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Finding the right class


Hey everyone!

My last blog post was on an amazing sociology class I attended last year. For this post, I wanted to mention a few classes I have taken that came as a struggle to me. Because I work two jobs I don’t have a lot of time that I can commit to attending classes at the main campus.

A majority of my classes take place strictly online. Online class pic2Now for some students online classes are hard to keep up with. I recommend trying one online class to see how you do and then decide if they are a good fit. I found that they are easy to manage and allow me to study on my own agenda.

Most of the online classes I have taken have been pretty easy for the most part. However, to make it easier for myself, I’ll only register for 3 credit online classes unless the subject is something I’m familiar with like psychology, which is 5 credits.

During this last fall quarter I decided to sign up for a 5 credit interpersonal communications class, because I needed a humanities credit, and it seemed pretty easy. After the first day, I found that this was going to be one of the hardest and most time consuming classes I have ever taken. You can take public speaking instead of interpersonal communications, but I’m not good at speaking in front of large groups of people so I went with communications. This class focused on the science of how interpersonal comm1we communicate with one another and how to solve communication conflict. Every week I was required to submit 2 discussion posts in addition to taking a quiz at the end of the week. The most time consuming part of this class was reading the chapters because they were 40-50 pages long. The discussion posts had 4-10 in depth questions and assignments that had to be completed in order to post the discussion.

The class overall was very enlightening, and I learned a lot. However, it’s definitely a class that comes as a challenge that you should be prepared for. Some of the classes that came as the best study areas are Marine biology and Anthropology.  These classes were super interesting and fun because they had so many hands on activities and weren’t as time consuming. Keep in mind that best and worst study areas depend on the student. I am not known to be a good mathematician but I am great in social sciences and this may be different for another student. Just remember that every student will face a challenging class but anything is possible so push through! Who knows, you may find that you enjoy something you never thought you would?

Posted by Ambassador Lauren

Posted by Ambassador Lauren


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