem to draw people together. A few weeks ago I was in the tutoring center for Japanese and after getting help I was invited to hang out with some other students studying Japanese. I said that I’d go, and it turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve spent with friends in a while. We played games and ate Japanese food like takoyaki! So now I have a group of friends that I’ve only known for not even a month, yet they make me feel like I’ve always been part of the group. This is the beauty of foreign language classes and why I encourage more students at Clark to take some.

In many classes you will have group members or partners, but most of the time students only talk about their assignments and the class. Foreign language classes are different because the whole class is about learning to converse with each other: how to say hello, how to ask how someone is doing, how to say what day it is, and so on. Because of this, you naturally learn more about your classmates throughout the class and create more friendships than you normally would in another class. Even in places outside of class, it is possible to make more friends with foreign languages, such as in language clubs or like how I made friends in the tutoring center. It’s even likely that you can make friends with people in different class levels than you. All of the friends I made that day are in a higher level language class than I am.

If you are the kind of person who has trouble when it comes to making friends, want some awesome people to talk to, or want a supportive and fun environment, you should think about taking a foreign language class! I would highly recommend it!

Post by Ambassador Karly

Post by Ambassador Karly


It is a Wednesday morning and I am sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what on earth I can write about; and then it hits me. Shoes. Well sneakers to be exact. You are probably wondering, “Huh? What can be ever so interesting about shoes? What exactly do shoes have to do with anything besides putting them on and wearing them? “

Well there are actually many interesting things about shoes. There are shoes for every type of occasion. If you are going on a run you wouldn’t be wearing the same shoes as if you were going on a date. Or at least most people wouldn’t.. The average person (according to my personal in-office survey) has about 3-5 pairs of shoes at any given time. Through personal experiences, I have also noticed that women tend to have more shoes then men. I think we can all agree that most people will have a pair of athletic shoes, casual shoes and work shoes. Most people

That’s where “sneakerheads” come in. As defined by the almighty Wikipedia, “a sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and fake replica sneakers.” Collecting shoes is really is no different than collecting baseball cards, souvenirs, fishing, or other hobbies. In fact, sneaker collecting attracts people from all different ages and backgrounds and is currently becoming more popular.

Within the sneakerhead world there are multiple dimensions and levels. There is everything from sneaker conventions to sneaker camping to sneaker re-selling and even some sneaker-related violence (over popular releases). There is no given criteria to what qualifies you as a ‘sneakerhead’, heck you can have two pairs of shoes and be a ‘sneakerhead’. Most people who are into sneakers though have dozens of shoes, hundreds even. I have buddies who have hundreds of pairs of Jordans and Nikes. Currently I only have about 30 pairs of Nike’s and Jordan’s, but that number is always fluctuating. You may say that is excessive, but who decides what excessive is? I personally wear all of my shoes. I like to switch it up and never wear the same pair in one given week. Keep in mind that a lot of my shoes I have had for several years and the ability to switch them out often helps keep them in pristine condition.

I hope this has given you a little bit of insight on the ‘sneakerhead’ world. The Huffington post has a very interesting article about raising a ‘sneakerhead’ which you can read here.

Thanks for reading.

Post by Ambassador Daniel

Post by Ambassador Daniel

Clark College Child and Family Studies

When I chose to come back to school, there was much more to worry about other than books and tuition. I am a single mother of two children. I knew my oldest would be in school while I was in classes, but I had trouble finding someone to care for my daughter, Olivia. Olivia was just shy of one-year-old when I came back to Clark College. Someone had mentioned to me that Clark had a daycare on campus, so I found the facility and started to ask questions. It was really important to me that Olivia developed social skills and I wanted her to be in a place that had diversity and encouraged learning.

Oliva as a brown puppy.

Oliva as a brown puppy.

Clark’s Child Care Center accepts children from 12 months to 10 years. Olivia has been able to participate in the child care program since winter quarter 2012. Now that she is of preschool age, she gets to participate in the annual Winter Performance. The kids have the freedom to pick what they would like to be and what they would like to do. This year she has chosen to be a green donkey and wants to perform “Let it Go.” Last year she was a brown puppy. During the performance supposed to say “Woof,” but stage fright got the best of her so she just smiled widely at the audience and panted.

Olivia has not only excelled while being enrolled in the child care on campus, but having her here has put my mind at ease as well. I am able to drop in whenever I would like, I get to go have lunch with her, and I have the peace of mind that if something happened I am literally steps away from her at any given moment. Being a student is difficult, and being a mom even more so, but having my daughter nearby helps motivate me to stay focused and succeed.

Post by Ambassador Kandie

Post by Ambassador Kandie

Coffee on Campus

penguin coffee

Typically, the average life of a college student involves a lot of coffee and a lot of late nights studying/doing homework. If you fit the stereotype and do like to drink coffee then I have some great news for you.

Monday through Friday mornings there is free coffee in the Student Life office located in the Penguin Union Building (PUB) 160. I am guilty of stopping by everyday (if I am on campus) because they also have hot water, microwaves, a fridge, utensils, a sink and basically everything you need in the mornings. They use Boyd’s coffee and carry a wide selection of creamers and sugars to allow you to cater to your personal taste. Additionally at the beginning of every term they offer free coffee tumblers; what else can you really ask for?

I would say the only downside to this excellent free service is that they only operate in the mornings. With that being said, the fridge, sink and microwave are there for use at all hours. Something that you want to keep in mind when using the fridge is to label, label, label! I made the mistake of not labeling my food the first time that I used the student kitchen and my food was unfortunately thrown away/eaten/stolen. I will never really know happened to those hot pockets… Nonetheless the student kitchen is still a great benefit.

However, if you are not near the Penguin Union Building, there are still other places to buy coffee around campus. Buildings with coffee shops in them include Joan Stout Hall (located in AA complex), Hanna Hall, the Bakery (located in Gaiser Hall), Bauer Hall and the Bookstore (located in Gaiser Hall). Below I have included a table of these locations’ hours.

Joan Stout Hall (AA Complex) M-Th 7:30 am – 6pm, F 7:30 am – 2pm
Bakery (Gaiser Hall) M-Th 7:15 am – 1:30pm, F 7:15 am – 1pm
Bauer Hall M-Th 7:30 am – 7:00pm, F 7:30 am – 2pm
Hannah Hall M-Th 6:45 am – 8pm, F 6:45 am – 2pm
Bookstore (Gaiser Hall) M-Th 7:30 am – 5pm, F 7:30 am – 4pm
Student Life office (PUB) M-Th 8:15 am – 10:30am, F 10:15 am 12pm

Here is an additional link to other penguin perks that Clark College offers

Ambassador Daniel

Post by Ambassador Daniel

Time Management: Tips from a Parent

Time management is crucial to balancing your school life, work life and personal life, especially if you just had a baby or a cat or dog (whichever makes you happier and keeps your attention to read the rest of this.) How do I know it is crucial? Well because I have been on the other side of the fence. I used to take life one day at a time and went with the flow, which often caused time conflicts at work, studying and watching my baby. My last spring quarter went a little like this: wake up, change my daughter’s diaper, make her a bottle, cook my breakfast, and as I am eating cook my lunch for work. Then I would go to class, go to work at the Ambassador office at, rush to my other job, pick up my daughter from babysitter, and then be a parent while trying to do homework.

Those days were busy, packed and exhausting. My days would have been much less hectic if I had taken the time to plan things out. So for the fall of 2013, I decided that I was going to plan ahead. I scheduled my work hours so that I was only scheduled for one job a day. I also decided to set a consistent routine for my morning. By doing these two, you will be able to carve out a little more study time out off your busy day.

Summer Activities for Kids in Vancouver, WA (2)


Here are some tips I have come up with based off of my experiences.

Tips from a former procrastinator:

  1. Utilize planning tools – Now bear with me because there are three things that fall under this category that have helped me.
  2. White Board Calendar- What I have done in order to help me stay on tract in my more personal life buy a big is white board calendar. On it, I put my class times, upcoming tests, doctor appointments, work schedules, etc. This calendar has to be in a place where you will see it every day. Mine is in the kitchen because I am always hungry. You can also use different marker colors for different categories.
  3. Planner- This isn’t necessary, but extremely helpful. On my planner I focus on what I need to do for school. Each day I will plan out what subject I will study, my homework assignments and my readings. I list everything out so that I can cross off each item once they’re complete. (Nothing feels sweeter than crossing something off.)
  4. Cell Phone – This is your new BFF, if it wasn’t already, except I am not talking about checking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am talking about the calendar widget that takes up an entire screen. On here I log important events. I also use the task list on my phone as a to-do list. Did I walk the dog? Check. Did I drop of the rent check? Check. Did I go to class? Check. Did I finish my homework? Check. You get the idea. Each morning I get up, and go through what I want to accomplish that day, and put down as a task. That way I have a constant reminder to do it.
  1. Go to the tutoring center – If you do decide to go to the tutoring center, make sure you come prepared, meaning bring all your materials. Yes that big heavy math book you are using as a door stop, bring that with you, and the calculator that you’re using to level the table will come in handy. Last and not least, come with the intention of completing your work and a good attitude. Tutoring is FREE, and the centers are usually open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  2. Study while your child is napping – This definitely helps you focus on your work, and they get a relaxing nap (yes I know that it doesn’t always work when your baby wakes up unexpectedly after 5 minutes, but give it a try.) You might think doing chores in that time is more productive, but I have figured out that if your child is up while doing homework, there are a lot more distractions, in effect making your study time less than it was.
  3. Study consistently at a certain time – If you are like me with 2 jobs one being retail, it might be hard to keep up a good schedule. So try your best to keep your study time at a regular time. Also, try to study often for shorter periods of times. There have been studies done that prove that it is more effective than waiting until the day before the test and having a study binge.

One last thing that I would suggest is to not overload yourself with classes. If you have a lot going on outside of school, it will catch up with you. Those 6 hours of sleep (if you’re lucky) are not going to be productive halfway through the quarter. Everyone wants to finish their degree and move on; you will get there in time.

Why am I writing this? Because I wish I had mastered my time management earlier, so my GPA wouldn’t have dropped. How does my GPA drop due to lack of time management? If I don’t have time to study, I don’t have time to rehearse what I have heard in lecture. Which meant that I wasn’t understanding the material.

Yet, with the few changes I made to my schedule, I went from a C student to a B+ student. Hopefully you can apply some of my tips to your life. You know where I can be found so stop by if you need to talk or have questions

Ambassador Omar

Post by Ambassador Omar