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De-stress at Ross Dog Park


Hey again Penguin Nation!

Let’s face it, college can be difficult at times. I’m so happy to be able to share the way that I de-stress during the school year. aluna-and-solarFor me, going to a place where dogs are having nothing but fun is the definition of unwinding. Ross Dog Park in Hazel Dell is 8 acres of an enclosed open field, which includes a hiking trail around the outskirts of the park. On sunny days, dozens of dog owners bring their dogs to let them get out and enjoy the sunshine. This is the place that I take my two Basenjis to roam. Now many don’t know how fast a Basenji can run, so let me tell you. puppiesBasenjis are among the top 15 fastest dog breeds and can run up to 35mph for a sustainable amount of time.  There are very few dogs at the park that can outrun my Congo dogs! Last week there was a pot-belly pig named Bubbles that likes to play with the dogs. You never know what you are going to find! It’s especially wonderful during finals week when my brain is just needing a break. When you are cooped up studying inside, sometimes a break is needed where you can get up and stretch your legs. If you love dogs, hiking, and ever need a way to relax, the Ross Dog Park is the place to go!aluna

Cheers and have a happy holiday!




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