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Part 2: Life as a Student Ambassador


Melia & Jose2Echoing Melia’s sentiment, the 2015 – 2016 Student Ambassador program is finishing this quarter. But what a great
time as ambassador, right?!?! It may be the last quarter for the
2015-2016 ambassadors and ASCC team, but it’s just the beginning for next years student leaders! The first step in joining this rewarding leadership team is by filling out an application. So let’s get start, guys!

Jose as VP of the International club speaking at an event.

Jose as VP of the International club speaking at an event.

But, just in case you’re not yet convinced, lets get back to the “great time” part.

Why was this year so special?!?!


First of all, how delighted I was to meet with students who were returning to school to complete their GED or high school diploma. They were so thankful to us for helping them register for classes at our Student Orientation sessions.

Besides this, there is nothing better than to see the happiness in the future penguins when we help them at our Information Desk to go through all the steps to become a student and, then, part of our community. Secondly, it’s such a pleasure to give campus tours for those who want to know a little bit more about our community college before getting started. Sharing my experiences as a current student and pointing out all of Clark College’s resources in those tours made my days much more enjoyable. Finally, the unforgettable friendship that I made with my coworkers who definitely changed my life. Being more specific, they became my family once I spent half of my day with them. The moments that we spent together were incredible!  


So, is that it?!?! Nope. The Student Ambassador position is much more than fulfilling our lives. It is an amazing experience in terms of professional development. As part of the team, I have improved numerous skills that will be decisive on my career goals, for example, Lily, Melia & Josecommunication, leadership, and time management! Furthermore, the most important aspect, as an international student, is getting more and more better in my English. Lastly, the fact of requiring discipline and hard work made me feel stronger and ready for any challenge that I face daily.
Jose, Lauren, Karly & MeliaThus, I can definitely assure you guys that the Student Ambassador Program is awesome and a great opportunity in terms of personal and professional life. So, start it right now! Pick up the application form, fill it out, and drop it off at either Welcome Center or Info Desk at Gaiser Hall! Then, we can share our stories with you!

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose


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