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Zoo Lights!



Hello everyone! IMG_1840 - Copy

I hope that you’re having a wonderful break! It’s this time of year that the ugly sweaters, delicious treats, hot beverages, and winter decorations are brought out and enjoyed. One of my favorite decorations of all time, which is also a holiday favorite, are Christmas lights! They are so pretty, bright, and magical! And what could be more magical than mixing the Zoo, Christmas lights, AND SNOW!? Only the amazing Zoo lights in the snow! (this is correct, you aren’t reading it wrong). While on this magical adventure to see these beautiful lights, I was joined by fellow ambassadors Michael, Patricia, and Daniel, and we couldn’t have picked a more magical day to go.IMG_1847

We met up in Vancouver where it was already snowing, but it wasn’t sticking. However, as we made our way to the Zoo, the road looked as if we were heading up to the mountains! There was snow everywhere, including the Zoo! When we pulled into the Zoo parking lot I felt as if we had just arrived at a ski lodge, and the lights did not disappoint. With the snow laced trees and the gently strung lights, it was a beautiful sight.

We walked down to the seal and sea otter area, and they were adorable as usual. We also walked through under water areas and because it was night time, the water ranged from barely visible to no visibility at all! Everyone thought it was pretty cool, but I guess I’m not a fan of the dark water 🙂

IMG_1874We continued down the Zoo lights path, and while the snow made it even more beautiful, it also made it really cold! We made a quick stop to get hot cocoa, and Patricia and I decided to try a zoo specialty: maple bacon cotton candy! The whole situation became comical when they handed us some maple flavored cotton candy, a box of bacon bits, and told us to mix them up! Even though we couldn’t quite get the mixing down, it was really delicious. The light tunnel in “Africa” was amazing! I ran around inside of it :D! And to top it all off, at the end of our adventure we finally found Oswald among the lights! IMG_1875 I also discovered afterwards that for all of us, it was our first time attending Zoo lights! It was an amazing adventure, and if you enjoy having fun then grab your family and friends and head over to Zoo lights before it’s too late! For more information, visit this link: Portland Zoo Lights

Posted by Ambassador Karly

Posted by Ambassador Karly


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