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Summertime Adventures: Summer Snacks

Summer is a great time to get outdoors, but not all adventuring has to do with hiking up some steep mountain trail, or kayaking on a lake. Not everyone is into the great outdoors, but there is one topic that everyone can adventure and explore in. Food! Today we will be talking about snacks. Snacks are the one of the best types of food, because you get to try a variety of goodies at once. The snacks I will be talking about are featured from the beautiful country of Japan (日本).

The first featured snack is fruit gummies! I know a lot of us have grown up with the fruit gummies as a snack in lunches, but these fruit gummies from Japan are off the charts delicious. They are made with real fruit juice, so they are surprisingly juicy and really taste like the fruit. These fruits gummies come in all different flavors like strawberry, grape, blueberry,etc. So far I have only tried pear, but it was by far the best fruit gummy I have ever had.

The next snack features a character you might know well from your childhood, it’s Thomas the Tank Engine candy! This candy is called トーマスのチューイング キャンヂィ, translating exactly to Thomas’s chewing candy. It’s a little odd, because it somewhat resembles the texture and feel of gum, but it is a yummy treat to have on the go. It comes in a variety of flavors, but the ones I have seen so far were only purple grapes and green grapes.

Our next snack is one that might be more recognizable, but is still a little unknown in the U.S., rice crackers! Rice crackers are a
tasty snack and come in numerous varieties. There is original, spicy, sweet or mixes of spicy and sweet. Some varieties have more crackers with nori(seaweed) wrapped around it, so be sure to try some out and try new flavors. My friend Rachael and I really like this  party pack of assorted rice crackers called おつまみ, which literally
means “snack”. This could be a good one to start out on because it has such a big assortment of rice crackers to try.
Those are my three japanese snacks to try this week. If you want to find them, you can online or at a nearby asian food market, like Uwajimaya or Fubonns. Have fun snacking everyone!