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How do you de-stress throughout the quarter?


As a college student who works as well as volunteers part time during the week, responsibilities can become really stressful. I find that it is easier for me to work hard and be a successful college student when I make sure to take some time for myself and do something fun. Self care is really important for a healthy and successful life in general, but it’s especially beneficial to students. Students have a lot going on in their lives and it’s super important to find time to wind down and take some time for yourself. If a person doesn’t, they can find themselves overwhelmed, stressed out, and unmotivated.

Self-care is most effective when it’s something that you can benefit from positively and healthily. My self-care is music. I find so much comfort and freedom in music.Ukulele 2

My favorite instrument is my voice. At a very young age I knew I loved to sing. I sang in talent shows, different sporting events, and in my choir class. When high school came around I was able to preform monthly at an open mic my school puts on. Preforming for people was a new exciting experience, and I rarely missed the open mics for the four years I was in high school. At the open mics, we are not allowed to use karaoke tracks to sing along to, we had to find accompaniment. Finding a guitarist or a pianist was always easy until my junior year. I decided it was a good time to teach myself guitar. I wanted to play for myself when I preformed.

I have been playing guitar for a little over a year now. UkuleleI also have recently started playing the ukulele, and it has become my preferred instrument. The ukulele and the guitar are very similar in the way they are built but a ukulele has four strings and a guitar has six. I have learned a wide range of songs on both instruments and love sharing my love for music with whoever wishes to hear it. If you see me around with a ukulele, maybe I will play for ya. 🙂 🙂

I challenge you to think about your schedule. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you allowing yourself time to do something you love to do throughout the week? Are you making time for yourself to see the people you love?

What is your self-care? 

Posted by Ambassador Melia

Posted by Ambassador Melia


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