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Clark College’s Amazing Resources


Language and writing tutoring center

As first or second quarter students at Clark, many of us are not aware of just how many resources are freely available to us. Clark is devoted to helping its students succeed, and they are aware success is defined differently for each of us.

One of the substantial barriers to the workforce after leaving high school or college is a lack of knowledge about job search and interview skills. We are no longer taught in high school how to create a resume or present ourselves professionally in interviews. Many of us have little to no experience managing our finances or even what why it is necessary to do so. This is why the Career Services office in PUB 002 is such an amazing resource. They offer every type of help you never knew you needed. The staff in Career Services will assist you in choosing a major through interest review and skills tests, help you develop a winning resume, and work with you to conduct a successful job search. They also have a financial literacy coach available to assist you with understanding how to manage your money and stay out of debt.


Student Ambassadors at the Information Desk

diversity-center01Another spectacular resource available to students is the Center for Diversity and Equity. This office, located in GHL 214, is an open safe space for the entire college community to learn and engage in conversations regarding diversity, inclusion, power, privilege, inequity, and social justice. The diversity center is a hub of activity with many resources available. In addition to their lending library of materials related to issues of diversity, identity, and culture, they also host many cultural events throughout the year. The Diversity Center is also the home of Clark’s Peer Mentor Program. These mentors are current Clark students who are trained to help their peers navigate the college system and connect with campus resources.

These are but a few of the many resources available to Clark students and the community at large. For more information about resources or just to have a free cup of coffee, swing by the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall and say Hi to our ambassadors!

Posted by Ambassador Kristen

Posted by Ambassador Kristen


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