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Go Hawks!


seahawks-game01Sports consume my entire life no matter if  it is playing, watching, or traveling for them. I am always doing something that involves sports in one way or another. seahawks-gearOn Thursday, December 15th, I was lucky enough to go to the Seahawks game. I am a huge fan of the Seahawks and have been since I was little. Everything about the day was amazing, well expect for the cold.

We left for the game around nine in the morning. Grades had just came out the day before, and I had three hours to think about how I could have done better. Then I started thinking about next quarter. I was already stressing about how to pay for books, where my classes were, and if I am able to take on the work load. But then my dad points out how pretty the view was. The ground and trees all with a fresh blanket of white snow. It made for a breathtaking view. After that moment, I realized that for the rest of the day, I just needed to enjoy it all instead of constantly worrying about what tomorrow will bring.


Once the game actually started, the crowd was loud, fireworks went off, and everyone was having the best time. Fortunately, the Seahawks beat the Rams that day.
seahawks-game02There was trick plays, big hits, and even my favorite player Doug Baldwin got a touchdown.  I completely forgot about all responsibilities. However, I personally think that is a good thing. Everyone has their own escape from reality and mine happens to be sports. Whatever yours is make sure to take time for it. Everyone deserves a break from our crazy schedules.

However, the Hawks season fell a little short in the playoffs when they lost to the Falcons. Good thing there is always
next year. Go Hawks!


Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Posted by Ambassador Makayla






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