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Meet Ambassador Michaela!



Hey Everyone!

My name is Michaela Higgison, and I am so excited for this upcoming year! For me, this year means graduation, applying to Washington State 2016-09-22_15-51-12University- Vancouver, and making my last year at Clark College as fun and rewarding as possible. As of right now, I am working towards a biology transfer, which will allow me to major in neuroscience/pre-med. My end goal after school is to become a doctor and like most college students, I am uncertain where exactly I will fit into the medical field. I feel myself leaning more towards oncology since my mother and grandfather have recently passed away from cancer. Raising awareness about cancer and early screening is something I take pride in.

img_20160924_173849-1Beyond school, I have multiple things that make my heart full of happiness. My boyfriend, Thomas and I recently adopted a German Shepard mix from the Oregon Humane Society. Her name is Kiwi and she has so much energy for being seven! She loves belly rubs, squeaky toys, and protecting us from the local squirrel mafia.

Along with hanging out with my main squeezes (Kiwi and Thomas), I love hiking and getting outdoors! I joined Clark College’s Outdoor and Recreational Club last year and have gone on numerous hikes throughout the year with the group. My favorite hike we went on was Angel’s Rest; it was fairly difficult but  worth the breathtaking view in the end. I would suggest every student join a club or program on campus! The friendships and experiences you gain are beyond worth it.


Group photo from the Angel’s Rest Hike!


I am so excited to meet everyone who walks through Clark College’s doors and make new friends along the way. Stop by and say hi to your student ambassadors!





Posted by Ambassador Michaela

Posted by Ambassador Michaela


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