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The One Moto Show


                                                     MOTORCYCLE FEVER!!!


As a student, it’s important to reward yourself for hard work and find activities that can help keep you motivated. As I am not from the PNW, I am still exploring, discovering, and meeting new people. The best way to make new friends, is to go somewhere where there will be people with common interests.ww2-bike

larrys-bikeLast Friday, I sought out motorcycles, leather jackets, pizza, beer, music, and last but certainly not least doggies. Where on earth could you find a smorgasbord of so many varying awesome things??? My quest for Awesomeness was not in vain. My efforts were greatly rewarded by attending the 2017 The One Moto Show.

The One Moto Show is an annual event in the Portland area, sponsored by Harley Davidson and See See Motorcycles. It is a show where passionate motorcycle builders can show off the fruit of their blood, sweat, and laborious tears. There are several different classes of bikes, each having their own contest.

My friend Larry has been building custom bikes for years and has quite a reputation in the bike building underworld. He needed some parts machined, and I was ecstatic to be able to use the skills I am honing at Clark College in the Machining Program to help him out. Naturally, I leapt into the air screeching, vigorously clapping my hands together like a giddy child about to go Trick or Treating, having no shame concealing my excitement.

It was a sea of gorgeous powerful machines of all shapes, sizes, and luster, just beckoning me. I got motorcycle fever. Not only were there amazing bikes but they had several live bands, lots of food and beer vendors, different companies showcasing their products, a coffee shop, Red Bull girls giving away free Red Bull, and lots of other stuff. Being a Ninja Turtle at heart, I had pizza and beer. One thing that stood out to me was how pet friendly the atmosphere was. A lot of people brought their dogs. I’m an animal lover akin to Homer Simpson and donuts. If I see a dog, I have to stop and pet it, or I will die.puppy

Struck by motorcycle fever!!! Is there a cure??? Besides being a Student Ambassador, I have two machining jobs. The Moto Show was walking distance from work, so I worked late and then headed to the show to meet my friends. We were all salivating over the gallery of bikes all goo goo eyed and yearning for what may be. But to answer my own question for you, the readers benefit, yes there is a cure. Get a bike. But for me the antidote is more complex, as is everything in my life. I will not be satisfied until I build my own bike. I am a man of particular taste and enjoy creating my own things. With the skills I am learning in the machining program, I will be able to do just that.

It is extremely motivating and rewarding to be asked to work on something that pertains to my degree. I feel very fortunate to already be working in my field and be pursuing side projects in my spare time that also correlate with it as well. I spend a lot of weekends designing and building stuff that hopefully one day will be my bread and butter. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without being in the Clark College Machining Program.

Posted by Ambassador Jonathan

Posted by Ambassador Jonathan


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