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Meet Ambassador Megan!


Hi Everybody!

My name is Megan! I am currently a student at Clark College and one of this year’s new student ambassadors. I am going to school to become an Elementary School teacher and upon graduation, I am looking to transfer to Washington State University-Vancouver. I was born in Oakland, California; however, I ended up moving to the New York City area by the age of 1, where I spent most of my life, up until two years ago when I moved here to Vancouver, Washington. I absolutely love Washington state with all the nature, pretty trees, and all the awesome people I have met here.

One thing about me is that I love food, especially pizza. I love cooking, baking, eating out, experimenting with new places or things –if it has to do with food, I enjoy it. Such a foodie!

I have a three-year-old son named Julian who I absolutely adore with all of my heart; he is my life. I have three brothers and a sister who is 16 years younger than me, and I also have two step brothers and two step sisters. Most are back east, so it has been somewhat of a challenge being in a new place and not knowing anyone.

School has been so important for me as a mother to help build my confidence, everyday life skills, and also to set an example for my son. I really enjoy writing, drawing, and painting. My favorite colors are purple and green. I love nature, people, animals, music, as well as exploring and learning!! I am always looking to make new friends and begin new chapters in my life. I have been to over half of the states in the United States and enjoy seeing new and awesome things! I also am an open-minded and extremely liberal individual who loves all people and animals.

Posted by Ambassador Megan

Posted by Ambassador Megan


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