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This Friday, Clark College will be closed. Why?


Don’t be surprised if you come to school Friday to find an empty Clark College campus.

Clark College closes it’s doors this Friday November 11th to honor Veteran’s Day, which means yes you have the day off. However, I want to encourage all students to take minute and read about Clark College’s Veteran’s Day Photo.

2015-veterans-day-photoThe Clark College Veteran’s Resource Center is hosting their annual Veteran’s Day photo the day before Veteran’s Day on Thursday, November 10th, at noon. The photo will be taken on the lawn between Scarpelli Hall and the Chime Tower.

Clark College staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to come be in the picture. Anyone is welcome to participate. All participates have to do is show up, and stand inside of the photo frame. A droid operator will be flying a droid with a camera above everyone and taking the photo from a birds eye view. The event is free and light refreshments will be served afterward.

This event is near and dear to my heart, because I have family members and friends who have sacrificed their time to protect my freedom. This is an event where I am able to show my support for them and show my support for the many Clark College student veterans by simply standing in a picture. I am also able to show my support to the college Veteran’s Resource Center.

Our Veteran’s Resource Center advocates for our student veterans daily. The staff and volunteers that make up the VRC are some of the most dedicated and passionate people here at Clark College. The VRC helps student veterans and veteran affiliated students navigate Clark college whether it’s helping them find a place to live, helping them register for classes, or helping them find specific resources. And more simply, the VRC is a place for them to hang out and talk to other veterans.

On behalf of the Veteran’s Resource Center and myself, I encourage you all to attend the Veteran’s Day Photo tomorrow at noon. You do not have to be a student to attend. Just simply be in the picture or be present to see the various supporters who show up. It’s important for us, as Americans, to join together and show love and support for those who have served. Show up and be present and let the community and college see that Clark college cares and advocates for not only student veterans but for diversity. In that respect, we are truly lucky.

So please, come be in the photo at noon tomorrow. It’ll take maybe ten minutes out of your day. If you can’t come, please take time on your own to think about what Veteran’s Day means to you. Think about your freedom and think about your family. And have an amazing day off Penguins.

Posted by Ambassador Melia

Posted by Ambassador Melia



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