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The Biggest Loser


Did you know that gaining one pound of muscle helps your body burn about 50 extra calories a day due to a sped up metabolism? So if you were to gain 10 pounds of muscle, you’d burn an extra 500 calories a day just at rest! That means you’re going to burn 3500 calories a week just from that extra muscle, which by the way, 3500 calories is about one pound of fat. If this doesn’t motivate you to work out, I don’t know what will!

biggest loserI applied for Clark College’s Biggest Loser competition in the beginning of January. I had gained too much weight, and I need to be healthy and fit to get into the law enforcement academy. I knew that it was time for a lifestyle change. The competition runs for an 8 week span, during winter quarter every year. How it works is that any Clark student, faculty, or staff is allowed to join so long as they have at least 15 pounds to lose. These students/staff are then picked out and put into groups based on their available time to work out. The groups consist of 5-10 people per every one trainer. The trainers are all certified, and they are very professional and fun. My trainer’s name is Judith Willis, and she is awesome! We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8AM, and you might say well dang that’s early! But when it comes to your health, it is worth it!

The biggest loser isn’t just about working out though, there are other aspects of it as well such as eating well, stretching, and getting plenty of rest. Our trainer taught us about times to eat and what to eat and even gave us recipes for a better breakfast! We are constantly being encouraged to stretch because it helps your health and body. Finally, she constantly stresses about getting enough sleep! Obviously it is pretty hard for a college student to get enough sleep, but some how I manage! Sleep is very important and gives your body time to heal and recover.

If being healthy isn’t enough for you, the person who loses the most weight and puts on the most muscle, wins a prize! I encourage every student looking to lose some weight or looking to get healthy to apply to be in the competition next winter quarter! It has been awesome and I’m really proud of myself for doing it.

Posted by Ambassador Spencer

Posted by Ambassador Spencer




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