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Pacific Northwest Native Plant Sale

Western Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Growing up, nature and the forests have been my life. I do not know how many countless hours I have been in the woods but I know that it’s a lot. When I got into High school, I knew I wanted to pursue something in botany and horticulture, so I joined the CASEE Center Program through the Battle Ground School district. This is a 4 year opportunity for high school students in which they can study environments, science, and agriculture. Being in this program, you basically learn everything about the soil/weather/animals and plants of the Pacific Northwest and be able to name them! So let me ask you… can you name that one hundred foot tree that is right outside of your bedroom window? You might not be able to, but the people that are putting on this quarter’s Native plant sale at Clark College might be able too!


Oregon Grape

This week, particularly on May 12th and May 13th, Clark College Environmental Field Studies program will be having a native plant sale in the greenhouse just east of the science building at Clark’s main campus. The event is put on once a quarter and ALL proceeds go to the science Consortium, which provides field training for current science students. The plants that will be for sale include, sword ferns, red-osier Dogwood, Tall Oregon Grape, and Western Trillium, and Western Red Cedar, among many, many more. Please make note that only cash and checks are accepted, no cards.

It’s a great time to explore the Pacific Northwest’s amazing forests!

Posted by Ambassador Spencer

Posted by Ambassador Spencer


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