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Meet Ambassador Melia!



Hello all,

My name is Melia, and I am a returning Student Ambassador.

I have been attending Clark College now for two years and a quarter. By this winter, I will finally have my Associates in the Arts Transfer Degree. I just recently applied to the University of Washington and to Western Washington for winter quarter. I am beyond excited to see what happens next for my education.

You will probably see me around Clark either in class or working. I mostly spend my time working out of the Welcome Center and studying so if you see me around, please say hi.

guitarWhen I am not at Clark, I immerse myself in music. Music is what keeps me sane. Some people live for playing a sport or live for work, but I live for music. I love to sing and occasionally find myself playing anywhere I’m able if I have my guitar on me. If any of you are familiar with Washougal, I tend to sit in the Port tunnel and play my guitar. It’s a beautiful area that leads to the Columbia River Dike trail. It seems a little silly, but I love to sing in the tunnel. I make sure that I don’t go without a concert for more than three months, because live music is one of the best things for my soul.

I also love dogs and sitting in coffee shops. I love reading books and taking pictures on my Polaroid camera. My little sister is my entire world,book-and-lake and my mom Tracey is my inspiration.

I love people and making conversation, which is great because I enjoy hearing other people’s stories. Being an ambassador at Clark is like having a second family, and by the way, shout out to Jose and Daniel, because working with them last year, they became more than just my co-workers; they are my family.

This start to this school year has been tough for me, and probably tough for some of you, but I am so thankful for my opportunity to attend Clark. I hope if you are struggling or ever need any help with anything Clark related or not, that you know you can come into The Welcome Center or the information desk and ask us anything.


Posted by Ambassador Melia

Posted by Ambassador Melia


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