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Meet Ambassador Jose


Hello guys, my name is Jose Espindola Neto, and I am international student from Brazil. If you think my name sounds a bit familiar, that’s because I am a returning Student Ambassador. This is going to be my last year at Clark, and as the Student Ambassador Program has been such an important step of my life, I decided to be part of the team for another year.

So, being a Student Ambassador is not the only way I found to participate more on campus and get more engaged in our community. I am also International Peer Mentor and Vice-President of the International Club. Talking about clubs, Clark has over thirty clubs where students can experience amazing things and share knowledge. Said that, don’t forget to check out the Club Information Wall near Student Life. Am I done? Nope. I still do more stuff on campus. Playing some sports organized by Intramural Sports staff, visiting tutoring center (uow) when I really need it, and studying every day at library (uow-2). Oh yeah, I forgot, I visit our Scholarships department sometimes (almost all the time) looking for all the scholarships available for us (students).

As you can see, I pretty much spend my whole day at Clark. But I do have life off campus. My free time is not only sleeping, but I play soccer every Monday, watch movies with friends, go out to Portland a couple times a month, hiking, Netflix…and, of course, skyping with my family in Brazil every week! Honestly, what I most like to do is just go to places that I have never been before, exploring Vancouver/Portland area as much as I can.

I have to admit that Vancouver has a considerable significance in my story. This is just one of the reasons that made me choose transferring to Washington State University – Vancouver (hopefully) after graduating from Clark. My major is Business Administration, but please don’t ask me now what I am going to do when I get my bachelors degree because I am not sure yet, though I have some plans in mind.

So, if you want to know more about my story and who I am, have any question about Clark, want to schedule a campus tour, perhaps just like to speak Portuguese, please stop by the Information Desk located just across the Bookstore in Gaiser Hall. You all are really welcome!


Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose


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