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The Welcome Center’s introduction to MRE’s


Buzzfeed posted a video of people trying MRE’s (Meal-Ready-to-Eat), and I found it pretty funny! (Here’s the link in case you want to check it out for yourself: After watching that, I decided to bring a few to the Welcome Center so they could try them out for themselves.

Christian's demonstration2 edited

Ambassador Christian teaching the staff about flame-less ration heaters (hot bags)


Their reactions were…mixed at best. On the menu was Mexican stew, chicken pesto pasta, and grilled chicken breast. We even heated them up with “Those hot bag things” as they called them. None of them were very popular. The stew looked like blended carrots and the lack of expiration date left a few of my coworkers nervous. Someone asked why the stew smelled like tuna and, well, I didn’t have a good answer. But hey, I’ve had quite a few and I’m still alive?

Amy trying an MRE

Amy bravely trying the stew


Props to my boss, Amy, because she actually volunteered to try it first. Most people expect them to be worse than they really are. I think it’s the appearance that deters most of them!



One of my favorite reactions was from another ambassador, Patricia (You can see her face below). Her look of discontent was priceless!

Ambassador Patricia's reaction to stew and Abby excited to try it :)

Ambassador Patricia’s reaction to stew and Abby excited to try it 🙂


Stephon enjoying the “orange flavored beverage”

Stephon (One of our Student Recruitment Specialists) was actually fairly impressed with the quality of the food! The “Orange Flavored Beverage” powder (Yes that’s what printed on the packaging) tastes just like Gatorade. After we took a closer look at the chicken breast though, we were trying to decide if it was actually grilled or just stamped to look like it was. But honestly, maybe that’s a question I don’t want answered?




Vanessa, not so sure about the stew

Associate Director of Entry Services, Vanessa, was not feeling the pre-made meals and would have rather hit up Might Bowl (Can you blame her?).




Personally, I don’t think they’re the worst thing in the world. I will admit that, after a few weeks in the field, they’re not my favorite. But after a long enough day, you’d be willing to eat cardboard with Tabasco on it. So from that point of view, MRE’s are pretty good.

Posted by Ambassador Christian

Posted by Ambassador Christian


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