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For the Love of Music


img_20151128_203823407-1Some say “Music can tame, even the savage beast.” I say set the savage beast free. As a full-time student and working three jobs, life gets stressful. We all get frustrated and burnt out at times. My recommendation is to find a hobby that you are passionate about and is fulfilling. We get so wound up in the chaotic struggle to find order in our routine, that we forget how to free ourselves from the chains of our industrial ecosystem. So open your heart and soul and let that beast roar!!!

One of my greatest passion’s, which has carried me through many turbulent rivers of sorrow in life, is music. It has been an amazing healing mechanism and makes me feel vibrant sensations, words in any language cannot fully convey. I have over a terabyte of music and am not even close to having all the music I need. Eons beyond my deep love for the melodic banquets I feast upon, is my greater fervor of creating and performing music.

Green Jello live

I wrote my first song at the sprouting age of five and even drew a picture depicting it. I created my first band when I was twelve. I always had a flare for the theatrical and avant garde, which I have always incorporated into my music, utilizing costumes, props, special effects, humor, and any tool I could pull out of Pandora’s Box.

The best people I have met in life have been through my pursuit of music. Some of my favorite memories and greatest learning experiences have been a wonderful consequence of being in bands. I was always the front man and visionary. Being eccentric, I had a completely different approach to writing music. I wrote poetry, then created melodies and intricate scores, constructed to aurally illustrate the story. It takes a lot of patience, determination, and love to conduct a unique collection of individuals to work together to create something beautiful for the world to enjoy.

img_0389Create your own reality. There has been no greater joy than creating my own magical universe for others to jump into and for a moment relinquish the dread of a dismal day. Music has healing properties and through it, I am a healer. When I performed on stage the entire world melted away ,and I was in this endless ecstatic moment that was fulfilling in the deepest of levels. It’s crazy and amazing to have complete strangers come up to you while shopping for Fruity Pebbles and beer, and sing your song to you. If through music I could invoke hope in others, then my efforts were worthwhile. To me, true entertainment is making people feel, think, and expand themselves.

The best zombie costume is waking up, putting your uniform on, and going to work with a fake smile. We all need to resurrect the passion and find that primal part of us, still dancing around the fire. Through music and art, we can unhinge our link in the chain, letting our unbridled self out to play freely. Being your unfiltered self is healthy. I hope we can all find a way to do just that. My zeal is an over active volcano of passion and creativity. As a creator of music, I want to push boundaries and relieve people from the anguish of life by entertaining them with the creative outpour of my soul.


Posted by Ambassador Jonathan

Posted by Ambassador Jonathan


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