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Looking for a nice Health-Physical Education class?


Hey folks, heads up! For whom might not know yet, the Spring quarter registration already started for continuing students last week. For our new penguins, it began yesterday on March 7th. Here is my recommendation for those who are planning to take physical education for this upcoming quarter.  

As we know, Clark College requires 3 credits of Health-Physical Education for those who are planning to get a Clark AA degree. With that, it was recommended that I take HPE 258 – FITNESS/WELLNESS in order to follow this requirement. However, different than I thought, it is much more than just a class to complete for my  transcript. It is interesting and fun, where I have gotten a wide spectrum  of knowledge about different activities (fitness side) and some aspects of health (wellness side).

Through this class, students will understand the importance of establishing good health habits in terms of exercise, socializing with people, and choosing good meal. For those aspects, the instructor-in my case was Alan Wiest, an excellent instructor who I highly recommend. He will give certain experiments that students will go through. The most interesting part for me was about the exercise aspect. We had to develop a Fitness Plan including some exercises, most of them I did not even hear about before, related to resistance, cardiovascular, flexibility, and warm-up/cool-down. This assignment encouraged me to do exercises that I was not feeling good about in the beginning of the quarter.

Most of us are busy with our crazy English papers and confusing Math problems, and we forget to care about ourselves. But here is the point. Students will be required to attend a hundred minutes lab per week during the quarter. For those labs, students will be able to understand and participate in some physical activities in order to improve their active lives. Moving our bodies, that’s all we need guys! Another interesting fact is Alan did a River Walk Clean Up project, which is a great opportunity for all students be aware about the importance of having a clean environment.   

Thus, as I said before, I highly recommend our Clark College students to take HPE 258 FITNESS-WELLNESS class. I assure that you guys will have so much fun and will learn a lot about physical education.

As my great instructor Alan Wiest uses to say,

“In health”!

Posted by Ambassador Jose

Posted by Ambassador Jose

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