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Tips and Tricks: Hello Winter Quarter!


Hey Penguins!

It’s that time again to open our textbooks and begin a new quarter here at Clark. It’s a new year and a great time to learn a few tricks to save you money and time, which we all know are the things a college student worries about the most. I hope you make it a part of your resolutions to put 110% into all you do this year and to strive for being the best you can be. I wanted to share some knowledge from my experience as a student that I wish I had known during a transition period.

  1. Be on time. This is a really simple and kind of obvious “tip” and yet most of us have hit snooze and slept those extra, valuable minutes. This isn’t just referring to class, which needs to be a priority. This refers to your job, events you’ve joined, or whatever else you do that has a schedule. Being on time is respectful to others and their time as well as yours. It shows that you value their needs and that you can plan your life in an organized fashion. It requires tipsandtricks-2discipline and is good practice of time management, which I guarantee you’ll be required to do in a future career. Employers have told me that those who are on time and prompt are noticed and trusted with more tasks and responsibilities than others, and are more likely to reap the benefits.
  2. Keep some sort of planner. This can either be electronic or paper based (I use Clark’s planner, which is free to students), and I find it does a lot of my thinking for me. It’s proven that writing down information helps us remember it better anyway, and I know that without a planner I would struggle everyday to keep all of my tasks in order. I see students quickly scribble down their upcoming assignments on a random piece of paper or their hands, and while that might work in an emergency, it’s not effective long-term. If you’re not used to keeping a detailed layout of your day it does take some getting used to and practice, but as a first-hand witness I can assure you that it pays off. Planners don’t just have to remind you of homework that’s due, they can be utilized to record everything you need to remember to get through your day.
  3. Reuse old supplies. From quarter to quarter, I’ve found that I have extra supplies that often go to waste. Sometimes a class doesn’t require a lot of notes and I have extra room in my notebooks, or I throw out a supply I end up needing for a new class. Try to reuse as much as you can from each quarter. This is a huge money saver. As someone who isn’t the best at budgeting, I’ve learned that recycling as much as I can is really kind to my wallet. So, make sure to look through those old binders and notebooks to get as much extra use out of them as possible. Make sure to wait a few weeks into class as well before throwing anything out, so you get just the supplies the professor asks for. Most likely, you’ll already have them.
  4. Stay positive. It’s cold and flu season, cloudy most of the time, and probably one of the busiest quarters of the year. It’s really easy to let the stress get to us, and in the past it’s not only effected my mental health, but my physical health as well. Freshman year at Clark I spent more time in the ER than I have in the rest of my life combined, and all of it had to do with how I was letting stress effect me. Stress can lead to lack of appetite, lack of sleep, and the general feeling of being weighed down.  It really does effect us more than we realize and can cause our bodies fatigue. I’ve found that making a conscious decision to be positive goes a long way. Some ways to make that easier include: spending time with good friends, taking time for your hobbies or actual rest during the week, doing something kind for someone else, listening to music, exercise (yes, it actually works), and a healthy diet. The best way to keep our bodies healthy is to keep our minds healthy first.


I am so excited for you to enjoy winter quarter and always feel free to come and ask me for help. I’ll be in the Welcome Center if you need me!

Be amazing today!

Abigail  ❤

Posted by Ambassador Abigail

Posted by Ambassador Abigail



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