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Meet Ambassador Daniel


Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m a returning student ambassador this year. I am currently attending Clark part time whilst balancing two part time jobs as well. Hopefully I will be transferring to a four year college by next winter.

In my spare time I like to exercise, work on cars/motorcycles, go to concerts, and watch/play/attend sporting events. It is safe to say that I am pretty busy. Something interesting about me is that when it comes to sports I don’t particularly follow any specific teams, I mostly follow certain players who draw my attention with their style of play, character, personality and or school history.

Another interest of mine is hiking. I really like to go outdoors and explore new places and scenery that is foreign to me. Working and going to school all the time gets really old and repetitive, so sometimes you just need to get out and away from it all. One of my favorite places to go is windy ridge on Mount St. Helens. The drive up there is beautiful and the trails surrounding the area are filled with an abundance of gorgeous views. One of my goals (that I will achieve be it alone or with friends) for the spring time is to actually climb the entire mountain. I have done some vague research in my spare time and the average climb time to scale Mount St. Helens is roughly 8 hours. What really inspires me to accomplish this goal is that you do not need any special mountaineering equipment, training, guide, seminar etc. Aside from a couple of permits you need to buy online, you are basically at the mercy of the mountain,

which I find incredible.

Any who, I will be at the information desk in Gaiser hall all winter and spring quarter so do not be afraid to stop by and say hi!

Posted by Ambassador Daniel

Posted by Ambassador Daniel



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