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Can you smell our new Culinary Institute coming?


You probably have seen something different where the Bakery used to be located at. Clark College is remodeling its dining and teaching facility. That means our new state-of-the-art The Tod and Maxine McClaskey Culinary Institute is coming really soon. Yes, yes!  There is nothing more exciting when the topic is about food, right?! By the way, a big thank you to the McClaskey family who contributed significantly to the construction of the building with a $4 million gift.

Tod and Maxine McClaskey Culinary Institute

Along with the construction of the new building, Clark has opened applications for two new programs: Professional Baking and Pastry Arts and Cuisine Management. In addition to the fact that the new space will be providing food kiosks and a full-service dining experience, Clark College Baking/Cuisine students will have on-hands training and experiences that will prepare them for future career opportunities. We expect to have the Culinary Institute ready by Fall of this year, and I will definitely check it out. Can’t wait to see it!

So, for those interested in one of those programs, here is some important information about the programs, admissions, and deadlines. In the Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Program, students will learn  the fundamentals of baking with a focus on mastering techniques for making cakes, French pastries, artisan breads and more. While in the Cuisine Management program, our students will explore the theories behind various cooking methods, as well as fundamental skills and techniques. Students should first apply for Clark College admission and will follow that with an application into the program of their choosing. Each application has a fee of $25, which means that to apply you must pay a total of $50 to be considered for the program. Both programs will only be accepting students in Fall quarter.

Heads up folks, priority application deadline is April 14, 2017.


If you are interest in learning about the programs or just the Culinary Institute, I highly encourage you to visit the web site at: As the Information sessions have passed, students can contact the Culinary department at: for more information.

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