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Part 2: Career Days 2016


For students or members of the community looking for a job, this will be a great week for you to be at Clark. Once a year, usually during spring quarter, Clark College’s Career Center puts on “Career Days”. This is a wonderful opportunity for both students looking for a job, and employers looking to hire.

On Monday (the 25th) the week starts with “Choosing a Career”. This is helpful tool for students who might not know what they want to do for a living or have an idea but the idea isn’t specific enough. Students can take a career assessment that will match their personality to whatever careers fits them best. In addition to this, students can speak with Carole Mackewich, a career counselor, and ask any questions they might have.

Tuesday (the 26th) has a unique opportunity for students. They can “Barrow an Expert” from the so-called “Human Library”. These experts can answer any questions that students might have about a certain career. Some of the available career field experts are, Business and Politics, Medical (including Nursing), and Dental Hygiene. There’s also Resume Critiques and a LinkedIn Clinic.

Wednesday (the 27th) is the big day! It is the day of the Career Fair in which 66 different companies will be at Clark College, looking to hire new employees. Some of the companies include, FedEx Ground, Lowes, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, Verizon, Waste Connections. Even my current employer; Frito-Lay will be at Clark. It is an excellent opportunity for students who are looking to earn while they learn.

The week will end on Thursday (the 28th)  when multiple colleges will be present at Clark for the College Transfer Fair. This event is for students who are wishing to continue their education beyond Clark to hopefully get into the career of their dreams.

Discover what Career Days can offer you!


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