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Student Success Workshops


Hey everyone!

Unfortunately this will be my last blog post. I will be graduating this spring as some of you know and that’s only weeks away! For this last post I wanted to tell you of some awesome student success workshops that gave me a lot of useful information. As a student ambassador, I am required to attend a few of these workshops every quarter.

The student success workshops are totally free and open to the public, which is amazing! They also offer workshops on the same subject more than once, so if one doesn’t fit into your schedule you can see if their having another on a different day. One of the best workshops I have ever attended was the student debt workshop. I am not currently in debt, but I wanted to know more about it and how to prevent it and how to get out of it. It was definitely a workshop that apply’s to anyone whether they are in debt or not, and I highly recommend it! The next debt workshop is on June 7th from 11:00am-11:50am. Hope to see you there!

Another workshop I really enjoyed was the “So You Want a Career in Medicine”. This workshop focuses on the process students will go through to pursue a career in medicine and how to deal with student loans and things like that. I went to this workshop because I want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine as a veterinary technician. They talk about veterinary medicine during this workshop as well. They provide several helpful web links to take home and answer any questions you have from transferring schools to starting a residency at a hospital. There isn’t another one of these workshops until next quarter but there are a million other ones to choose from! There’s “Conflict Resolution”, “Stress Management”, “Better Banking” and more! If you have any questions regarding the workshops feel free to contact the ambassador info desk! We’re always here to help.

It’s been a great time going here at Clark and meeting so many awesome people. I will miss it for sure. You can still keep up with the ambassadors, and we’re bringing in some new recruits! Hope you all enjoyed my posts. Good luck!


Posted by Ambassador Lauren

Posted by Ambassador Lauren



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