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April has arrived, so has the Student Ambassador Applications!


Ambassador’s Jose & Kristen

Spring quarter is going by faster than I thought. I can’t believe we are going to the fourth week of classes. That means it is time to recruit the new ambassadors for the next academic year. For those seeking a flexible leadership position while attending Clark College, I highly recommend the Student Ambassador Program. Students have access to the applications online at or at the Information Desk right across the bookstore. The deadline to turn the full application packet in is Friday, May 12th by 4:30 p.m.


The Student Ambassador Program is meant for students who are committed to represent Clark College in various events on and off campus,

Hanging out

as well as to assist prospective students at the information desk regarding enrollment process and others. Speaking from my experiences, the program is crucial to us in terms of developing communication skills, building relationships, and last but not least, becoming a leader. It is just amazing when I look back my first quarter as student ambassador and realize how much learning experiences I have had, and how those experiences have helped me become who I am.

Every single campus tour I have given so far has meant something special to me. I had the chance of sharing my experiences here at Clark while providing the students all information about our community and tips to be successful academically. Aside from the fact that leading those campus tours is part of the duties, this opportunity has given some of the best friends I have ever had. Undoubtedly, being a student ambassador was the best choice I have made during my journey at Clark.

I can’t tell you all how important this position has been to me. When I was feeling hopeless that I wouldn’t come back after finishing the English program at Clark, this opportunity came out. A huge thanks to Julie Frank, who recommended me to the position. One thing is for certain, I am concluding my Associates Degree at Clark College, because I am a Student Ambassador. Well, I may be exaggerating, a little bit, but let me tell why I said that. First, of course, the financial assistance. Second, being an Ambassador opened up many doors for my future. All the resources Clark offers I took advantage of in order to be successful in my academic and professional life, especially scholarships. Third, the main purpose of this job: help! Yes, as guidance, help students to find the right path to the beginning of success. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t be involved in something where I can help people, because that is what I like, and that is what we do in this job. Last, the family I have made in the office.

Happy Halloween!

Some of you may be sick and tired of it, but I have to address that I am an international student – Brazil. Now, you all can understand a little bit of my story. Different from many international students, I never lived with host family or some of my relatives. So, the lack of this “family atmosphere/environment” was something that pushed me down. Well, host families may not be the best option for some, but still, they are there for the students’ needs. Everything was getting worse, until the day I became Student Ambassador. So many things I have been through during those almost three years at Clark, but I had those people there to listen and provide me the best advice. I have to thank every single one of the Welcome Center + Kim (Enrollment Services) for being part of my professional, academic, and mainly personal life. But here is a special

Ambassador’s Melia & Jose

“THANK YOU” to Amy Tam, Beth Means, and Vanessa Watkins who have always been with me and believing in my potential. Students selected for the program will have a chance to get them know better one day.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time! Get your application, fill it out, turn it in at the Information Desk and be ready for the interviewers! I wish you the best during the process!

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