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Advisers are Here for You!


Hello penguin nation,

Advising Services

Advising Services

I hope you all are doing very well during these first weeks of classes. I know, in the beginning of the quarter, we always think, “This quarter is going to be really hard,” but we actually end up getting an “A” in our classes, right?! That being said, one of the reasons we are actually taking too many “hard” classes is because we are either possibly taking the wrong classes or we haven’t prepared a good class schedule for the quarter.  

So, what should we do in order to keep on track in our classes that we take? For those who don’t know yet, Clark College has Advising Services located at Gaiser Hall, just across the Enrollment Services office. Advising is just one of the many student resources for those who are not sure what classes they should take towards the degree they are pursuing. Meeting up with an adviser means you will be helped in understanding the requirements for the certain degree, college policies, and any information about transferring to a four-year college. So, if you are not sure what classes you have to take towards your degree or need advice to set up your academic plan, then it’s time to make an appointment with an adviser. Appointments are scheduled up to two weeks in advance and are only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and our walk-ins are Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I personally make appointments every quarter just to make sure I am following the academic plan they gave me.

16343666_10212330563479451_677783028_nNow, if you are planning to take your final step of your education at Washington State University – Vancouver, Clark College students are more than welcome to visit Michael Blankenship’s office. Yes! Clark has an office for the WSU – Vancouver Transfer Coordinator, which is also located at Advising Services. Michael has been such an important resource when it comes to my academic career.

WSU-V Transfer Coordinator, Michael Blankenship and Student Ambassador Jose

WSU-V Transfer Coordinator, Michael Blankenship and Student Ambassador Jose

P.s. Sorry for bothering you every single day.

He has not only helped me with an academic plan that is based on transferring to WSU-V, but given me all the specific information about the admission process, student resources, scholarships, and many many many other aspects. I have shared some amazing accomplishments with him, and being able to attend WSU-Vancouver will be another great one. He is definitely an important person who can help students with anything they need to be part of the Cougar’s team! Undoubtedly, Michael is fantastic professionally and personally.

Thus, my penguin friends, it is better to use our advising services to keep your academic plan on track than either feeling overwhelmed with hard class because you didn’t get any advice or regretting taking the wrong class that doesn’t fit well with your degree. For those who will be attending Clark for the first time this upcoming Spring quarter, you will be able to learn more about Advising and its role during Penguin Welcome Days. I hope you all have a great winter quarter.

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose


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