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Accounting & Business Tutoring Center


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It’s time to talk about a great resource that will save you many hours from sitting alone and struggling by your lonesome self to actually achieving by having your questions answered when you just can’t grasp the concept. One of the hardest challenges to overcome is to stand up and go seek help when you really need it. Thankfully, the tutoring centers offered at Clark are very helpful, flexible, and accommodating. Unfortunately they are, from my perspective, underused.

In this blog, I will be covering the Accounting and Business tutoring center specifically. I was in a rut when the accounting lectures were leaving me behind. I just couldn’t follow what I couldn’t see happening. I finally decided to get myself over to the AA-4 building. My first impression was that it was pretty cozy and quiet as there were only two other students in there. I was pleased to find, after scanning the room, that there are folders set out with summarizing study sheets made for every chapter that is covered in accounting. I immediately grabbed them for when I need a quick refresher of chapters past. Then, I made my way to the computers in there and got started on the time-consuming accounting homework. I had plenty of questions and every time the tutor, Vicki, was happy to answer and elaborate in a way that you just don’t receive from the professor. There is so much material to cover in the lecture. After I completed the homework, I felt much more guided and sure about my answers since I had back up when I couldn’t reach an answer. It’s a great feeling to be confident in the material that you are learning. I’m happy to report that my homework quizzes have been aced with the help I received; here’s a shout out to Vicki! 🙂

I believe that it is imperative for students taking business and accounting to utilize everything that is available. There is plenty to learn, and we all need help at one point or another. This stands true for all subjects so be sure to visit Clark’s tutoring centers!


Check out their website for the hours and tutor scheduling here.

Posted by Ambassador Patricia

Posted by Ambassador Patricia

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