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Phoenix Unveiling + Subtext


As you probably all know by now (I mean, half my posts have mentioned it), I’m the Managing Editor of Phoenix, the literary and art journal here on campus. And it’s about to be officially released to the public! This event–the Unveiling–will happen this coming Tuesday, the 10th of May, at 1pm. It’ll last about an hour, and will take place in the Fireside Lounge or PUB 161. I’m excited to finally release it, but it’s also sad that another year of Phoenix is coming to an end.


Phoenix Reveal

And even better, the Unveiling will be a part of a week long literary fest–Subtext. There will be a poetry workshop, readings by Tod Marshall, the Washington State Poet Laureate, and award wining fiction writer Jim Shepard. So. Much. Lit. (Belle gif)

Plus, there is the Phoenix Unveiling! At the Unveiling, you can be the first to see the 2016 edition of Phoenix, which I can promise is not only beautifully designed, but contains amazing works of fiction, poetry, and a variety of art styles. Just in case the journal isn’t enough to convince you, there will be food.

I was a part of the Unveiling last year, as the Assistant Literary Editor, and there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from attendees, which was great. The best part is unwrapping the journal (we make you wait for it), and you get to see what we’ve been working on since last Fall. There are so many wonderful contributions in it, from students, staff, faculty, and alumni. We wouldn’t have an award-winning journal like this without the great submissions, and such an amazing team.

To learn more go to:

Clark Phoenix Website

Subtext Returns to Clark

And remember, submissions for next year open soon! And if you would like to be on the staff, start inquiring in the fall (and try to take the Phoenix class).

Phoenix staff 2015

Phoenix staff 2015






Posted by Ambassador Lily

Posted by Ambassador Lily

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