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The Good, the bad, and the ugly of Entrepreneurship

angela1.jpgThe Entrepreneur Club on Clark’s campus did it again! The Entrepreneur Day event at Clark happened at the end of February and was another fantastic opportunity to network with local entrepreneurs. I was in awe and total agreement as I watched the panels speak about owning businesses, using business lingo, and networking in today’s society. There was a variety of business owners with backgrounds in marketing, retail, finance, tech, and health. I not only enjoyed hearing the good and the bad of owning a business, but also the opportunity to meet current Clark students that own businesses! 52480943_10156159256474109_7111559775875235840_o.jpg

I was excited to try Vita Chiquita’s salsa and hear about her love of cooking with her daughters! Vita is a student here, a student ambassador, and one of the Pitch Fest Finalists for the Entrepreneur Club! I was excited to hear that she is headed to University of Washington in spring to compete with other college student entrepreneurs! Ali and Scott, both students here at Clark College had their products out as well. They are the owners of Cherry River, the other finalists in the Entrepreneur Pitch Fest! I really like the options of products that their company has to offer from bath bombs to muscle gel!
I was able to peruse a few of the other tables set up by students here at Clark College that own businesses. Richard, a Graphic Design student, had a table for his company RJF-Image/Design. He designs books, magazines, logos, and animation advertising for companies. It was exhilarating talking with these students. They all have one thing definitely in common, passion! They are all passionate about their businesses and rightly so. I was very impressed with these phenomenal students juggling their businesses and their classes.

52647511_10156159256444109_4197560431318925312_o.jpgAll in all I give this event 2 thumbs up and I am excited for the next big Entrepreneur Club event scheduled for May 31st, the Entrepreneur Fair! I appreciate opportunities such as this on our campus. Giving us, the students, and the chance to meet with local entrepreneurs and answer our questions and give “free” advice. As, a college student at Clark College, I love anything that is “free” and that includes food! Thanks again for having Mad Dog’s cater this event, I left with a mind brimming with new ideas and a stomach full of lunch! This event was a win-win!





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