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A Taste of Scotland


Megan Waugh is an International student from Scotland is currently going to Clark College.


The circumference of earth is 24,901 miles. Livingston, Scotland to Vancouver, Washington is 4,582 miles.  That means to get from her home in Scotland, Megan had to travel 18 percent, or about one fifth of the globe, to get here. This relocation to America was made possible by Clark College’s Foundation and more specifically the “Scottish Friendship Scholarship”. This scholarship, along with many more, are made possible by the Clark College Foundation. The foundation was established in 1973 as a way to raise funds from the public for programs and infrastructure, as well as scholarships such as the Scottish Friendship Scholarship.

On Friday, January 22nd, 2016 The Foundation will be hosting “A Taste of Scotland”. It is a celebration of Scotland’s greatest poet, Robert Burns. The proceeds from the event fund the scholarship that will eventually bring another student (looking to study abroad) from Scotland to America. The dinner will also have two different auctions, one live and one silent. The dinner menu is traditional Scottish food including haggis and there will also be Scottish music. Some of the auction items include, lunch and golf with Clark College’s president, Bob Knight, bourbon aged 10 years, and a vacation getaway to Cancun. More information on this even can be found at:

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Megan, learn more about her Scottish culture, and what it’s been like to transition to America.

“What do you think of America?”

“I love it here in America,” says Megan. “The people have been super nice, and everyone loves my accent.” 

She continued on to say that Washington’s weather is pretty close to Scotland’s except that it is way windier there. Her host mom, Jennifer, is awesome. She got the opportunity to see Mt. Hood as well as Mt. St. Helens. Megan plans on graduating from Clark in June and plans on moving home, where she will complete her Bachelor’s Degree. Back home, besides her parents, she has a 20 year old brother as well as her dog, a boxer named Naira who she admits she misses the most.

I’ve gotten to meet a lot of international students, and they have all been super friendly and have helped improve my view of the world. I will miss Megan when she goes home! She is awesome and has made me want to travel the world and more importantly, go to Scotland!

Posted by Ambassador Spencer

Posted by Ambassador Spencer


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