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Staying On Track for Graduation!


Hey everyone!

I know it can seem far away, but graduation is creeping up quickly. For those of you who have not yet gotten to know me, this is my second year here at Clark, and I will be graduating with a general transfer degree this spring! As I look back at my time here, it seems like this has come so fast, but I’m definitely feeling a very similar case of senioritis we all have had in high school.

Grad pic1Starting a new quarter is always so exciting to me. New classes, new people and new material, but my first day of spring quarter 2016 hasn’t even got me close to feeling this way. Every assignment feels like it takes me hours! I have found a few ways to get me up and ready for my upcoming assignments. The biggest motivator for me is consistently reminding myself that it will all be over soon and that I will hold that diploma in my hands in just a few months. This, I know, does not work for everyone so I came up with another plan. If reminding yourself of graduation day isn’t enough, try looking a little bit further or a little bit deeper. If the diploma doesn’t get you up and going, think about what the degree will get you or where it will take you for your career.

Penguin-1If you’re anything like me, you may constantly need motivation. I try and make myself as comfortable as possible when sitting down to do a full day of homework. If it’s nice out, go do your assignments outside! Grab some snacks so you don’t get distracted when you get up to get food because your hungry. I know a lot of us work, and it’s hard to find time to do home work, but don’t stay up till 3 in the am to finish something. That only makes you hate homework more, and you won’t have the energy to finish much the next day. The key is to stay efficient and motivated! Experiment! Sometimes I have to mix it up and take a few breaks and do something fun and then get back to it!

We are almost finished! Keep at it, and it will be over before you know it so try and enjoy it!

Posted by Ambassador Lauren

Posted by Ambassador Lauren




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