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ferrofluid_displayHey Clark,

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!  I’d like to tell you about an event that I think not a lot of penguins know about. The  Student Learning Project uav_waypoint(SLP) Expo for engineering and computer science students is happening June 6th. This is the event where ECS students show the projects they have been working on all year, and it’s going to be hosted in the new STEM building on the other side of Fort Vancouver Way. We have many interesting projects that are going to be on display–everything from video games to electronic music harps, ferrofluid displays to UAV’s.

Most of the projects are from small student groups–one to three students who have an original idea that uses their engineering or programming knowledge for creating a real-world product. Several projects make use of commercial off-the-shelf processors like Arduino and Raspberry Pi that anyone can learn to use for a wide variety of projects. If you don’t believe me, check this out: In addition, a few projects that will be on display are for the one-electric_carperson electric car some students have been working on. This is fantastic because these students have made a lot of progress this year and are getting close to having a working prototype. They even have their own website, although it is a bit outdated:

For us engineering and computer science students,  participating on these projects is very important to our learning and success. It’s one thing to learn the concepts in our engineering and programming classes, but it takes another step in understanding to apply them in the real world and follow a project to a working prototype. You learn a great deal more about the resources available to you, and get some hands-on experience finding and ordering parts, soldering electronics and developing products for a user.


If you have the chance to check out our exposition the Monday of the last week of the quarter. We will have plenty of displays and dozens of students passionate about their projects who would love to explain what they did. See you there!


Posted by Ambassador Michael

Posted by Ambassador Michael


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