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Meet Ambassador Jonathan!



My name is Jonathan Dutson and I’m a new Student Ambassador. I became an Ambassador because I wanted to help create a strong community on campus. I also find people fascinating and enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. Before working at Clark College I was a bar manager for a year and a half, and now I am a student tender.

img_20150907_142223797I am not a Native Washingtonian, but I feel like one already. I hail from the land of dirt, concrete, and cactus, A.K.A. Arizona. I’ve wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest since I was thirteen. I did a bunch of research and talked to people and deducted that Vancouver was destined to be my new abode. Don’t hate on the rain guys! Without it, this paradise wouldn’t be so lush and green. In Arizona, it’s still over one hundred degrees in November, and can get up to the 130’s in some places. When I was a kid, a day that rained was cherished more than Christmas, so it’s sweet nostalgia living here. Not to mention, the people here are so nice, accepting, laid back, and don’t try to fight you in traffic. I feel a lot of people that were raised here take for granted how special it truly is.

Growing up everyone called me “Renaissance Man”, because my vast passions and talents, which is a blessing and a curse. Especially when I do not have  time to pursue everything I am passionate about. Even more difficult, is choosing which ones to focus on the most.

My many interests are acting, film making, theatre, writing, singing, compimg_20161022_123943117osing and performing music, drawing, art, design, scuba diving, the outdoors, working out, martial arts, traveling, cooking, reading, coffee, and laughing. As you can see, no one on the planet has time for that many interests. Between full-time school and two jobs, I have to prioritize. Most of my spare time is spent working out, training to be a scuba instructor, exploring nature, cooking because I’m poor, and a combo of the rest. After I graduate, I plan on opening up my own business, so I also spend a lot of time on that.

I will be at the Info Desk or Welcome Center to help you out or make you laugh (I do great impressions). As I said earlier I’m not from here, so come say “hi!” I love meeting new people.



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