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Study Tips To Get You Through College


Hey there!

We all have different study habits that work for us, but sometimes finding the right way to study can be difficult. How successful you are in a class is greatly affected by the work load the professor gives. This is my second year here at Clark, and I’m here to fill you in on a few universal study tips that will help you get through college.

I received a book for my high school graduation Called How to Win At College by Cal Newport. After reading it, I decided to make use of the tips once I started college. They have ended up being  the most beneficial study habits that have made my study heavy classes a breeze. It’s a short easy read. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling in college in any shape or form!

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Most of our professors assign reading every week and sometimes the chapters can be pretty lengthy, adding up to 50 pages long. The study habit to save you from information overload is skim reading. If you’re taking notes and feel like every sentence is important then you are going to be writing too much down. If you read the first sentence of every paragraph thoroughly and skim read the rest you will get the information you need without spending hours just reading a few chapters. If you read the chapter first and then take notes you will understand the concepts a lot easier than if you write it down word for word. You are also more likely to remember it, which can be helpful on an exam.

Study Tips for all you online learners! As I have said in my past blog posts, I don’t have a lot of free time to come in and take face-to-face classes. A majority of my classes take place online. My professors assign me a lot of article readings and then have us take an exam in the classroom. If any of you are like me, information I have previously read will disappear from my memory after about three days time. It’s hard to go back and re-read all the articles right before an exam, but I have found a way to study without going back through the whole reading. Most online professors give a short quiz at the end of each assignment. I have found that studying the questions from the quizzes have not only saved me a bunch of time but also helped me score higher on exams.

These study habits will only work if you stick to them. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect! I hope they will be as useful to you as they have been for me!

Posted by Ambassador Lauren

Posted by Ambassador Lauren




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