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No Pawn Intended


White Pawn to f3.  Black Pawn to e5. White Pawn to g4. Black Queen to h4. Checkmate. Black wins. It can happen that quickly. Granted that is called “Fool’s Mate” and almost never happens, it is still the shortest possible way to win a game of chess.

Chess originated about 1500 years ago in India. Since then, it has become one of the most known games across the globe. Chess is an intellectual battle of tactics and patience. There are many traps in chess such as discovered attacks, gambits, and piece sacrifices that will test your ability to strategize and out-think your opponent. What it really teaches you to do is to analyze your situation. To observe what’s in your way and challenging you, and then plan out how you’re going to overcome it.

What I like most about chess is that the lessons learned apply to everything in your life. You’re going to be tested and put in many different situations. There are going to be obstacles in your way. The only thing you have control of is how you react to those hurdles. Chess pushes you to think ahead and weigh your options. It’s that kind of forward thought that helps you make the best possible decision.

You can take that knowledge and apply it to things like how you can be successful in class, which classes you should take first, or even which colleges you should apply to after Clark.

I’m not saying you have to become the next Magnus Carlsen either (The current chess world champion). I like to play in my spare time between work or classes. I’m not saying that if you play chess for “X” hours your GPA will raise by “Y” points, but it might not be a bad game to pick up.

Posted by Ambassador Christian

Posted by Ambassador Christian



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