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Pacific Northwest: Beauty at it’s finest


DSC_7154 (003)Something that I am really grateful for is spring break, or just breaks in general. Working two jobs and taking classes is really stressful. It’s great having two
weeks off for spring break so I can catch up and do things that I had been neglecting. Hiking Angel’s Rest Trail with some of my fellow ambassadors was one of the most memorable things I did over break.

Angel’s Rest is located in the Columbia River George on the Oregon side by Multnomah Falls. The trail is approximately 4.8 miles round trip. At the summit, DSC_7245there is a beautiful 270 degree view of the gorge. The hike itself was not hard per say but not easy either. What our group found most challenging was the steep terrain. The ground was not paved at all (like the main Multnomah Falls trail) and was very rocky and steep at times.
DSC_7157Another thing you should look out for is the sheer amount of people on the trail. This is an extremely popular trail. At times, there can be 300+ people on the trail, which is pretty remarkable, because at the summit there is not much room and certainly no room for error. I should also note that there were a ton of people with their dogs so that may be a pro or a con for you.

We thought we were ahead of the curve getting there super early, but when we got there the parking lot, it was already packed, and we struggled a bit just to find parking. We started the hike on Sunday morning at 9am. On our way up the mountain, we saw very few people coming down and very few people climbing up. When we got to the top there were probably no more than two dozen climbers (and dogs) at the time. It was around 11am, and the weather was amazing. The sun was out, and there was a slight breeze with nothing but a cloud in the sky.

The longer we stayed at the summit, the larger the crowd grew. Once we exhausted our photogenic posing skills, or lack thereof, we started the descent. Climbing DSC_7234down was a whole different story. The terrain felt twice as rough, because we were going down on rocky surfaces trying not to sprain our ankles, which reminds me of another thing. Be sure to wear hiking shoes if you are going on this trail! Or any trail for that matter.

Any who, on our way down, we saw dozens of people ascending, which made us glad we got there early. If you ever have a chance to visit this trail, I recommend going early and going on a weekday if possible. Nonetheless, this was a beautiful hike, and it had a wonderful view. I cannot wait to do more hikes in the future with my fellow ambassadors. We are blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest where we have the Gorge in our backyard.

Posted by Ambassador Daniel

Posted by Ambassador Daniel


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