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Meet Ambassador Makayla!


Hello everyone!

                My name is Makayla and I am one of the new Student Ambassadors this year. However, I am not new to the Clark campus; this will be my second year here. I was a running start student last year and enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay another year. I am attending Clark to receive my biology transfer and would like to transfer up to the University of Washington.  Not only do I want to transfer there because they have great medical programs, but because Seattle is one of my favorite places, and it would be a dream to live there.

                Even though a majority of my life involves school, it isn’t my entire life. I also play softball competitively. I have been playing since I was about seven years old. Softball has allowed me to meet some amazing people, who happen to be some of my closet friends. It also has allowed me to travel and see new places. This past summer I went to Canada and played in a week long tournament. I got to go to Softball City and meet people from all over the world. My favorite people were from Australia; they had a lot of energy and gave us a bunch of Australian souvenirs!

                I am so excited for the classes that I will be taking this school year. I will be taking a chemistry and biology sequence this entire year, which is exciting because I love science! I am currently taking a bioethics class this fall quarter. I highly recommended it. The class covers very interesting and conversational topics in medicine. Other classes that I recommend that I have taken in the past is human geography, and psychology.  I really enjoyed both of those classes and both professors really opened my eyes to new ideas. One of the biggest piece of advice I always give is to take a class out of your comfort zone! You never know the opportunities it can open up for you.

                I hope you all enjoy your school year, and if you ever have any questions come visit all of the ambassadors at the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall!

Posted by Ambassador Makayla

Posted by Ambassador Makayla


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