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Even college students deserve a break sometimes!

Every now and then, students deserve to take a break from all the hard work they have put in the academic quarter. A happy student makes a productive student! It is sometimes okay to put down the books and have some fun. Tell yourself you deserve it, and then actually try to focus your mind and enjoy it. Anxiety and stress is common when in college, and that is understandable seeing as how college is so crucial towards your success and your future. But in order to be successful, you must be mentally able to do so. Overworking yourself and not giving yourself a well-needed break can really hurt your chances at success. My idea of getting a break this quarter was going to the beach for an event called Finders Keepers.


 Finders Keepers is an event in Lincoln City that starts Mid-October and spans through Memorial day. There is history behind this event though, even on vacation, you can still learn!   In the past, vibrant blue and green floats have been found by Washington and Oregon residents or visitors. These floats were used by Japanese fishing boats to float their nets and were as small as two inches or as large as two feet. The floats were regarded as somewhat of a treasure for a beachcomber to find. Nowadays, the fishing vessels use plastic, so an authentic glass float from a fishing boat is extremely rare to find. The finders’ keepers event began in 1997, when a local artist thought of the idea to launch the millennium. It became an annual ritual, and those from far and near started coming to find these vibrant and brilliant glass floats. 

Glass floats on the beach

Glass floats on the beach

To partake in the event, you can pick an area to focus on or choose to walk along Lincoln City’s seven stretch of beach from Road’s End all the way to Siletz Bay to find “floats”. Floats are hidden on the beach by float fairies. The rules are simple, if you find a float, you can keep one. There are over 3,000 floats hidden each year, which can be found above the high tide line and below the beach embankment.  

During my journey, I had walked the majority of the beach and found nothing. But I didn’t get discouraged. You see, I have a three-year-old, so treasure hunting was fun but also very challenging. So we set up camp, and built a sandcastle. It was a weekend of a lifetime. The best of all was spending time relaxing on the beach and walking along the water in search of sea glass and agates. We had collected so many treasures, although we didn’t actually find a glass float, went home with rocks, stones, seashells, sand dollars, and memories for a lifetime! I was so relaxed, and that had been a feeling I had been lacking all quarter being so focused on school and work, as well as being a mom. The last day of my mini-vacation, I decided if I wasn’t going to go out and look for a float, I would go home with one anyway by purchasing one from a local artist. Well, it turned out I was even able to blow my very own glass float! It was an amazing and breathtaking experience and really helped me come back, ready to kick some academic butt! I recommend taking a trip to Lincoln City, or anywhere for that matter, but to enjoy what is right in front of you. I urge you to appreciate the now. Good luck on finals! Remember to have some fun and relax!!!! A happy you will be a better you!

Posted by Ambassador Megan

Posted by Ambassador Megan

Meet Ambassador Megan!

Hi Everybody!

My name is Megan! I am currently a student at Clark College and one of this year’s new student ambassadors. I am going to school to become an Elementary School teacher and upon graduation, I am looking to transfer to Washington State University-Vancouver. I was born in Oakland, California; however, I ended up moving to the New York City area by the age of 1, where I spent most of my life, up until two years ago when I moved here to Vancouver, Washington. I absolutely love Washington state with all the nature, pretty trees, and all the awesome people I have met here.

One thing about me is that I love food, especially pizza. I love cooking, baking, eating out, experimenting with new places or things –if it has to do with food, I enjoy it. Such a foodie!

I have a three-year-old son named Julian who I absolutely adore with all of my heart; he is my life. I have three brothers and a sister who is 16 years younger than me, and I also have two step brothers and two step sisters. Most are back east, so it has been somewhat of a challenge being in a new place and not knowing anyone.

School has been so important for me as a mother to help build my confidence, everyday life skills, and also to set an example for my son. I really enjoy writing, drawing, and painting. My favorite colors are purple and green. I love nature, people, animals, music, as well as exploring and learning!! I am always looking to make new friends and begin new chapters in my life. I have been to over half of the states in the United States and enjoy seeing new and awesome things! I also am an open-minded and extremely liberal individual who loves all people and animals.

Posted by Ambassador Megan

Posted by Ambassador Megan