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Dive On In


This world amazes me. Like a five-year-old in awe at the vast splendors beyond my grasp, I yearn to expand my playground. To me that’s what the world is, a jungle gym of wonderment, knowledge, and adventure hiding around every corner.

Believe it or not, there is more to the Eden like Vancouver Washington than Penguins and Clark College. When my happy feet are exhausted from waddling up and down the march of the Penguin Pathways, I use my fins and DIVE!!!!!!!

Vancouver Washington has a very strong Scuba community. Yes, its cold and rainy, but despite that, us Divers will indulge ourselves regardless.

My go to dive spot is Puget Sound towards Seattle. There’s a quaint lil abode called Sunrise Diving Resort, they have cheap package deals, a hot tub, bbq, kitchen, coffee shop, and more. The owner is extremely nice, and it has a real cozy, laid back, mom and pop feel. You can literally walk from the hotel into the ocean. There is camping and hiking nearby. I have seen sea lions, sea otters, seals, and tons of amazing life below the surface. Orca’s and the rare six gilled shark are known to frequent this area.

As long as I could recall, I have wanted to Scuba Dive. I now have under my belt my Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver Certifications. This year I will be entering the Dive Master program through PADI and then the Dive Instructor program. I go through a local shop Seven Seas, which has been phenomenal and are great at working with divers of all skill levels and have all kinds training packages, gear, trips, and community events planned for divers and others as well.

My seafaring adventures include, but are not limited to diving to one hundred feet, a night dive under the radiant gaze of the full moons beams, in which I saw a pacific giant octopus at Octopus Hole in Puget Sound. At night the bioluminescence is gorgeous and looks like green fireflies in the water.

My favorite dive yet was diving to forty feet with a pumpkin and a dive knife, carving the pumpkin at the bottom, while fish swarm around me to feast on the eviscerated remains of the Jack-O-Lantern. I put a dive light inside of it to make it a true sea quest Jack-O-Lantern and guide my way back to shore. I arose from the depths of the sea triumphant. I won the 2017 Seven Seas Scuba Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest, which is put on annually in October by the dive shop.

What does scuba diving have to do with Clark College? Us Penguins work and study hard. We need breaks, an outlet, a reward. I love scuba diving. Under the blanket of the nurturing sea is the only place on the planet I can fully relax, forget my worries and woes, be at peace, and escape the confines of my overactive mind. It truly is magical in the ocean, which is still the last frontier. It’s akin to being an astronaut floating, navigating alien territory, mystified by the magnificent life abundant all around. I feel so alive down there. It’s exciting and I love sharing that bliss with others. I love the Pacific Northwest more than anywhere, and I am well-traveled. I am so lucky to be here and share its splendors. I want everyone to realize how fruitful it is and not take it for granted. Our community has a lot to offer. There is something for everyone. This is our playground. Seek out your passion and have fun. You deserve it. You worked hard and now it’s time to reward yourself. We are the Mighty Penguin Nation and we will take pride in our playground and play hard.

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