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Honoring Diversity


diversity-center01Hey Clark Penguins!

I hope you’re making it through winter quarter without getting too stressed or sick. Sometimes it’s hard to find time for our personal enrichment when homework and  jobs take up most of the time.

If you’re looking for a way to relax from your busy schedule, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed, come and visit the Diversity Center. They are located upstairs in Gaiser Hall room 214.diversityoswald

They have tables and chairs set out to eat your lunch, coloring books, movie screenings, and peer mentors to meet with and talk to about school issues or campus life questions. It can be difficult to feel included and involved in a college that doesn’t offer on-campus housing. Clark has made many resources available, like the Diversity Center, to make our campus as friendly and accepting of all lifestyles and backgrounds, as any college community.

diversity-center-libraryA neat feature of the Diversity Center is their “lending library” where you can check out a book, read it, and then return it at your convenience. They just ask that the book is returned by the end of the year. They also offer many campus events, often times providing free food.

Some upcoming events include:

  • PPL in the Classroom Series: Millenials – March 1st @ 3:00pm
  • Students of Color Conference – April 6-8 in Yakima, Washington. Please visit the Diversity Center for more questions on any of their upcoming events.

Don’t worry if you’ve been feeling alone or overwhelmed in life. Now you can come and visit the Diversity Center and bond with all types of students to get the support you need to make it though the college experience.

Please feel free to visit me in the Welcome Center as well! I look forward to seeing you!


Posted by Ambassador Abigail

Posted by Ambassador Abigail



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