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Celebrating Independence Day!


What are your plans for the fourth? For most, it is a time for celebrating with family and friends, fireworks displays, and barbecues, but with all that celebrating, let us not forget why we celebrate. Independence Day is a day for remembering what our Fore Fathers sacrificed to provide us the freedom that we have today. I personally get goosebumps every time I see red, white, and blue fireworks exploding onto the starry backdrop. What a remarkable tribute and a time I happily cherish.

If you love fireworks and food, but don’t enjoy the mess that it will leave at your house, then it may be best to get out and explore the events around your community. We are fortunate that in our area, we have so many places to gather together and watch firework displays. Of all of the shows, one remains the same. They fill up fast so arrive early to reserve your spot.

One of the most common events and a neighbor to Clark College is Independence Day at Fort Vancouver. While the firework display begins at 10:05pm, this event includes activities for the entire family in preparation for the grand spectacle. There will be live music from 6:00pm – 10:05pm. Also beginning at 6:00pm, there will be family games, crafts for kids, and food. For more information, visit:

Portland Fireworks Show @ Waterfront Blues Festival: This event has the largest display in Oregon. This is a five-day event and with 120 acts at only $10/day, the live entertainment is enough to make this event worth every penny. The fireworks are launched from a barge on the Willamette River, which is a must see for everyone. For more information, visit:

Those are just a couple of displays that we have around Vancouver and Portland. For more details on the Independence Day events listed below, visit:


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