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Ice, ice, baby!


On November 15th I attended an ice skating event made possible by Clark College intramurals. The event was held at Mountain View Ice Arena and consisted of two and a half michaela-iceskating01
hours of skating time and PIZZA! Now you must be thinking that it cost a lot of money for the skate rentals and such, but the whole event only cost $5! What a steal!


I brought my boyfriend, Thomas, along with me because I thought it would be funny to have him watch me skate for the first iceskating02time in over 10 years. Thomas was rocky at first but quickly picked up speed while I moved at a snail’s pace clutching the railing of the ice rink. It was quite funny to watch little girls lap me and do tricks on the ice while I felt like a newborn baby dear walking for the first time. It really got me out of my comfort zone, but all around it was great fun. I would have never had this opportunity without Intramurals!

Intramurals is a program at Clark College that offers students an opportunity to participate in traditional sports such as basketball and volleyball or the more  nontraditional sports such as rock climbing and ice skating. These events are meant to be fun and competitive without the commitment you might see with a college sport. Students are free to come and go as they please and friends are always welcome! Most sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer meet weekly at a specific time. The atmosphere during these events is contagious, and it is easy to quickly make friends with the group. I encourage all students to try out an Intramurals event while at Clark College, you won’t regret it!

Below is the Intramurals Schedule for Fall Quarter:

See you next month!














Posted by Ambassador Michaela

Posted by Ambassador Michaela


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