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Running Start

Running Start provided me the opportunity to gain college credits while attending high school. I started Running Start in the fall quarter of 2018 and graduated highschool in 2020 with almost all my credit towards my Associates Degree, even though I was a part time Running Start student. By doing Running Start, I had the ability to be able to attend Cascadia Technical Academy and build experience through volunteer work. Running Start gave me the ability to be in control of my schedule to allow me to participate in such programs. 

My drive-through Graduation!

I live in a small town and did not have much experience outside of it, Running Start helped expand my views and the world around me. I found a lot of acceptance at Clark College that I was missing in high school and meeting new people expanded my social skills. Most of my high school class are now attending universities, but they did not attend Running Start and it will take longer for them to graduate from college. In addition to this, I would say Running Start also helped prepare me to be an adult and to think for myself. I had to plan out my own transportation, make my class schedule, and keep track of my assignments for class. This benefited me in multiple ways and helped me become more independent. 

I have now just finished my last quarter at Clark, and will be graduating with my Associates. It did take me a little bit longer to complete my Associates degree, however I was able to complete my high school credits and go at my own pace to make sure that I did get my degree. It is important to be able to work at a pace that best works for you when attending college, so that you do graduate with your degree. Running Start was one of the best academic choices that I made that benefitted me in multiple areas of my life.

If you are looking into Running Start, the last Running Start info night is coming up with lots of info on Running Start.

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